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Build Update Information

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Build 8152 v4.4b

24 June 2022



ID: 44952

Jim2 – Reports – Print to Excel Data file columns on order do not match PDFs.

ID: 44935

Jes (Jim2 eBusiness Server – Issue when running job list from mobile containing grouped fields.

ID: 44947

Jim2 – Electronic Payments – NZDirect lodgement reference is deleted on file generation.


Build 8150 v4.4b

20 June 2022



ID: 44526

Electronic Payments – Set new indicator in ABA files.



ID: 44938

JSONAPI – Qty from JSON request is not passed through to quote.

ID: 44918

Back Orders – Can't back order manufacturing stock that does not have 'Buy in' ticked.


Build 8144 v4.4b

10 June 2022



ID: 44852

eBusiness – Stock feed email rule fails with Object Ref not set to an instance of object.

ID: 44927

Business Engine – Error in Stock FIFO: Unexpected error: Invalid field type 'System.DBNull' for conversion to boolean.

ID: 44739

Reports – PO with Pricing v1 and v2 not including freight.

ID: 44683

Reports – Stock Profit reports (both version 1 an 2) show Dockets only in report header when filter by Return.

ID: 43331

Meter Billing – A mid month estimate is ignored if the billing is submitted as a no read.

ID: 43290

Meter Billing – Replace meter read should only be able to cancel reads that are able to be cancelled.

ID: 42942

JesM Photocopier – Standalone child prepaid meters ignored.


Build 8138 v4.4b

8 June 2022



ID: 44844

Jobs List – Item Desc in job list not grabbing from job Item Desc.

ID: 44907

Jobs List – Fix issue where list generation fails with ambiguous column InvNo.

ID: 44897

Web API – quotecreate does not handle attributes like job, and ignores pricing.

ID: 44820

Purchase – Error Stock line ID not found when you clear stock lines and try to select attributes again on line 1.

ID: 44756

Purchase – Issue with attributed stock pricing when adding multiple stock lines using attribute matrix.

ID: 36738

Watchouts – Watchouts on auto create PO or Stock Procurement don't add to comments grid on PO.


Build 8134 v4.4b

3 June 2022



ID: 44887

Reports – Purchase Order v2 report has total summary when it shouldn't.

ID: 44886

Reports – Purchase order v2 show only relevant PO number.

ID: 44885

Reports – Purchase Order v2 hide labels for empty contact fields.

ID: 44862

Reports – Sales Register reports Stock Cost not adding up.

ID: 43715

Reports – Sales Register v2 report - Error in summary when trying to email.


Build 8132 v4.4b

1 June 2022



ID: 44840

Web API – Add support for attribute templates to simple create job.



ID: 44888

Debtors – UI for SubBranch and GL Dept needs to be fixed.

ID: 44880

Account Enquiry – GL Dept is not displayed when default option is set to Use in Cheque and General Journal only.

ID: 44861

Web API – Updating a contract to change weblogon without updating password causes object reference error.

ID: 44881

Web API – PriceTP in create simple job is put to PriceTF.

ID: 44828

Projects – Menu script to create initial variation from a Project List.

ID: 44842

Purchase – Creating Assets using PO Create Assets Button is not moving the next number forward.

ID: 44407

Reports – Print to file the Stock Valuation By COGS report in XLS saves blank files.



Build 8091 v4.4b

24 May 2022


New Features

ID: 44749

Reports – Include Meter Reading Spreadsheet Report with Standard Meter Invoices.

ID: 44731

Jobs – Split Company Name from Address field on Invoice Details with Address Type flag.



ID: 44823

Meter Billing – Add implicit zero start read for meters so that reads for other meters can be recorded immediately.

ID: 44708

Importing – Improved stock import .

ID: 44707

Stock – Change label for list price on vendor tab grid to Vendor List Price.

ID: 44702

eBusiness – Make the B2B queue unlicensed.

ID: 44678

Projects – Speed up code that determines if next bill date can be edited for a project.

ID: 44312

Advanced Creditors – Add Contract Group filter to Advanced Creditors.

ID: 1260

Jobs – Picking Slip Report – separate kits when more than one kit.



ID: 44852

eBusiness – Stock feed email rule fails with Object Ref not set to an instance of object.

ID: 44851

Invoicing – Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'ProjectNo', table '@RecentJobProjects'.

ID: 44849

ReportServer error when logos by Sub Branch.

ID: 44845

Reports – Ensure Address Formatting includes all info (suburb, postcode, etc.) for all Pick and Delivery rep.

ID: 44839

Meter Billing – Meter Required incorrect when entering contract read in database with total calculated meters.

ID: 44838

Meter Billing – Add service read incorrectly requiring meter type, even though it is set to optional.

ID: 44837

Database conversion incorrect for Total Black and Total Colour (Calculated) meters.

ID: 44848

Projects – Fix issue where projects not linked to asset but has meters cannot bill.

ID: 44846

Quotes – Cannot add virtual stock to a quote.

ID: 44818

Meter Billing – Invoice layout Aapears Incorrect when estimates are clawed back.

ID: 44831

Quotes – Error when mouse move in the cost column.

ID: 44826

Quotes – Creating a quote from job is not releasing the locks on quote.

ID: 44829

Jobs List – Jobs with unread emails are not in bold when Unread Email column is hidden.

ID: 44824

Scripts – Scheduled scripts do not run at scheduled time.

ID: 44804

Stock – Vendor stock code unit does not change when buy in unit changed.

ID: 44803

Stock – Vendor last cost doesn't multiply by measure unit quantity when changing unit buy in.

ID: 44809

Jobs List – Job List – If field is based on a conditional and the conditional is not met use NULL as Value.

ID: 44808

Jobs List – Job List Filter not correctly filtering when using inverted filter on fields with null values.

ID: 44807

Jobs List – Job List Filter not correctly filtering using Status Overdue and Due Date Overdue.

ID: 44802

Importing – Stock Import Sync is wrongly updating Estimated Cost on Vendor pricing.

ID: 44805

JesM Photocopier – Object reference not set to an instance when opening job with service stock on mobile.

ID: 44801

Meter Billing – Able to submit a meter read with the same date as Assets start read.

ID: 44796

Bulk Payments – Debtors Invoice window is throwing error on selecting invoices.

ID: 44794

Manufacturing – When finishing manufacturing job, if you type '00' for linked job it will link to Job #0.

ID: 44787

Reports – Add data file export functionality to all reports.

ID: 44782

Stock – Contracts tab missing when adding new stock with MS only licence.

ID: 44781

Reports – PO v2 reports missing footer information.

ID: 44776

Reports – Bank Reconciliation reports not counting open balances.

ID: 44774

Meter Billing – Record read has problems about requiring a variation in some situations.

ID: 44772

Reports – Include Estimate in stock value reports.

ID: 44771

Budgets – Error running budget list if branch/subbranch/GL Dept is not used and not multicompany database.

ID: 44767

Stock Picking – Error message when testing stock picking with pre–picked serials from multiple bins.

ID: 44766

Electronic Payments – Issue with Bank File NZ_ASBFastnet in csv format when Lodgement ref has  ','.

ID: 44765

Projects – Prepaid Labour – Issue with Variation getting created with a start date.

ID: 44761

Purchase – Issue with dragging the vendor around on Vendor tab.

ID: 44759

Reports – job v2 report displaying wrong total.

ID: 44750

Cheque – Branch not found error on saving PO in a different company when you open a cheque in another company.

ID: 44743

Preview – EKM Preview – The link from the preview pane is not going to the correct site from the monitor name.

ID: 44740

Projects – Billing History Stock Tran incorrectly includes estimated opening balance.

ID: 44717

Reports – Need to add a Price Template field to Stock List – Export report.

ID: 44715

Purchase – Stock Price changes from manually entered price to last PO price on changing qty.

ID: 44706

Scripts – If qty received does not match the UOM qty then change UOM qty to Base Unit for the stock line.

ID: 44701

Stock Procurement – Error right click on Procurement – Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr).

ID: 44700

Scripts – Hints to show object name and property editor no longer show.

ID: 44687

Auto Create PO – Auto create PO allows you to order stock that is only for selling.

ID: 44685

User Interface – Update include screenshot label to mention All screens and hint on OK button.

ID: 44677

Auto Create PO – Auto create PO fails on Add to existing PO when Vend# and Ship# are same.

ID: 44672

Stock Adjustment – Divide by zero error when default option is Use FIFO.

ID: 44665

Importing – Updating measure unit using stock import is not updating/refreshing unit on vendor pricing .

ID: 44642

Stock that has meter type requiring attributes should convert even if not on meter setup.

ID: 44580

Groups – Memory leak when creating groups.

ID: 44572

Meter Billing – Script to correct problems with JimStockTran for non depleting and journal stock.

ID: 44547

Reports – Cheque Remittance from List Include Related Allocations is completely lacking its function.

ID: 44491

Projects – On a Master, when Create Similar, the options to Create Contract End and Start Reads are not working.

ID: 44457

Projects – Contract Start Reads should not care what the current bill date is for the contract.

ID: 44393

Project Variations – Fin.Ref should be editable for the most recent/current variation.

ID: 44362

Meter Billing – Memory Leaks when previewing billing.

ID: 44351

Project Templates – Timeouts searching by Item # (and possibly also Card# etc) from Project Template Search.

ID: 44350

Upgrade should back fill meter billing jobs / purchases stock attribute for overs and normal.

ID: 44323

Stock Procurement – Error 'Couldn't find Key for Object' when you untick Transfer option on stock grid.

ID: 44277

Email – Cheque Remittance from List v2 not picking up email template when using auto send on email.

ID: 44170

Reports – Machine Detailed v2 report is displaying multiple machines data.

ID: 43760

Quotes – Do not allow to exit out of stock code field when you type '.'  or space in the stock code field.

ID: 43165

Reports – Invoice reports to pick Cust Attn Phone/Mobile from Job invoice details section.

ID: 43132

Reports – Timeout errors when running Sales Register report.

ID: 44785

Business Engine – Add security to view/edit projects and other users' security.

