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Office 365 with Jim2 Email (Outgoing Email)

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See setting up Office 365 incoming and outgoing email accounts first. These instructions are for both Jim2.Cloud and Jim2 on-premises.


Sending email

The best approach is to have a relay connector created that allows Jim2 to send outbound email without authentication via Office 365. The only requirement is that a static IP address is required for this to be possible.


Setup details can be found here: (copy and paste into a web browser).


Once the relay is configured, set up the SMTP in Email Options within Office 365.


Configure a connector to send mail using Office 365 SMTP relay

1.Select the Admin tile.


2.Under Admin centers, select Exchange.


3.Select mail flow, then connectors.


4.Select the plus sign to add a new connector, then follow the wizard:

new connector
new connector setup
connector save

Once the relay connector has been set up, SMTP needs to be disabled on all O365 mailboxes individually in Jim2:




Once complete, update the default SMTP server to use office 365 via Tools > Options > Other >Email:


Default SMTP Server, eg.


Port: this should be left blank unless email is being routed by a non-standard port number. Otherwise, it will use Port 25 as the default.


In addition, please ensure the SPF Record is updated as follows:


v=spf1 +ip4:Your Static IP -all


smtp for office 365


Enter the default SMTP Server, select Port 25 and use STARTTLS for SSL.


Retrieving email

See here for further information.



Office 365 shared mailboxes do not require a separate licence, so are ideal for Jim2 managed email addresses. However, please note that all users that access the shared mailbox must have their own Office 365 licence.



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