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Build Update Information

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Jim2 v4.5


Build 9058 19 July 2024


ID: 46368

Bank deposits – You can delete negative banking session even if it was reconciled.

ID: 46341

End of year roll – after EOY roll cannot invoice new company (started after first roll in database).

ID: 46338

General ledger – Issue when adding GL account with negative open balance.

ID: 46310

Jobs – Should not be able to type in user's name who is not part of selected users on the Item.

ID: 46301

Invoicing – Include credits from customer returns in auto prepayment allocation.

ID: 46285

Stock Procurement – Stock locations excluded from procurement are still appearing in procurement location dropdown.

ID: 46283

Projects – Issue with next bill date when there are multiple templates with different bill date and same sction.

ID: 46249

Importing – Stock Import – Vendor exchange rate is always 1, and is not picking up foreign currency exchange rate.

ID: 46246

Bank Feeds – Add support for Mel Bank, NAB Connect (Minimal and with Header).

ID: 46113

Bank Feeds – Jim2 error on file format for bank feeds when mapped column is out of range of file.

ID: 45922

Project Templates – Unable to enter negative amount for journal stock created by template in edit mode.

ID: 42699

General Journal – Can reverse general journal multiple times.


Build 9046 28 June 2024


ID: 46299

Scripts – Allow 4.3 style projects to be converted post upgrade..

ID: 46297

Business Engine – Allow user to set OwnerNo/ShipNo on Asset.



ID: 46320

Jobs – Error on invoicing a Job that has stock with serials and different attributes selected on same line.

ID: 46296

Meter Billing – 4.3 Estimate not included in min calculation if under stock code is missing or doesn't match min card.

ID: 46151

Projects – Next bill date is incorrectly calculated when contract has disabled meters with a period.

ID: 45933

Meter Billing – 4.5 billing engine start date should not take into account variation start date for arrears mins.


Build 9034 20 June 2024


ID: 46278

Copy Move Merge – Copy stock does not respect qty decimal places of stock.

ID: 46204

Purchase List – PO list is incorrectly showing expense orders when filtering list by stock groups.

ID: 46203

Invoicing – ShipStreetAddr should be set to 'Various' for inv with multiple jobs and ship info differs.

ID: 45770

eBusiness – Meter read website missing last count after initial start read.

ID: 46300

Projects – Need to display all asset-related fields all the time on project (4.3 style DBs are a problem).

ID: 46288

Projects – With licensing, MS and MPS still cannot see asset info on project.

ID: 46282

ProjectList – When pinning view it does not stay as pinned when I log out/in.


Build 9032 7 June 2024


ID: 46239

Web API – Be able to create a stock transfer via the Web API (Simple).



ID: 46279

Meter Billing – Estimate not clawed back with legacy v4.3, if no unders stock specified.

ID: 46276

Invoicing – Duplicate payment when auto link option is turned on and there is a partial prepayment against job.

ID: 46262

Invoicing – Issue with On Day of the Month payment term not checking day of invoice date when forward-dating.

ID: 46244

Purchase – Error when trying to finish a PO in open period but stock used in manufacturing is in closed period.

ID: 46212

Database Issue – Timeouts updating stats.

ID: 46264

Stock Transfer – Package out of sync with header.

ID: 46255

CardFile – Do not always prompt if'Group Inv by Cust Ref# and Cust Ref# is not required.

ID: 46253

Reports – Not using branch company (from attached cardfile) details when multi-company.

ID: 46250

Projects – Add machine start read with manually billed machine error.

ID: 46245

JSONAPI – Sort order for jobs is incorrect.

ID: 46233

Debtors – Jim2 can allow delete/reversal of payment that has been allocated.

ID: 46229

Meter Billing – Record Only incorrectly ignores children where some not required reads are skipped.

ID: 46220

NZ postcodes don't get added to databases older than v2.33.

ID: 46215

Quotes List – Searching for master in quote List using ellipsis appears as <UNKNOWN>.

ID: 46226

Lists – Excluding a specific name from a list is showing cancelled jobs.


Build 9028 28 May 2024


ID: 46247

Meter billing – JimF_ProjectAssetMeterReads should expose IsPrimary and PageRequestNo to retrieve unique date reads.

ID: 46213

Options – Don't allow saving if any options based on Branch/SubBranch is set and Branch/SubBranch not used.

ID: 46200

Projects – Check constraint CHK_JimProjectBillingSetup_nPriceTF when clearing price from meter setup.

ID: 46233

Debtors – Jim2 allows reversal of payment that has been allocated.

ID: 46228

Preview – Error when clicking Request Refresh link in the EKM Consumables preview.