ID: 44784

Stock – Create Similar Stock still copies across Procurement details even if you don't select Procurement.

ID: 44735

Reports – PO with pricing v1 is displaying some odd values near notes.


Build 8043 v4.4b

5 April 2022



ID: 44599

Debtors – Restore age by period option, make statement report options consistent with UI.

ID: 44731

Meter Billing – Give users the ability to change what day of the month a particular contract is billed.

ID: 44563

Projects – MPS – Prevent use of advances.

ID: 44752

Settlements – Paypal for Business support in Settlements.



ID: 44783

Quotes List – Need to display source for B2BIn on Quotes List.

ID: 44742

Email – Mouse scroll wheel adds email to To/CC/BCC without having cursor in the field.

ID: 44738

Purchase – Vendor unit price pop up still changes price when you click No to update.

ID: 44714

Email – Mac RDP. When copying text from Notepad and placing it into the email body, nothing pastes in.

ID: 44763

Business Engine – Issue with order created from B2B In, in kitting from different warehouses.

ID: 44754

Stock – Divide by zero error when opening stock.

ID: 44748

Invoicing – Error printing invoice that contains machine contract that does not have an asset.

ID: 44732

Meter Billing – Rebilling MPS with kits doesn't reconfirm a rebilling of a job correctly if it contains kits.

ID: 44709

Jobs –  Inactive users should not appear in the Name dropdown list.

ID: 44686

Stock – Vendor Tab – Jim2 should let you clear value and leave it blank from Vendor RRP.


Build 8027

18 March 2022



ID: 44627

Schedule – Dragging a recurring task (any kind) to another resource does not remove previous task.

ID: 44736

Debtors – Debtors current column missing value in debtors as of.

ID: 44724

Jobs – Job shows 0.02 prepaid balance after unprinting.

ID: 44372

Reports – Proforma Invoice v2 from job list is showing price ex when the price is price inc.


Build 8019

9 March 2022



ID: 44720

Invoicing – Forex realisation transaction is created if applying FC credit during invoicing.

ID: 44718

Creditors – Debtors/Creditors – Backdating a payment is applying discount amount with a rounding error.

ID: 44498

Invoicing – Do not allow to reverse payment when unprinting an Invoice and Bank Deposit is in Edit mode.

ID: 43575

Reports – Stock List – Export report is dropping the leading 0s in barcode.


Build 8009

25 February 2022


ID: 44713

Jobs – Auto create manufacturing Job is multiplying qty by qty.

ID: 44699

Stock – Ensure that Leave Unders Open, Estimate & No Read stock can't have a meter type set.

ID: 44711

Business Engine – Purchase – Save updatable fields. PartShip/RecDate/VendInvNo/PODesc/TaxPaid/CurrencyNo/ExchRate)

ID: 44710

Jes CM – When trying to set up a new access ID, the configuration manager locks up.

ID: 44705

Fix cache memory leak in Billing engine.


Build 7997 v4.4b

11 February 2022



ID: 43905

Meter Billing – Credits where meter billing previously performed on different variation.

ID: 44639

Add preview ability for Stock Adjustment and Transfer.



ID: 44673

Meter Billing – Estimate incorrectly reversed in some circumstances.

ID: 44656

Meter Billing – Inconsistency with purchase order stock counts for meter billing.

ID: 44684

Meter Billing – Cannot insert value null into AssetNo when reprinting invoice.

ID: 43776

Meter Billing – Minimum volume when billing periodically in advance for period incorrectly calculates volume.

ID: 42936

Projects – Project meter setups can have counter # updated incorrectly if master added afterwards.

ID: 44578

Projects – Error Invalid class typecast when SQL Driver SQLSRV32.DLL and you open a contract with Finance tab.

ID: 44679

Lists – List counters are showing as 0 on mobile.

ID: 44663

Email – Page Request macros are duplicating data.

ID: 44651

Importing – Import Project to link to an existing Asset. Export Project Data to Include Asset Code.

ID: 44650

Quotes – Issue with GP% on quote stock line not matching profit on quote total when tax paid down.

ID: 44634

GST – By Tax – Total seems to be different when the grid is grouped and filtered by using find panel.

ID: 44611

Reports – Stock Valuation by COGS report should display stock under correct Branch when it's been transferred.

ID: 44595

Quotes – Quote Cust Attention is wrong in email macro when Attn field is set on quote.

ID: 44591

Jobs – Job and quote invoice ship email address cannot be removed.

ID: 44583

Auto Create PO – Error on order when Summarise Stock option is ticked and there is special stock.

ID: 44550

Purchase List – Pinned/published purchase list filtered by Vend Group is not displaying any data.

ID: 44518

eBusiness Page Count – Handle billing child with only PO Base Charge Meter.

ID: 44504

Documents – add image on mobile (old or new app) you can't view that image on desktop

ID: 44502

Jobs – Documents and Notes not visible from Mobile on manufacturing Jobs.

ID: 44463

Invoicing – Cash option is sometimes disabled on invoice window when doing FC payments on FC jobs.

ID: 43856

Creditors – Creditors and Debtors – Cardcode field should be reado nly in edit mode.


Build 7979 v4.4b

31 January 2022



ID: 44485

Warning re dropping support for SQL Version 2012 and 2014.

ID: 44664

Reports – Add Weight to Job Picking Slip and Quote system scripts.



ID: 44666

Cheque – Increase cheque amount limit to 12 digits.

ID: 44472

Reports – Contract List – Service History by Month report latest version needs to check in to 4.4b.

ID: 44660

Stock – Adding a 4 digit value in Qty >= field on Stock > Vendor tab adds a comma and Jim2 does not accept it.

ID: 44643

Meter Billing – Incorrect opening read when contract has previously had read recorded, but not billed.

ID: 44641

4.4 Upgrade – Negative opening balance or 3rd party meters > first read cause problems.

ID: 44635

Stock – Meter stock codes that require attributes should have data backfilled and Attributes turned on.

ID: 44631

Meter Billing – Provide better error message when meter setup has duplicate stock codes.

ID: 44621

Stock – Yield type drum (colour selectable) trying to make attribute not required on save.

ID: 44573

Project Variations – Variations should not check Meter 'CounterNo'. Users have no control over that field.

ID: 44530

Auto Create PO – Do not show a recalculate price pop up if there are no price breaks.

ID: 44456

Projects – Allow in Jes Project option 'Ignore Missing Meters' to be written to. Currently Read Only.

ID: 44275

Project Variations – Need to add deal type to the variation updatable list.


Build 7961 v4.4b

19 January 2021



ID: 44506

CardFiles – Support NZ states and postcodes.

ID: 44136

CardFiles – Update Australian postcodes in Jim2.



ID: 44659

General Ledger – Increase open balance to 12 digits.

ID: 44654

Bank Feeds – AV when saving debtor that was opened from bank feeds and user closes bank feeds.

ID: 44216

Reports – Invoicecommercial v2 error when printing.

ID: 44653

Reports – EFT Remittance v2 and Cheque Remittance v1and& v2 totals counting some payments twice.

ID: 44645

Reports – Invoiceservicesale V2 stock columns misaligned.

ID: 44495

Reports – Management reports > System – Recently Updated Objects report is throwing error for modified stock.

ID: 44399

Reports – Debtors/Creditors – Transaction History report is not multicompany aware.

ID: 44649

Projects – Issue with Acc.Mgr field auto populating from CardFile even when you remove it from Project.

ID: 44648

Preview – Contract Payment Insights Preview Pane showing invoices multiple times.

ID: 44647

Options – Show 'Set stock bin to Packing' in blue colour indicating station level setting.

ID: 44646

Projects – Create Similar on Master contract doesn't work when you select Notes on copy fields window.


Jim2 v4.4b Build 7955

18 January 2021


ID: 44590

Meter Billing – Add ability to optionally advance next bill date when only billing jobs or only billing POs.

ID: 43685

Meter Billing – Ability to enter an amount for minimum volume to accommodate Rebates.

ID: 43749

Meter Billing – Surface option to allow missing opening balance.

ID: 44036

Project Variations – Allow deletion of unused variations.

ID: 34092

Projects – MPS enhancement client request – Finance Information Tab.

ID: 43861

Meter Billing – Allow only purchase orders, or only jobs (or both) to be calculated.

ID: 43846

Project Variations – Give more details about what variations might be required.

ID: 43764

Projects – Create Similar from Master needs to bring Deal type across too.

ID: 33931

Projects – Comment section doesn't show that there is need to scroll down for multi–line comment

ID: 43918

Project Templates – Don't prompt to add missing opening balances if 'allow missing opening balance' is on in Options.

ID: 43012

Stock – Add Finance Service charge types for Base, Min and Balancing Meters.

ID: 17899

Projects – Add the project object as an available object filter in Email Folder Lists.

ID: 43541

Assets – Asset List Improvements.

ID: 43677

Purchase – Create Asset from Received PO.

ID: 44592

WebAPI: Add support for CardFile contact in simple card file create.

ID: 44431

WebAPI: Simple CardFile create support for creating web logon IDs.

ID: 44490

WebAPI: support for web logons in JSON API support for creating/updating contacts.

ID: 42570

Jobs List – Strip invalid characters when copying and pasting.

ID: 44517

Bank Feeds – Amex for Business statement import.

ID: 44270

Options – Allow any company name to be entered into Options.

ID: 44426

Email – Allow Email Macro to select Item Note by type and hyperlink it.

ID: 44470

Reports – Add as a system report – Stock List – Stock Yield.

ID: 44213

Security – Added interface with the view on mocking when testing object that uses security.

ID: 44172

Help – Add link to Happen's UserVoice into Jim2.

ID: 43822

Advanced Creditors – Add ability to group payments by vendor.

ID: 43811

Electronic Payments – ABA file improvements – better default lodgement reference, allow remitter to be set by scripting.

ID: 43768

eBusiness StockFeeds – Stock feed processing fails if server returns invalid content disposition in URLdownload.

ID: 43256

eBusiness – Improve the ability to filter/search eBusiness transactions (in and out).

