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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Navigating Jim2 Help

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There are three ways to navigate this online Help File.


Index search

This will display the full index of the Help File, listing Jim2 functions by topic.




Keyword search

Choosing the key symbol presents an alphabetical list of key words that have been added to pages to narrow down the search. This is the fastest way to find things.




For example, enter cheque book in the Search field (this is not case sensitive). This will bring up the specific page or pages where keywords have been added to relevant pages.


It is worth a look at the key words to become familiar with how they work, and please feel free to offer key word suggestions to make the search experience easier (email


Free type search

Choosing the magnifying glass allows searching by using one word, or a combination of words. This will produce a list of any pages that have one, any or all of those words within the page, and can be quite a long list. It is also possible that it will return nothing if none of the words appear on any page within the Help File. This search fully supports * and ? wild cards, ie. search man* will bring up all pages where words appears that use man.




When on a sub-topic, click on the wording in the Navigation area – this will return to the main topic for that section.




How to print from the Help File

At the top right of screen, click More, then select Printable Version.




This will bring up the Print screen to make specific selections, ie. allow printing of headers, footers and background graphics, etc.





Note: The Prev and Next choices in the top right of screen will take you to the previous/next page of the topic you are in – not the previous page you were on.


Throughout the Help File the following information appears:



This is general Jim2 information and recommendations.



Jim2 hints to make life easier.



Essential information and important warnings – please do not ignore.



Quality control/improvements aimed to assist in the everyday use of Jim2.