ID: 46227

Meter Billing – Billing a master with an asset with no meters after the latest allowed read date fails.

ID: 46226

Lists – Excluding a specific name from a list excludes No Name as well.

ID: 46238

Web API – Stock is not showing on machines.

ID:        46253

Reports – Not using Branch company (from attached cardfile) details in multi-company database.

ID: 46155

Jobs – Backorder popup is not triggering on invoice when using multi-session/two logins.


Build 9018 20 May 2024


ID: 46141

Jes – Web API – Support creating prospect cardfiles.

ID: 46140

Jes – Web API – Support setting stock descriptions when creating quotes.



ID: 46211

Purchase – When editing a negative value PO on received, PO on received accounts journals can be wrong.

ID: 46201

eBusiness – B2BIn xml jobs get stuck when CustAttn has a single quote.

ID: 46180

Business Engine – Ensure some business engine errors are thrown as MessageExceptions so the error is displayed to user.


Build 9012 14 May 2024


ID: 46162

Projects – No meter names visible in dropdown when adding meters to a new contract.

ID: 46183

Scripts – Reports using Project QR Service script aren't displaying serial#.

ID: 46182

Assets – Notes/Docs/watchouts/Template mapping are disappearing from Asset after saving.

ID: 46106

Meter Billing – Page Request email macro not returning expected values.

ID: 46163

Meter Billing – Billing engine prompting for contract start/end reads that aren't required at the moment.

ID: 46127

Meter Billing – CHK_JimMeterRead_MeterTypeSpecifiesEitherMeterReadOfEffectiveMeterRead NoRead Qty Meter.

ID: 46049

Meter Billing – Query processor could not produce a query plan. Error when billing in some cases.

ID: 46197

Meter Billing – Cannot insert duplicate key into @RecentJobPartStock.

ID: 46178

Email – When using email action determine job from contents, rule processing can be halted.

ID: 46170

Web API – Cannot add virtual stock to quote via Web API.

ID: 46171

Invoicing – Dead loop if you invoice two jobs that are linked to each other.

ID: 46187

Jim2 DB Upgrade – Ignore cancelled and finished templates when creating meters during upgrade.


Build 9004 1 May 2024


ID: 46175

Jes – Business Engine – Multiple projects found error when legacy engine enabled and multiple projects linked to asset.

ID: 46130

Jobs List – Job list does not leave branch as disabled when user does not have access to other branches.

ID: 46059

Jobs List – Job List – An item with the same key has already been added when searching card and ship groups.

ID: 46164

Contract List – Error null values are not allowed when you set company filter to logged user setting.

ID: 46134

Reports – Job List – Machine response time had response time columns default to 2040 when no value found.

ID: 46168

Reports – Job List – Parts Spent report sometimes generates blank pages when using grouping.

ID: 46169

Projects – Issue with barcodes not showing on project level.

ID: 46162

Projects – No meter names visible in dropdown when adding meters to new contract.

ID: 46135

Project Variations – Changing contract in variation view doesn't change meter setup.

ID: 45984

Meter Billing – 4.5 with 4.3 style Average Bill asks Estimate Bill question.


Build 8988 19 April 2024


ID: 46022

Invoicing – Use any unlinked prepayments when invoicing from within Jim Client.

ID: 45730

Jobs – Add option to make Cust Ref optional when setting a Job To Ready.

ID: 46110

Customer Stock Feeds : Need ability to send custom data and filter data.

ID: 45970

CardFile – MFA – When resetting MFA there’s no way to abort the change.

ID: 45552

Branches – Default stock location to be based on Ship branch isn't working for purchase orders.

ID: 46129

Jes – eBusiness Stockfeeds – Add support for Dicker Data .csv format.



ID: 45892

Packaging – Packaging does not allow bin picking in Advanced Warehouse Management.

ID: 45984

Meter Billing – 4.5 with 4.3 style Average Bill asks Estimate Bill question.

ID: 46108

Stocktake – Stocktake error when entering count. (Incorrect syntax near ','). Issue with Unit Qty lookup.

ID: 46126

Invoicing – Batch Invoicing – Jobs are not getting invoiced when you untick one of the Group by Job.

ID: 46125

EKM – Invoice details are not being populated when a consumable Job is created by EKM API.

ID: 46117

Reports – Return from Customer reports were treating black square in Hide filter as a checked square.

ID: 46116

Reports – Statement In List reports have CustBpayRefNo not displaying when no invoices are displayed.

ID: 46103

Projects – Creating similar master and children silently fails if Status isn't included.

ID: 46094

Stock FIFO – Upgrade should automatically correct non depleting stock tran bugs.