ID: 44118

Business Engine – Support the update and editing of more fields for Project via the business engine.

ID: 43660

Scripts – Give script ability to lock all objects in a list.

ID: 43556

Scripts – Add Spreadsheet support for server–side scripts.

ID: 41402

Scripts – The summary section in invoices, jobs, purchase orders will be auto–generated.

ID: 43937

Scripts – Add ability in StarTrack to use cubic meters.

ID: 44412

Restore – Speed up check to see whether database can be dropped from the Jim2 Server Console.


Build 7728

21st October 2021



ID: 44137

Settlements – Braintree support.

ID: 44136

Settlements – Paypal support.

ID: 44103

Settlements – Afterpay support.



ID: 44178

Invoicing – Advanced warehousing auto pick and picking status option set invoiced jobs' status to other than Finish.

ID: 44076

Bank Feeds – Company is not set from bank account when creating payment.

ID: 44023

Bank Feeds – Cardcode does not specify warning when creating debtor payment for active job.

ID: 44022

Expense Orders – Applying expenses by weight when weight is not set for stock on PO does not move to expense on PO account.


Build 7706

Monday 23 August 2021



ID: 44103

Bank Feeds – Afterpay support.

ID: 44136

Bank Feeds – Paypal support.

ID: 44137

Bank Feeds – Braintree support.



ID: 44023

Bank Feeds – Cardcode not specified warning when creating debtor payment for active job.

ID: 44076

Bank Feeds – Company is not set from bank account when creating payments.

ID: 44163

Settlements – Settlements is auto matching transactions for all merchants, even when filtering by merchant.

ID: 44025

Expense Orders – Error, Branch required when applying expense to multilevel manufacturing and P&L account used for manufacturing offset.

ID: 44047

Intercompany – COGS are reversed when unprinting intercompany invoice.

ID: 44055

Intercompany – All intercompany sales transactions updated when creating intercompany PO.


Build 7604

Wednesday 23 June 2021


New Features

ID: 43833

Bank Feeds – Match bank statement record to Electronic Payment session.



ID: 43837

Bank Feeds – New button 'Unmatch All'.

ID: 43910

Bank Feeds – New improvement – show Epay# and allow to clear processed flag.

ID: 43903

Bank Feeds – Ability to create debtor/creditor refunds.

ID: 43835

Electronic Payments – Show reversed payments in exported electronic payments session.

ID: 43834

Bank Feeds – New option 'Auto match records after importing bank feed'.

ID: 43843

Bank Feeds – Credit card statement import in Bank Feeds.

ID: 43840

Bank Feeds – ASB Fastnet bank feed.

ID: 43838

Debtors – Warning message if reverting payment which is in an Electronic Payments session.

ID: 43836

Debtors – Don't allow to delete payment if in an Electronic Payments session.



ID: 43957

Business Engine – Invoiced jobs can be edited from Jes.

ID: 43946

Settlements – eWay and Tyro matching debit to credit and during import.

ID: 43886

Bank Feeds – Auto match is matching credit to debit and vice versa if amounts are the same.

ID: 43775

Assets – Asset Req To field is adding multiple email addresses.

ID: 43941

Close Financial Year – Can't close financial year if Historical Balancing account balance is greater than half a cent.

ID: 43661

Reports – InvoiceSale (Landscape) v2 error when emailing.



Build 7594

Thursday 10 June 2021



ID: 43873

Preview – Image preview spikes CPU.

ID: 43897

Business Engine – Reinstate Before Save event for custom modules to hook.

ID: 43423

Schedule – Users who are not on a series task, their occurrence is disappearing.

ID: 43844

Projects – Template links disappear when editing and saving a contract with display hierarchy Action group.

ID: 43577

Preview – Issue with right click dialog on cardfile transaction and Insight preview.


Build 7588

Monday 17 May 2021


Scripting Engine Improvements

ID: 43831

Scripts – Cannot attach events to csDataController.

ID: 43763

Scripts – AV in Script Designer when deleting csGrid.

ID: 43825

Purchase – Include the ePO params to script when in CheckOKToSendPO.



ID: 43848

Manufacturing – Manufacturing stock is grouping when there is a linked stock and you change quantity in the header.

ID: 43817

Differentiate between Cloud and On Premises Licence Agreement.

ID: 43748

Projects – Fixed error on Yields tab.


Build 7570

Monday 17 May 2021



ID: 43619

Bank Feeds – Now support St George and ASB Bank.



ID: 43807

Bank Feeds – Tax code not set when creating general journal from bank feeds.

ID: 43806

Bank Feeds – Creating cheque/deposit without cardfile sets random card address.

ID: 43803

Bank Feeds – Create Payments screen allows inactive card selection.

ID: 43745

Bank Feeds – Matching issue if statement has multiple rows with same amount.

ID: 43790

Options – Enable Bank Feeds and options without global variable.

ID: 43797

Stock Picking – Error when scanning Job# prior to scanning stock code.

ID: 43077

EKM – Jes defaults for EKM Insights module.

ID: 43601

Projects – Project List – Show more items in the Contract control dropdown.

ID: 43600

Projects – Billing history to show period and be grouped by period desc. as default.

ID: 43522

Projects – Fix issue where Asset tab no longer being hidden for projects with no assets.

ID: 43700

Project Templates – Child overridden meter ignored if child has not been billed.

ID: 43739

Projects – Constraint violation when viewing project billing history when same return used for multiple POs.

ID: 43723

Project Variations – Meter setup missing from active variation.

ID: 37885

Scripts – Fix for Job List – Required Stock for Jobs.

ID: 43740

Serial Numbers – Duplicated stock transactions error when selling serial with attributes.

ID: 43539

eBusiness Connect – Quotes created from B2BIn are not storing customer address in JimQuoteAddr table.

ID: 43499

Jobs  – Linked Jobs tab showing Quote# when Show Quote# instead of ExJob#.


Build 7520

Friday 23 April 2021



ID: 43513

Add command line parameter to enable unit crash monitor.



ID: 43648

Invoicing – Fix issue where Jim2 closes when batch invoicing large contracts.

ID: 43659

Project Variations – Changes to start and end date of meter not detected as requiring new variation.

ID: 43671

Managed Services – Consumable Preview – Coverage is calculated incorrectly when last consumable job has Qty > 1.


Build 7494

Monday 22 March 2021



ID: 43514

Email – Added additional Note type macros.

ID: 43569

Jobs – Added ability for script to calculate stock availability..

ID: 43567

Jobs – Added ability from script to suppress superseded stock dialog.



ID: 43572

Business Engine – Stock cost not being added to jobs and quotes when created from B2BIn mobile.

ID: 43553

Reports – Cheque Remittance from list report is not using 'Email Creditors' type contact when you auto send.

ID: 43464

Assets – Added Show All Meters checkbox in Asset read preview.

ID: 43459

Assets – Link received reads to Meter Ref No when adding an asset start read.

ID: 43131

Jobs – Stock price rounding issue on reports for billing jobs.

ID: 43552

JesM Photocopier – Fix issue 'There is a balancing meter but no balance total was supplied'.


Build 7481

Thursday 12 March 2021



ID: 43561

Bank Feeds – Auto matching only matches bank statement, not Jim2 transaction.

ID: 43544

Project Variations – Allow variation to be updated if Meter Required field changes.


Build 7479

Monday 8 March 2021



ID: 43528

Stock – Ability to locate stock by GTI Number.

ID: 43500

Meter Billing – Remove Variation Clawback Types.



ID: 43529

Scripts – Cannot schedule server side scripts by week and certain days.

ID: 43493

Manufacturing – Similar stock on manufacturing job is now grouping together.

ID: 43465

Serial Numbers – Serial# with ' (apostrophe) causing error.

ID: 43362

Bank Feeds – Same bank can have different import file formats depending on bank account type.

ID: 43507

Bank Feeds – Can't match payments if journal has multiple transactions for the same account.

ID: 43406

Reports – Re–added Stock Profit by Ship detailed and summary reports.

ID: 43402

Reports – Stock List – Unit Sales Over 12 Months report throws error.

ID: 43022

POS – Error when saving PCEftpos transaction.


Build 7465

Tuesday 23 February 2021



ID: 43495

Options – Banking – Payment Type – Error when adding a new payment type without a Merchant ID.

ID:  43129

Project Templates – Deleting kits in certain methods can cause problems.

ID: 42856

Project Templates – Error when trying to insert a new line within a kit.

ID: 43418

Jobs – Stock code is sometimes removed when entering stock select then cancelling out of the window.

ID: 43251

Email – Ctrl–n wipes out email without any confirmation prompt.

ID: 43484

JSONAPI – API – Add price to stock on jobs.

ID: 43481

Search – Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Integer).

ID: 43479

Expense Orders – Error unprinting expense order that is linked to a purchase order.

ID: 43461

Importing – Item Meter Import – Cannot import meters of type 'Service Meter Optional'.

ID: 43460

Settlements – Error when InvoiceNo is selected in Match rules for eWay.

ID: 43452

Reports – Duplicate data in debtors transaction history reports.


Build 7453

Thursday 11 February 2021



ID: 43456

Bank Feeds – Confirming matches in settlement doesn't tick refunds in banking.

ID: 43455

Bank Feeds – Manual feed match doesn't work, even if amounts are the same.

ID: 43453

Invoicing – Fix issue where reprinting invoice for jobs created before initial variation.

ID: 43445

Assets – Error on Asset list when you group by any field.

ID: 43444

EKM – Fix issue where consumable jobs request fails with 'sequence contains no elements' if no stock.

ID: 43441

Projects – Billing fails when billing advances only, after adding new asset.

ID: 43431

Scripts – Scripting UI not showing Weekly and Repeat options when viewing.

ID: 43429

Project Variations – Ability to update variation issue.

ID: 43428

Project Variations – Unstamped variations not previewing new details. Not billing new details.

ID: 43427

Options – Display home country on address still displays home country on invoice reports if option is unticked.

ID: 43424

Preview – CardFile Spend – Job list created from Item total adds a job type filter.

