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View Job and Add Stock Codes

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As a job progresses, stock codes are included to ensure all stock, labour, tests and checks are included in the finished job. Once all the codes are entered, they can be supplied, back ordered, priced and invoiced.

1.Open the required job in Edit mode.

view edit job icon

2.Click in the Stock Code field, or press F4. To add a new line, press either the down arrow or the Insert key on the keyboard.

3.Enter the applicable stock code.

add stock code to job


You will see some letters underlined in the field names within the header, eg. Cust#. Using Alt+ the underlined letter will jump you to the field beside that heading.

4.Press Enter to move along the stock grid to the Order field.

5.Enter the quantity of the stock code required for the job. If the stock code is available, Jim2 will then display the same quantity in the Supply field.

6.Press Enter to continue moving along the stock grid.

7.Edit pricing as required.

8.Press the Enter key to continue moving, eventually to a new line where you can add further required stock codes, quantities and pricing.

9.Click Save or Press F9.


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