ID: 43414

Projects – Tools > Options > Machines > Warn and Error if reads older than XX Days needs Check Contract Meters.

ID: 43385

Projects – Rename Meter Trans to Billing History and make it clearer what the history shows.

ID: 43383

Projects – Fix issue where arrears unders caused error if advanced unders were billed on different variation.

ID: 43382

Project Variations – Allow change of Hide On Inv check boxes in meter setup to update variation.

ID: 43381

Projects – Allow re–sequence of contract–related stock items.

ID: 43373

Assets – Fix issue where invoice/active job tabs Add Jobs caption does not change if I call Job changes.

ID: 43369

Project Variations – Rename Cont. Ref field to Fin Ref.

ID: 43440

Meter Billing – Constraint violation billing quantity–based meter CHK_JimMeterRead_MeterTypeSpecifiesEitherMeterRead.

ID: 43384

Projects – Meter Setup Wizard – Problem found with duplicate billing setup when searching by ID or Stock #.

ID: 43377

Projects – Fix logic around charge type periods and ability to validate meter setup correctly.

ID: 43316

Project Variations – Script to add dynamic pricing to meters has flaw with variation order.

ID: 43259

Projects – Meter Setup – Jim2 becomes stuck in loop of errors when you skip Cal Type field and enter the Meter Type.


Build 7441

Friday 29 January 2021



ID: 43404

Bank Feeds – Ability to filter Jim2 transactions by merchant in settlements.

ID: 43403

Bank Feeds – Show total for matched transactions.

ID: 43389

Bank Feeds – Ability to unmatch cardfile from bank feed record.



ID: 43408

Auto Create PO – Auto Create PO is not ordering stock based on date in if due dates are the same for jobs.

ID: 43411

Schedule – Schedule To–Do Tasks – Non–debtors/creditors follow up are included on the list if both are selected.

ID: 43394

Bank Feeds – Can't match payment in bank feeds.

ID: 43391

Options – Stock – Auto stock select on invalid stock code option is not working.

ID: 43390

Jobs – Stock line is blank when entering a wrong stock code, then try to enter correct stock code.

ID: 43380

Quotes – Quote Order # on Invoice tab does not save.

ID: 43376

Jobs – invoice Details – Extra blank lines in address when there is a Ship Ref and edit/save job.

ID: 43344

Reports – Stocktake Session v1 and v2 error on reports.

ID: 43297

Reports – Stock Profit Detail v2 reports are showing extra columns, ie. Sales TY, etc.

ID: 43074

Email – Replying to an email from a job sometimes picks up the last job email that was looked at.

ID: 43313

Quotes – Manually entered cost doesn't clear when changing stock code.


Build 7359

Thursday 21 January 2021


New Feature

ID: 43275

Lists – Add ability to add custom columns to lists using scripting.



ID: 43350

Electronic Payments – Add new event on Electronic Payments so BSB and account number retrieval can be customised.



ID: 43361

Auto Create PO – Issues when stock on job is edited/deleted during auto create PO.

ID: 43357

Auto Create PO – Jobs are locking when trying to auto create PO from job list and some jobs are in Edit mode.

ID: 43352

Search – Global job search is slow in latest release.

ID: 43351

Bank Feeds – Issue if import file has more than one row with same amount.

ID: 43346

POS – Need to improve message 'Last EFTPOS transaction amount doesn't match that recorded in Jim2'.

ID: 43337

Jim2 Features – Asset features should not be enabled for clients who are not MPS or MS licensed.

ID: 43335

Balance Sheet – When using date range, first column shows starting day instead of last.

ID: 43041

Email – Exception comes up sometimes when trying to link an email to a project.

ID: 43332

eBusiness – Customer address details blank when job created from B2Bin.

ID: 43327

Jobs – Ship address on job should be ship cardfile delivery address.

ID: 43321

Email – AV error on deleting an email when focused row not found after refresh.

ID: 43320

Security – Cannot open user cardfiles if there are more than 64 security groups.

ID: 43311

Serial Numbers – Unique serial setting on but user can change serial ribbon to duplicate serial.

ID: 43306

Auto Create PO – Shouldn't allow other users to edit jobs when one user has the job on Auto Create PO screen.

ID: 43301

Management – Make report 'Bulk Document to Stock Link' more customisable.

ID: 43068

Projects – Allow filtering and grouping of Contract Ref column in active/invoiced jobs.

ID: 36718

Reports – Missing country on reports when country is not Australia.


Build 7343

Thursday 10 December 2020


New Feature

ID: 43271

Warehousing – New option to set job status automatically when picking stock.



ID: 43272

Warehousing – Allow picking when some jobs are locked (from job list).

ID: 43268

Jobs – Invoice Details – Pre–fill Cust and Ship Attn with selected Cust# and Ship# cardfile contact.

ID: 43177

Jobs – Ability to sell and return non depleting/journal stock with 0 quantity.

ID: 43242

Email – Make it more obvious when we have an authentication issue versus an access issue.

ID: 43226

Scripts – Enable access to contact Quick Add from scripting.

ID: 43296

Scripts – Add event when reports get populated in the ribbon.



ID: 43202

Jobs – Issue with adding an empty kit using F5 for stock select screen.

ID: 43216

Jobs List – Job list filter by header not populating/filtering (eg. ship state).

ID: 43295

Jobs List – AV errors when preview is not hidden and bulk process is running.

ID: 43039

Jobs List – New Search Field in Job List 'Contract Ref' should be list searchable with all ticks.

ID: 43222

Purchase – Error 'Sub Branch required for P&L account 6–XXXX' on finishing a PO.

ID: 43221

Purchase – Incorrect syntax near the keyword FROM on finishing an opening balance PO when multicurrency is off.

ID: 43214

Purchase – ePO sending will fail for scripted transports (Alloys, Konica).

ID: 42589

Purchase List – Alt+T doesn't work on PO List.

ID: 43207

Reports – Invoice reports to pick ship phone/mobile from job invoice details section.

ID: 43165

Reports – Invoice reports to pick Cust Attn phone/mobile from job invoice details section.

ID: 43141

Reports – Project list  –  Meter listing report sometimes displays duplicate data.

ID: 43235

Reports – Aged Payables Detailed/v2 reports are not showing PO# in v4.4.

ID: 43233

Reports – Stock Valuation By COGS and by Cost reports are broken for attributed stock in v4.4.

ID: 43192

Reports – OB Creditors and Debtors Report is not displaying GL balance.

ID: 43083

Reports – PO List – By Vendor report needs to be modified to display home currency PO total.

ID: 42986

Projects – Replacement for CPC service price adjustments using promo pricing since Variations.

ID: 43058

Projects – Provide way of cancelling meter reads from preview panel.

ID: 43186

Projects – Create script to create conversion reads for opening balances if customers goes directly to 4.4.

ID: 43180

Projects – 4.3 to 4.4 Upgrade – Align next bill dates for child machines to masters.

ID: 43179

Projects – When Upgrade 4.3 to 4.4 Base type meters need to have Advance Type set.

ID: 43264

Projects – Yield should not be looking at required meters for calculating current read.

ID: 43210

Projects – Speed up loading of meter billing UI.

ID: 43195

Projects – Fix issue where AV sometimes occurs when closing billing window while async submission in progress.

ID: 43236

Projects – Fix issue where clicking on the error icon in meter billing preview did not set focus to the project.

ID: 43265

Projects – Fix issue where project open close read was not ordered, resulting in missing opening read error.

ID: 43229

Projects – Fix issue where system was not forcing variation if previous variation's billing setup was empty.

ID: 43264

Projects – Yield should not be looking at required meters for calculating current read.

ID: 43262

Project Variations – Set RequiresNewVariation when setting 'FINISH on Variation' on linked contract grid.

ID: 43281

Project Variations – Variation enhancements.

ID: 43269

Meter Billing – Reads not marked as inconsistent if inconsistent with other non–primary read source.

ID: 43257

Meter Billing – Meter billing fails if previous billing used a read that was subsequently marked as inconsistent.

ID: 43253

Meter Billing – Min charge on master not working as expected.

ID: 43241

Meter Billing – Estimates not being reversed correctly.

ID: 43223

Meter Billing – Incorrect variation number used for jobs when getting job history.

ID: 43276

Meter Billing – Unable to replace an asset read with a lower value because the UI rejects it.

ID: 43274

Meter Billing – Bill correctly when project/asset has multiple projects open and close reads.

ID: 43245

eBusiness Page Count – Toshiba connector not finding date format setting if serial number does not match file.

ID: 43225

eBusiness – Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.JimB2BInMsg'.

ID: 43243

JSONAPI – Support refresh token in web API logon.

ID: 43248

JSONAPI – Stock prices not calculated when adding or updating jobs.

ID: 43212

Preview – Preview causes errors and access violations when grid is grouped by a field and group row selected.

ID: 43208

Stock Picking – AV when you scan bin, bypass stock scanning and try to scan Job#.

ID: 43205

Bank Feeds – AV error when selecting payments in Create Payment window.

ID: 42577

Schedule – In month view on Scheduler not showing confirmed/completed/unconfirmed.

ID: 43261

Scripts – Allow cardfile address details to be accessible from powershell.

ID: 42586

Cheque – Add a Cheque – Error on finishing when you enter address more than 254 characters.

ID: 38160

Email – Creating job from email list sometimes links the wrong email when deleting emails from list.

ID: 43258

Lists – Users cannot log in when pinned list fails. Need better error.

ID: 43278

EKM – Fix EKM consumable preview.

ID: 43277

Quotes – Cannot cancel quote with inactive stock on it.

ID: 43285

Bulk Payments – Importing via custom script – matching payments to contracts/PO's select PO status FINISH first.


Build 7295

Thursday 12 November 2020



ID: 43127

Debtors – Ability to apply prepayment to particular job from Debtors screen.



ID: 43156

Preview – Cardfile transactions preview date format needs to be dd/mm/yyyy.

ID: 43149

CardFile – Cannot do refunds from cardfile. Error – invalid company.

ID: 43124

Quick Add CardFile – Quick Add CardFile asks for branch/sub–branch/GL department when they are marked as required.

ID: 42923

CardFile – User tab – Duplicate web logins cannot be removed.

ID: 35474

Email – Macros – {{CardFile.FirstName}} picks up the first name of primary contact only.

ID: 43169

Reports – Picking Slip – Stock Transfer/v2 reports not working for attributed stock.

ID: 43148

Reports – Meter billing attributes are showing on invoices.

ID: 43090

Reports – Stocktake Portrait(old) and Stocktake(old) reports are not working when Attributes option is selected.

ID: 43110

Reports – v2 reports layout issue when printing to PDF.

ID: 43112

Reports – Job List – Labour Analysis/2 reports are not working in v4.4

ID: 43033

Reports – Reports still display BPAY information when enabled then disabled.

ID: 43117

Jobs – Static Qty Backorder quantity changes from zero when reserving a job.

ID: 43136

Jobs – Error when deleting kit header and arrow down, then save job.

ID: 43172

Meter Billing – Incorrect rate on generated job when system uses tax paid down.

ID: 43171

Meter Billing – Replace read does not change read date.

ID: 43139

Projects – Do not allow duplicate meter reads for a given date.

ID: 43138

Projects – Error when trying to submit child machine start read from master billing.

ID: 43123

Projects – Relax validation for record read from MPS Connectors.

ID: 42986

Projects – Replacement for CPC service price adjustments using promotional pricing since Variations.

ID: 43164

eBusiness Page Count –  Meter reads incorrectly marked as inconsistent if non–primary estimate is greater than future actual.

ID: 43130

Business Engine – Status is not case insensitive for incoming jobs in Jes.

ID: 43106

Business Engine – Email rules/templates are not working because of multi–company changes.

ID: 43135

Till Reconciliation – Sub–branch is required for P&L account 6XXXX when there is a variance and sub–branch is required.

ID: 43170

Stock List – Publish price is sometimes blank on list.

ID: 43126

JSONAPI – Add GLDeptCode to Job API.

ID: 43115

Promotional pricing – VendorNo sometimes stores 0 value instead of NULL.

ID: 43006

Dispatch – Add business name to Australia Post integration.

ID: 43093

Scripts – Add business name to Australia Post and Startrack.

ID: 43097

Jim2 Features – Fix licensing issue that allowed configuration of MPS Connectors without a valid licence.

ID: 42574

Profit & Loss – Error_Col0 not when switching between different types and running P&L.


Build 7261

Tuesday October 21 2020



ID: 43080

Quotes – Ability to check stock availability on quotes.

ID: 43092

Options – New option – 'Always show Qty Avail.' column in quote stock grid.

ID: 43069

Bulk Payments – Show PO status for creditors.

ID: 43069

Bulk Payments – Allow to select active purchase orders (eg. not FINISH).

ID: 43069

Bulk Payments – Auto match purchase orders to current amount in purchase order selection screen (from oldest to newest only).

ID: 43087

Warehousing – Ability to print number plates report from stock picking screen.

ID: 43052

Projects – Meter Trans/Active/Invoiced Jobs – Rearrange columns to move frequently used to the start of the grid.



ID: 42879

Job Comments – Mark email as 'Read' option is sometimes disabled in the right click dialog box.

ID: 43086

Meter Billing – Meter billing preview not showing price source colours  – everything is manual.

ID: 43029

Creditors – Error on deleting creditor payments.

ID: 42830

Stock Picking – Wrong message when trying to scan stock that is already fully picked.

ID: 43076

Manufacturing – Issue with manufacturing job stock lines when stock quantity is set as '0' on Manufacturing Item.

ID: 43071

Jobs – Issue with static kit backorder quantity not changing when changing order quantity.

ID: 43070

Creditors –  Creditors List – when opening two different creditors, shows wrong viewing creditor text.

ID: 43066

Projects – Project List – Project and Asset Item Desc should be the one specified on the project/asset.

ID: 43067

Scripts – Report CardFile List Contact Details is too slow.

ID: 43059

Projects – Validation if charge type period is allowed.

ID: 43038

Projects – Billing engine creating single purchase orders when cardfile setting is for consolidated.

ID: 43055

Schedule – Error 'Invalid column name Item Desc' on task preview hint when it is linked to a project.

ID: 43051

Projects – Line items under invoiced and active jobs are wrapping the Job#, Serial#, From# and Ship#.

ID: 43050

Importing – Speed issue with new 'Alternate Stock in Stock' import.

ID: 43049

Lists – Price displayed incorrectly in a stock list when changing Tax Calc Method from tax free up to tax paid down.

ID: 43015

Electronic Payments – Allow to add lodgement reference on any contact.

ID: 43017

eBusiness – Web orders are not picking up the latest currency rate.

ID: 42957

eBusiness – Vendor feed improvements – Ingram needs to strip leading zeroes, Dicker condition populate qty avail.

ID: 42825

eBusiness – FMA transactions processing slowly.

ID: 43034

eBusiness – EPO warning when a stock feed is out of date for less than 7 days.

ID: 42752

Projects – Cannot enter more than 15 characters in Asset# field on projects but can enter on asset.

ID: 43040

Electronic Payments – Electronic payments not filtering by company.


Build 7245

Friday October 2 2020


New Feature

ID: 43007

JesM Photocopier – Add support for MPS Monitor connector.



ID: 43026

Groups – Improve UI on Non Report Group import on Group admin screen.

ID: 42980

Importing – Ability to import Item meters.



ID: 43036

Lists – Added Cont. Ref fields to job and PO list.

ID: 43037

Project List – Moved Cont. Ref field ad Req. New Variation field to top of project list.

ID: 43011

Projects – Able to delete in use legacy meter read and no way to cancel project ReadForOpeningStockLegacy.

ID: 42999

Projects – When billing, next bill date not updating on child contracts with no meter setup.

ID: 43028

Comments – Right click email comment gives AV when job is in add mode and comment is not selected.

ID: 43025

Search – Search error in : specified cast is not valid.

ID: 43024

Reports – Invoice report filename is picking up default company and not company name the invoice is from.

ID: 43023

Reports – Job List – By Customer report has changed in v4.4. Doesn't display all jobs.

ID: 43021

Purchase – Load PO script prices wrong when no price supplied.

ID: 43018

Jobs – Invalid value for field 'LocNo.

ID: 43016

Electronic Payments – After a session is saved, the lodgement reference is not reloaded.

ID: 43015

Electronic Payments – Lookup for lodgement refs inconsistent with BSB, etc.

ID: 43010

Creditors – Don't allow to delete creditors payments.

ID: 42992

Email – Fault description italic font – only the first line is italic if multiple lines in email template.

ID: 43004

Importing – Move asset to project mapping to asset import.


Build 7229

Thursday 24 September 2020



ID: 42980

Importing – Ability to import Item meters.



ID: 42956

Projects – Prepaid pages won't show on billing jobs if only child machines have prepaid meter setup.

ID: 42895

Projects – Master child billing should not require meters on child projects.

ID: 42987

JesM Photocopier – Prepaid meter incorrectly split over multiple jobs.

ID: 43001

JesM Photocopier – Missed cycles not being reset after successful billing.

ID: 42976

Quotes – Multi–selecting an empty kit and normal stock from Stock Select causes footer not found issue.


Build 7219

Friday 18 September 2020


New Features

ID: 42932

Dashboard – Added new dashboard widgets: Published List, Published List Count and Watchout.

ID: 41385

Importing – Ability to do Asset import.

ID: 42897

Dispatch – Add StarTrack Express as dispatch option.



ID: 42847

Projects – Ability to bill only jobs/purchases for all billing.

ID: 42903

Projects – Performance improvement when mapping stock quantity to physical meter read by adding asset end reads.

ID: 42927

eBusiness Page Count – Allow replacement of start and end reads.

ID: 13157

Managed Services – Tracking of prepaid labour.

ID: 42946

Reports – Include Manuf. Part# field in stock export.

ID: 7889

Reports – Quote reports v1 and v2: customer phone number and Attn field in the quote.

ID: 42968

Stock – New Alternate Stock field added to stock.



ID: 42864

Project Variations – Default empty new child reasons.

ID: 42966

Projects – Make new variations set as Not Req. Variation as part of stamping.

ID: 42954

Projects – Add Contract Ref from Variation to Meter Tans, Invoiced Jobs tabs + jobs and purchase orders.

ID: 42721

Projects – Support prepaid labour.

ID: 37988

Projects – Error on billing machine with prepaid meter setup.

ID: 37926

Projects – Managed Services prepaid setup needs to be fixed after v4.4 changes.

ID: 42962

Projects – Hide child settings not copied to variation.

ID: 42958

Projects – Error in Jes when project list filtered by Last Billed or Next Bill.

ID: 42940

Projects – Project List does not show unread email and billing read checkboxes.

ID: 42869

Projects – Tighter controls on next bill date and billing frequency.

ID: 42942

JesM Photocopier – Child prepaid meters ignored.

ID: 42983

JesM Photocopier – Prepaid meters fail in circumstances where prepaid meter ID happens to be lower than linked meter.

ID: 42975

Reports – Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss v1 and v2 reports are not multicompany aware.

ID: 42944

Reports – Phone# on quote reports is not populating from linked branch cardfile contacts.

ID: 42974

Manufacturing – Manufacturing job supplies stock based on base measure unit instead of actual unit on stock line.

ID: 42871

Purchase – Default Acc Fee tax code for international vendors is coming from Options when autocreating PO.

ID: 42985

Importing – Stock pricing is not updating on price levels where you use Base PL.

ID: 42965

Options – Type in contract > machines default return for credit type.

ID: 42949

Business Analysis – Current earnings not filtered by company in GL and P&L.

ID: 42870

Jobs – User can sell from different locations with no security when stock attribute is available in both locations.

ID: 42938

Options – Banking – Typo detailed comments option.

ID: 42937

Email – Email address not displaying problem when encoded.

ID: 42933

Importing – Stock Import – HideOnInvoice was not importing.

ID: 42922

Lists – Auto pick option setting does not save ona published list.

ID: 41332

Stocktake – Cannot go back to stock grid if you go to Documents/Notes tab.

ID: 39209

eBusiness StockFeeds – Generated stockfeed xml does not validate against schema for processing by Jim2.

ID: 42913

eBusiness – eBusiness Error – Unexpected error submitting count – Incorrect syntax near '('.

ID: 52620

Jobs List – Change due date time on job list to be DateTime so it can be sorted.


Build 7155

Monday 25 August 2020



ID: 42909

Email – Inbox not found for O365.

ID: 42867

Projects – Remove option to unlink master from all child machines.

ID: 42901

Project Lists – Issue with filtering on unread email if On or Off is pinned.

ID: 42898

Quotes – Ship Attn is not blank in database when selecting Attn from quote header.

ID: 42779

Projects – Errors on billing when prepaid meter is set up.

ID: 42893

Stock Picking – Stock Transfer – Error when trying to pick serialised stock.

ID: 42892

Stock Picking – Index 0 out of bounds error when picking from a job list with no pickable stock.

ID: 42891

Debtors – Error message when reversing banked payment

ID: 42888

Return to Vendor – Return to vendor rounding issue.

ID: 42882

Projects – Billing Engine auto credits RFC and RTV not selecting the correct company.

ID: 42881

Database Issue – Violation of primary key constraint PK_JimObjectMeter. Cannot insert duplicate key in object.

ID: 42859

Reports – No more Invalid per licence.


Build 7131

Monday 17 August 2020



ID: 42878

Scripts – Add hook to intercept email sending from script.

ID: 42863

Stock Pricing – New user security to not allow manual serial selection in picking.

ID: 42858

Importing – Add Contract Ref to project import.

ID: 15475

Projects – Create report that exports project list in Jim import format.



ID: 42846

Projects – Unable to push groups from maser to child contracts.

ID: 42836

Projects – Machine List Bulk Updater – Errors since more 4.4 master meter changes.

ID: 42876

Reports – Stock Price Sticker report shows a min price warning when trying to preview/print.

ID: 42873

Reports – Purchase Order reports are showing backorder PO# for original PO#.

ID: 42855

Reports – Need to make stock value management reports multi–company friendly.

ID: 42860

Stock Select – Stock Select window doesn't pop up when entering a partial code and pressing F5.

ID: 42862

Stock Picking – Picking Slip script not working when pick serial from multiple bin or partial pick.

ID: 42844

Stock Adjustment – Cannot attach documents to stock adjustment in Add/Edit mode.

ID: 42761

Items – Item number changes in lists and on objects when using Ctrl+C on the partial code.

ID: 42861

CardFile Merge – CardFile Merge crashes Jim2 when pressing Enter and From or To card code is not valid.

ID: 42818

Scripts – Have multiple event listener scripts in Jim Client.


Build 7115

Thursday 30 July 2020



ID: 42852

Global Variables – New global variables to make adjustments to picking screen.

ID: 42851

Stock Picking – New Job# scanning option for picking stock, and to clear stock for each job.

ID: 42850

Stock Picking – New option to enable Serial number scanning when picking stock.

ID: 42849

Stock Picking – New option to Hide non primary/secondary bins on Picking screen.

ID: 42814

Reports – Memo does not take global colour setting.



ID: 42839

Reports – Bank account details not showing on invoices.

ID: 42820

Email – Process as Feed action does not clean up old stock as per deprecated Jes email processing.

ID: 42812

Jobs – When copying stock in jobs or quotes, hidden Quote not found stops window from closing.

ID: 42811

Preview – Include All Companies for User in the company dropdown preview.

ID: 42808

Stock – When stock line reserved and auto create purchase order, it will leave stock transaction reserved.

ID: 42799

Project Templates – Action Groups don't appear to be working correctly since Variations added.

ID: 42817

Projects – Error when trying to record read against child machine (on a machine level).

ID: 42803

Projects – eMeter – Constraint issue when submitting reads.

ID: 42791

Purchases – Error when unprinting FX purchase order.

ID: 42786

Purchases – Default freight tax code for international vendors is coming from Options when auto creating a purchase order.

ID: 15427

User Int. (Server) – Update Statistics can time out on larger databases or slower servers.


Build 7091

Saturday 18 July 2020


New Features

ID: 427249

CardFile – User – New user logon methods.



ID: 42720

Pricing – Added two new Price Calc Methods (Last PO COGS + Markup/Margin).

ID: 42745

JesM Photocopier – Added front end support for group PO by master, then standalone single.

ID: 42778

Attributes – Ability to see stock availability per bin in attribute selection screen.

ID: 42777

Attributes – New option to ignore attributes when checking stock availability.



ID: 42789

Accounting – GL screen shows 0 for Current Earnings.

ID: 42787

Projects – Meter Trans table shows incorrect meter read for purchase lines (shows meter read no).

ID: 42783

Projects – Billing jobs don't set to Ready when start read is 0 and used No Read to bill the machine.

ID: 42764

Reports – Stock List Consignment Required report not showing correct quantities when stock has been transferred.

ID: 42775

Stock – Stock Transaction – Stock Adjustment is not showing + and will not open on right clicking Asset #.

ID: 42770

Jobs List – Error when saved job list and project type no longer exist.

ID: 42765

Copy Move Merge – On copy stock window, error pops up when you try to change price.

ID: 42728

CardFile – Cardfile takes some time to save when there are a lot of contacts.

ID: 42734

CardFile – Issue with Jim2 where it does not add user to JimCardFileUsrCompany table.

ID: 42763

Reports – Fix to Invoices_InvoiceSubscription v2 where RegionLogoHolder overlaps the company name.

ID: 42759

Reports – Fix to all Invoice Meters Master v2 reports.

ID: 42719

Reports – x–Invoice From List (Multi) report not working.

ID: 42747

Email – Invoice emails are not attached to jobs when sent from Sales Register.

ID: 42751

Email – Assign email to object unhandled exception occurs.

ID: 42762

Stock – Fix billing estimate calculator so that it correctly handles promotions and kit header pricing.

ID: 42750

Importing – Stock import is picking up Dynamic stock type for packaging stock on doing a sync.


Build 7065

Monday 6 July 2020


New Features

ID: 42720

Stock Pricing – Added two new price calculation methods (Last COGS PO + Markup/Margin

ID: 39203

Assets – Documents, Notes and Watchouts on Assets

ID: 42539

Projects – Contract Meter Setup Wizard. Changed the method of how the meter setup wizard applies new list to existing list.



ID: 42728

CardFile – CardFile taking some time to save when there are a lot of contacts.

ID: 42710

Projects – Project List – 'Bill Machines' button label always says machines even if no machine in list.

ID: 42706

Global Variables – Fix for warning message after 'PostIntoFuturePeriods' global variable has been set.

ID: 42695

Project Templates – Project Template not setting context for a specific project or asset.

ID: 42701

Quotes – Stock price sometimes adds a few extra cents when going to Cost tab.

ID: 42702

Documents – When linking a document to an Asset, Asset No. is shown instead of Asset Code.


Build 7058

Thursday 25 June 2020



Fix upgrade issues with EPO parameters.


Version 4.3


Build 7612

Friday 25 June 2021



ID: 43941

Close Financial Year – Cannot close financial year if Historical Balance account open balance is greater than half a cent.

ID: 43772

Purchase – Negative quantity stock transfer not created when receiving or finishing a purchase order.

ID: 43561

Managed Services – Consumable Preview – Coverage is calculated incorrectly when last consumable job has a quantity greater than 1.

ID: 43890

Importing – Import project with no date in field and synchronising then adds today's date in the field.


Build 7498

Wednesday 31 March 2021



ID: 42611

Purchase – Support Bid Reference on POs.



ID: 43630

eBusiness – CSV writer does not quote text that contains a new line,

ID: 43131

Jobs – Stock Price rounding issue on reports for billing jobs.

ID: 43136

Jobs – Error when deleting kit header and arrow down, then save job.

ID: 43260

Mobile – Error trying to configure access ID.

ID: 43245

eBusiness Page Count – Toshiba Connector not finding date format setting if serial numbers does not match file.

ID: 39209

eBusiness StockFeeds – Generated stockfeed XML does not validate against schema for processing by Jim2.

ID: 43552

JesM Photocopier – Fix issue 'There is a balancing meter but no balance total was supplied'.


Build 7172

Thursday 29 October 2020



ID: 42909

Email – inbox not found for O365.

ID: 42937

Email – Email address not displaying problem when encoded.

ID: 42820

Email – Process as feed action does not clean up old stock as per deprecated Jes email processing.


Build 7044

Tuesday 23 June 2020



ID: 42672

Project Templates – Unknown error creating job from template where PriceSource = Calculate from kit contents.

ID: 42690

Labour/Timers – Timer starting again after saving a job.

ID: 42683

Kitting – Issue with price with 4 decimal points after applying kit header discounts.

ID: 42670

Kitting – If a kit header uses the new kit pricing source (vsDefault3), the upgrade can fail.

ID: 42680

Email – Email sometimes not correctly flagged as having an attachment.

ID: 42706

Global Variable – Fix for warning message after setting 'PostIntoFuturePeriods' global variable.

Build 7058

Fix for upgrade issue with EPO parameters.


Build 7004

Tuesday 2 June 2020



ID: 42611

Purchases – New Bid Ref# field in PO header.



ID: 42531

Creditors List – Groups filter not filtering results if it is excluded and there is an as of date.

ID: 42583

Email – Move to folder name can be mangled, and Jes fails if folder exists with different casing.

ID: 42580

Email – Jes crashes when retrieving emails via MS Graph.

ID: 42526

Jobs – Invoice total is sometimes incorrect as compared to job total. Jiminv table was storing wrong values.

ID: 42576

Auto Create Manufacturing Job – Cannot auto create manufacturing job if manufacturing stock has attributes.

ID: 42604

Manufacturing – Auto create manufacturing job fails when branch is required.

ID: 42599

Auto Create Manufacturing Job – Manufacturing job picks up the logged user location rather than the stock location from the sales job.

ID: 42598

JesM Publish – Error when publishing for the first time. Conversion to datetime resulted in out–of–range value.

ID: 42590

JesM Photocopier – FMAudit file import fails for machines containing no meters.

ID: 42596

eBusiness StockFeeds Support for downloading compresses file via URL.


Build 6922

Monday 16 March 2020



ID: 41381

Auto Create Manf Job – Ability to link manufacturing job to manufacturing job.



ID: 41439

Email – Stock feed email processing rule does not work when feed file contained in .zip.

ID: 41452

Email – Email processing ignoring attachments.

ID: 39191

Reports – Project List – Project Profit report is showing wrong gross margin figure.

ID: 41432

Quotes – Quote total is wrong on reports if creating a quote from a job with back–ordered stock on it.

ID: 41424

Stock – Divide by zero error viewing buying history on some stock codes.

ID: 41422

Jobs – Cannot invoice a job with no stock when advanced warehousing is on.

ID: 41442

Reports – Chart of accounts timeout.

ID: 41433

JesM Photocopier – Meter billing finds serial number that contains serial number instead of exact match.


Build 6862

Tuesday 3 March 2020



ID: 41312

Invoicing – Rounding issue on invoicing when applying prepayment by cash.

ID: 38088

Project Templates – When importing kit from job/quote, it is not clear that the kit is using a hardcoded price.

ID: 0

eBusiness – Fix for handling multiple stockfeed modules.


Build 6824

Friday 31 January 2020



ID: 40278

eBusiness StockFeeds – Create Email Action to process stock feeds.

ID: 37909

Email – Office 365 support when MFA enabled (alternative to POP3).

ID: 35505

Business Engine – Automate cleanup of failed transactions on B2B queue

ID: 36610

Copy Move Merge – Message on moving stock from manufacturing jobs to be improved.

ID: 39183

JesM Photocopier – Add support for Konica email scan/fax meter.



ID: 40303

Backup – Uploads to Azure may be corrupted.

ID: 40302

Schedule – Scheduling time out for customers with many tasks.

ID: 36650

Project Templates – Error 'stock code is missing' when taking out all kit contents and delting kit header.

ID: 40284

Manufacturing – Should not be able to change quantity in header when job is in Reserved mode.

ID: 40277

Project Templates – Kit footer hide issue on templates.

ID: 35598

Copy Move Merge – Error 'Argument out of range' on copying/moving stock.

ID: 39212

Project Templates – Template total not updated when kit header total changed.

ID: 39209

eBusiness Stockfeeds – Generaged stockfeed XML does not validate against schema for processing by Jim2.

ID: 39197

JesM Photocopier – MPS connector failing with old style machines that have never had a meter read against them.

ID: 35329

Schedule – Create job from task option isn't changing 'Job' to I call Job from Options.

ID: 37845

Projects – Some fields editable on projects without being in Edit mode.

ID: 35526

Jobs – Stock availability – Editing job from list is updating backorder quantity on jobs.

ID: 35520

eBusiness – Vendor feeds with no Buy Unit adding stock vendor details without Unit.


Build 6766

Tuesday 14 January 020



ID: 38153

Job List – Job List source filter not working when excluding (green background).

ID: 30187

CardFile – Automatic credit hold takes > 5 seconds.

ID: 39175

Reports – Job List – Stock Sold By reports display different amounts (price, total).


Build 6726

Wednesday 11 December 2020



ID: 38148

Schedule – Allow to select multiple resources for Holiday task.



ID: 38131

Reports – Filter in export custom reports crashed time.

ID: 38125

eBusiness Link – Insufficient length in stock code to include attribute template.

ID: 38126

Expense Orders – Fixed issue when expense applied to multilevel manufacturing PO.

ID: 38109

Warehousing – Fixed issue in warehouse management. Was not ordering by zone when loading, causing some missing bins.

ID: 38102

Email – Email content is corrupted if 8bit transfer encoding is used.


Build 6672

Friday 25 October 2019



ID: 38086

Improved Top X Vendors report.



ID: 38098

Purchase – Journal stock doubles quantity balance in stock transaction if linked to a job.

ID: 38078

Backup – Upload to Azure fails with invalid block list.


Build 6646

Wednesday 16 October 2019



ID: 38057

Invoice – Batch invoicing – Message popup dialog is sometimes in the background when doing batch invoicing.


Build 6638


ID: 38010

Quotes List – Added Attribute filter to quote list.



ID: 38043

CardFile – Fix blanking out CustBPayRefNo when saving card files in Jes.

ID: 37900

Reports – Project List–Project Profit report shows no results if the first invoiced job has no stock.

ID: 38013

Reports – Error when running statement from card file in Jim2 Mobile.

ID: 38011

Serial Numbers – Should not check for duplicate serials when finishing a purchase order that was on Received.

ID: 37826

Reports – Fix for card file report showing incorrect information.

ID: 37979

Debtors – Fixed to reload payment allocations on edit in Debtors and Creditors.

ID: 37967

Reports – Stock Adjustment report not showing cost and total cost when looking into COGS type adjustment.

ID: 37957

Bank Reconciliation – Reconcile button is not enabled when you Select All transactions.

ID: 38059

Projects – Wrong estimate read value if you edit billing jobs with negative journal stock.


Build 6512

Monday 26 August 2019



ID: 30451

Jobs List – Pick checkbox column to remain in pinned lists in non Advanced Warehouse Management database.



ID: 37899

Warehousing – Advanced Warehouse Management window sometimes does not show stock in bins.

ID: 37878

Reports – Job List – Job Profit by Job report is showing wrong figures when there's an RFC with Kits.

ID: 37895

Jobs – Displayed stock cost incorrect under certain circumstances.

ID: 37861

Reports – Creditors Aged Payables summary report doesn't pick up prepayments or credit when run by due date.

ID: 37850

Debtors – Cash refunds should only allow rounded amounts.

ID: 37838

Promotional Pricing – Manually selecting a promo price on job/quote removes the Promo# from the promo price hint.

ID: 37823

Reports – Changed text in Debtors Statement from PRE.PAY to PRE.PMT.

ID: 37811

Promotional Pricing – Attribute selection ignores selected values on stock.

ID: 37826

Reports – CardFile report is showing incorrect vendor ABN and vendor Payment Terms description.

ID: 36761

Promotional Pricing – Can't enter promotional pricing with more than 2 decimal places.


Build 6340

Tuesday 4 June 2020



ID: 36763

Debtors – Filtering payments by invoice date/due date doesn't affect list totals.

ID: 36762

Transaction Journal – Rounding account option is not adding rounding record on RFC transaction.

ID: 36754

Jobs – When adding linked stock to PO, pricing for stock added to job not correct.

ID: 36749

Schedule – In Jim2.Cloud the scheduler shows the current time incorrectly.


Build 6330


ID: 36652

Kitting – Kit category – Expand All tree option doesn't do anything.

ID: 36751

Email – Email archiving corrupts emails when removing attachments, causing Jim2 errors.

ID: 36721

Projects – Related stock – Stock not picking up project–related pricing as first priority.

ID: 36753

Reports – Stock Profit by Stock and Summary reports are picking up the value of Cust# as Ship#.


Build 6310

New Features

ID: 36704

eBusiness – Vendor feeds – Added Vendor Disc field support for stock feeds.

ID: 36702

Manufacturing – Added new option to auto–create manufacturing jobs.

ID: 36694

Invoicing – New option 'Use rounding account for Invoice Journals'.



ID: 36705

eBusiness – New job source of 'B2Bin' for jobs created by eBusiness.

ID: 36701

Security – New security option to stop people editing stock description on Applies stock on jobs.

ID: 35531

Quotes – Added Phone and Email fields to quote shipping details, and support these fields in B2Bin.

ID: 36685

Stock – Automatic barcode does not cater for barcode already in use.



ID: 36709

Stocktake – Stock in stocktake can be duplicated if you re–generate a stock list.

ID: 36692

Back Orders – Back–order job is not copying comments and emails when there is a watchout pop–up.

ID: 36684

Purchase – Stock due date doesn't copy across on back–order purchase order.

ID: 36703

Jes CM – Configuration Manager can fail configuring Jes instance on older upgraded systems

ID: 36699

Importing – Vendor stock pricing synchronisation can be slow.

ID: 36678

Lists – Quote List< – When published list is read only and Branch is populated, Branch is ignored.

ID: 36688

JesM Photocopier – Cannot bill average for project with base rate meter that is set server side.

ID: 34216

Email< – Emails with badly encoded parts blow up email processing.

ID: 36640

Email – Macros – {{Job.Project.WarDateOut}} picks Cont. out instead of Warr. out.


Build 6282


ID: 36674

Bulk Payments – Option to not group payments



ID: 36680

Commission Sessions – User with no security to view stock cost can view total profit on Commission Session.

ID: 36675

Copy/Move/Merge – Recommended tick–box should either be ticked or unticked for kit footer on Copy Stock window.

ID: 36673

Reports – Job List. Proforma invoice is showing double the job value when there is kit stock on the job.

ID: 36672

Stock – Picking stock doesn't save Job# in stock transactions if job is linked to PO.

ID: 36669

Watchouts – Watchouts on invoice are not adding notes to Comment grid.

ID: 36668

eBusiness – Vendor stock feeds. Unlink menu is enabled for Jim2 stock in search.

ID: 36661

Manufacturing – Issue when doing a COGS adjustment to manufactured stock, then applying an expense to it.

ID: 36657

CardFile – Changes to contact header may not be saved when editing a CardFile.

ID: 36655

CardFile List – Can delete CardFiles used on cheques or branches.

ID: 36636

Email – Email addresses do not show in the 'To' dropdown when you do a related email from CardFile.


Build 6266

Friday 22 February 2019



ID: 36632

Stock – Stock pricing not reverting back up the ranking when Price Level Min Price is on a stock record.

ID: 33361

JesM Photocopier – Base rate meters are included in the min charge calculation, even if they are constant.

ID: 36605

Copy/Move/Merge – Error 'Argument out of range' when moving labour and there are three or more labour lines.

ID: 36611

Search – Search results are still showing when you log out.


Build 6262

Friday 14 February 2020



ID: 35492

Prepayments – Prepayments on jobs ignore any amount in the Freight field on the Invoice Details tab on jobs.

ID: 36612

eBusiness Page Count – Submit page count simply says 'No count entered'.

ID: 36607

eBusiness Page Count – Improve eBusiness inbound processing when large numbers of items in queue (especially meter reads).

ID: 36602

eBusiness Page Count – Server performance improvement when a large number of page requests have been submitted.

ID: 35474

Email – Macros – {{CardFile.FirstName}} picks up the first name of primary contact only.


Build 6260

New Features

ID: 34287

Jobs/Quotes – New feature to copy stock from jobs/quotes/templates to jobs/quotes, or move/merge stock/comments/labour from jobs/quotes to jobs/quotes.

ID: 35486

JesM Photocopier – Supports service reads via connector.

ID: 35428

Email – Allow execution of custom PowerShell script when running Create Job email action.

ID: 35377

Electronic Payments – New option to force printing of customer receipts on receipt printer for EFTPOS.

ID: 35463

Management – Commission Sessions. New feature that allows for the tracking and reconciliation of commissions payable to staff.

ID: 34223

Search – New Ribbon Search feature added on Quick Access Toolbar.

ID: 34218

Dispatch – Added Suburb to Dispatch List.

ID: 34151

Reports – New Print/Preview/Email count feature on reports.

ID: 34136

Stock – New Stock Flow option in Jim2, displaying stock inflow.

ID: 34855

Stock – Promotional Pricing overwriting all other pricing.



ID: 35593

Business Engine – Provide way to remove failed B2B transactions after a certain period of time.

ID: 35586

JesM Photocopier – Provide feedback if submission of MPS meter read file to eBusiness queue fails.

ID: 35551

Jobs – New checkbox on backorder dialog to set Backorder to 0 when not creating back orders.

ID: 35521

JesM Photocopier – Service read feed to support number of days that a service read will be accepted after previous.

ID: 34458

Projects – Managed service contracts to show invoice and fault descriptions on Default tab.

ID: 35477

Options – Tools > Options > General > Regional Settings. New option that allows to set default paper size for reports.

ID: 35476

Options – Tools > Options > Jobs. New option that allows to edit tax code on jobs and quotes.

ID: 35455

Jobs – Invoice Details. Added phone and email fields to job shipping details.

ID: 35424

Reports – Delivery Note Report. Added new option to show supplied stock only.

ID: 35425

Bulk Payments – Now allows to import data from spreadsheets.

ID: 35410

General Journal – Now allows to import data from spreadsheets.

ID: 35362

Email – New Message Preview option to get message preview in Email List..

ID: 35346

Email – Improve feedback for email handling of 'Process with MPS connector' action.

ID: 34295

Jobs – Select project from job screen does not include serial number in window.

ID: 34301

History – Now displays record count for history and server logs.

ID: 34286

Time Sheet – Enable report drop–down list box under CardFiles > Time Sheets.

ID: 34278

Project Templates – Add Quote No. to project templates.

ID: 34246

Email – Support HTML custom macros for email templates.

ID: 34225

Schedule – Improve schedule view..

ID: 34220

Setups – Add Active and MaxQty columns to Bin Setups grid.

ID: 34203

Project Templates – Add a warning if there is only one billing action template, and its next bill is set to value.

ID: 34165

Projects – New option to Create Project List from CardFile.

ID: 15548

CardFile List – Include a 'NOT' selection for CardFile Groups.

ID: 34112

Quotes – New 'Transfer Cost' option on creating job from quote.

ID: 34111

Options > Item. New option to not prompt when stock added from Item to quote or job when 0 stock in grid.

ID: 34027

Project Templates – Missing ability to copy email subject to invoice or fault description from email rules.

ID: 34013

Task List – Display Project Template and Card Name information for tasks in list, as appropriate.

ID: 30400

Project Templates – Allow user to search for project templates using additional criteria, such as stock code.

ID: 34295

Jobs – Select project from job screen does not include serial number in window.



ID: 35599

Reports – Base rate meters with 'constant' quantity fail when billing 'Attempted to supply quantity for base rate'.

ID: 35583

Schedule – Created scheduled tasks not using default stock location of branch.

ID: 35578

Kitting – Static kit contents quantity differs from header quantity.

ID: 35579

Jobs – Invoiced jobs have blank status when user with no security for FINISH status invoices a job.

ID: 35568

Jobs – Static kit content's quantity multiplies on setting job to Ready and when Fast Invoicing is turned on.

ID: 35565

Reports – Quote. Checkboxes on quote reports get replaced with symbols when generating a PDF.

ID: 34173

Setups – Branches/SubBranches/GL Departments code should be upper case only.

ID: 35558

Task List – Does not display Card # for 'Review' tasks.

ID: 35553

Projects – Photocopier meter read processing cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.JimB2Bin'.

ID: 35545

Stock – Error on calculating special stock price which is never sold before.

ID: 35540

eBusiness – When eBusiness order matches multiple CardFiles due to email on multiple cards, error message is incorrect.

ID: 35539

Schedule – Subject field in Scheduled Task window does not check for length, resulting in a save error.

ID: 35510

General Journal List – No label next to Document and Transaction date filters.

ID: 35506

Invoicing – Batch invoicing with same customer but different Ship# is adding Various to job shipping details.

ID: 34172

Transaction Journal – COGI and COGR transaction not picking up the correct branch when batch invoiced.

ID: 32870

Project Templates – Merge Templates. When you un–tick 'Only Group Templates' and run Default Groups, shows error.

ID: 35515

eBusiness – Source view does not show all text from multi–line text elements.

ID: 35507

Business Engine – Implement Country Component Tax into Jim2.

ID: 35498

General Journal – Jim2 lets you reverse finished GJ entries multiple times because of refresh issue.

ID: 35408

Quotes – Manual cost of $0.00 is changing to average COGS on recalculating stock prices.

ID: 35406

Quotes – 'Recalculate all stock prices' doesn't update stock cost. Only updates stock prices.

ID: 35353

Budgets – Edit Budget. Cannot get out of Month field when using Branches.

ID: 32860

Stock – Vendor Tab. Cannot see time in the Last Updated column, and there is no way to extend the column.

ID: 35483

Create Similar – When you create similar on a quote, invoice details are blank until you save.

ID: 35494

JesM Photocopier – 'Incorrect syntax near ,' when billing legacy photocopier master.

ID: 35481

Kitting – Use kit header discount for kit contents option. Discount can be incorrect.

ID: 35412

Quotes – Create Similar on PO doesn't bring over the Name, and no option on Create Similar window to copy Name.

ID: 34251

Purchase – Create Similar on PO doesn't bring over the Name, and no option on Create Similar to copy Name.

ID: 35479

Reports – Stock List. Stock Export Report doesn't display sell stock unit.

ID: 35478

Purchase – Unable to unprint purchase order with journal stock at $0 on linked job.

ID: 35475

Reports – Stock List. Units Sale Over 12 Months report. Monthly Average shows wrong quantity.

ID: 35464

Projects – 3rd party meters not being copied down to child machines.

ID: 35411

Creditors – Amount from Paid Now field is removed on pressing Esc, but stays in the Amount box in the header.

ID: 35448

Stock – Creating stock (or quote with stock) from vendor stock feed crashes when in vendor stock code too long.

ID: 35442

Email – Email summary not generated when email content is inside table body.

ID: 35432

Email – when replying to email with first item being a table, reply header is put into the table.

ID: 35419

Security – Jobs > Branches > Sell from Locations of different branches not working.

ID: 35405

Security – Security Group name is duplicated when in Edit mode and you assign user the same security group.

ID: 35399

JesM Photocopier – Jim2 does not use the service read to calculate/populate the daily average value in the meter setups.

ID: 35392

Reports – Reprinting invoice from list (multi) is showing different results from original invoice script.

ID: 14350

eBusiness – If an order is received with ShipAttn and/or ShipAddr, then Cust/Ship address is blank on reports.

ID: 35389

Importing – CardFile import sets required days to 0. Should leave as null (to use system default).

ID: 35383

eBusiness Link – Order by B2B with kit having specific tax codes on content does not revert to tax free code.

ID: 35376

eBusiness StockFeeds – Jim2 stock pricing is not updated when link to stock in multi–vendor feed.

ID: 35319

Jobs – Jobs added around 12:00 am are setting the due date to 12:00 am as well.

ID: 33944

Reports – Stock Adjustment Report. Total Cost is not showing the correct figures.

ID: 35375

Project Templates – Template pricing is incorrect if kit has header price, forcing content price below its min price.

ID: 35371

Jobs – Changing the Ship# on job is updating ship address and discards customer address changes.

ID: 35353

Budgets – Edit Budget. Cannot get out of Month field when using Branches.

ID: 35351

Reports – Report Designer. Changing the report name on importing a same name report doesn't apply changes.

ID: 7910

Options – Job. Charge freight at job level option also hides Ship Ref and Ship Via fields.

ID: 35344

Reports – The Statement report should only show a hyphen after the word 'Invoice' if there is a comment following.

ID: 35342

CardFile – Marking CardFile as inactive warns regarding inactive projects/contracts.

ID: 35341

Email – Email Macro {{Job.InvDetails.ShipAddr}} is truncating first line on ship address when no Attn on job.

ID: 35314

Email – Remote image in email may not be loaded due to HTTS TLS1.2 incompatibility.

ID: 34302

Jobs – Changing the Cust# is also refreshing ship address details along with customer address.

ID: 33982

Stock Select – Mouse tracking wheel doesn't scroll very well on Stock Select screen.

ID: 35324

Project Templates – 'gJobPart: Field 'PrideRef' not found' error on loading stock from quote.

ID: 34311

Stock – Vendor tab. Time on the last updated field is always 12:00am and cannot be changed.

ID: 34292

Stock – Pricing Tab. List Effective date is now showing time, so the date field is now not wide enough.