ID: 46072

Jobs – Job Importer – Stock description is always stock default description and not what's on the spreadsheet.

ID: 46106

Meter Billing – Page request email macro not returning expected values.

ID: 46095

Reports – Aged Receivables Summary Report is not showing as a summary.

ID: 46061

Debtors – Account inquiry displays incorrect currency symbol.

ID: 46052

Promotional Pricing – String or binary data will be truncated error when importing Unit > 4 chars.

ID: 46112

Projects – Fix issues when adding advances/royalty from contracts of type Licence.

ID: 46107

Quotes – Open Quote and get Invalid value for field ItemNo.

ID: 46102

Stock List not showing On Hand in correct qty decimal places.

ID: 46099

Accounting – GST Session > Worksheet > Wine equalisation tax refundable spelling error.

ID: 46096

Jobs – Could not parse SQL TimeStamp string.

ID: 46091

Quotes – Quote stock grid indexes are broken which causes CommissionSource to get random values.

ID: 46077

Exporting – Export CardFile Data from CardFile List – batch inv. group by set to Don't Group shows Contract.

ID: 46054

Lists – Error Null values are not allowed        when opening a published list sometimes.

ID: 46039

Return From Customer – Cash is not getting rounded on refund payments as it does for invoice payments.

ID: 46014

Stock Adjustment – Automatically enable the edit button after unprinting stock adjustments.

ID: 45996

Preview – Yields preview is showing current read as 0 all the time for 4.3 style contracts.

ID: 45979

Jobs List – Job list doesn't check Show kit contents security.

ID: 45932

Help – Launching help file when email rules window is up opens a blank help file page.

ID: 45895

Packaging – Packaging list is not bringing any results when filtered by groups until you log out and back in.

ID: 46093

Meter Billing – Adding service reads via Mobile and Desktop has Service only meter line not added to job.

ID: 46092

Reports – Project Profit PO records linked to jobs not being filtered out.

ID: 46076

Projects – Cannot insert null into StockNo table @ProjectBillingSetup viewing service only 4.3 billing history.

ID: 46061

Debtors – Account enquiry display incorrect currency symbol.

ID: 46055

Electronic Payments – Error saving a bank file when OneDrive is on.

ID: 46048

eBusiness – Vendor Feeds – Error Invalid column name D when linking a stock to a dynamic kit.

ID: 46032

Reports – Project List – Project profit gross margin calculating incorrectly.

ID: 46028

Reports – Job sticker script still using old Invoice details address info.

ID: 45987

Kitting – Stock codes within a kit that have tax code set instead use stock tax code.

ID: 45986

Reports – Quote Internal v2 and Quote no Total v2 reports shows price Inc on stock line for tax free up.

ID: 46065

Electronic Payments – CardType column size is too small (need 20 characters).

ID: 45971

CardFile Contacts – Error String or binary data would be truncated if Phone is longer than 20 characters.

ID: 46044

Stock – Vendor tab – '' is not a valid floating point value when you leave qty blank on price break.

ID: 46068

Setups – Meter TypeName can be saved to database with trailing spaces.

ID: 46024

Intercompany – Non discounted price is used when creating Intercompany purchase order and job.

ID: 45976

Jobs – Job Import – Need to add a scroll bar on the list of column mapping.

ID: 45782

Stock Transfer – Error message can refer to Line #0.

ID: 45759

Quotes – Create quote from job is not grabbing Valid to option.

ID: 45497

Project Templates – Cannot specify discount on kit header.

ID: 45221

Dashboard – Adding a dashboard published list widget is not showing the job#.

ID: 42906

Accounting – Edit received PO where vend invoice date is in a closed period.

ID: 46058

Meter Billing – Service only meter contract jobs on invoice causes Cannot insert null into StockNo.

ID: 45967

Reports – Sales Register report is throwing divide by zero error when qty supplied is zero and linked to PO.

ID: 46050

Projects – 4.3 style primary meter names must match meter name of linked Item.

ID: 46049

Meter Billing – Query processor could not produce a query plan. Error when billing in some cases.

ID: 46047

Projects – Has Reads filter in project list not working.

ID: 46006

Meter Billing – System Invoices don't show overs If MinVolume = 0.

ID: 45948

Meter Billing – Billing incorrectly requires meter if it is linked to a base charge etc.

ID: 45905

Scripts – Project List – Bulk Updater – Doesn't work when you try to update overs rate.

ID: 45901

Documents – Schedule task created from a document gets unlinked after refreshing Jim2.

ID: 45897

Jobs – User with no security to add jobs should not be allowed to import jobs.

ID: 45889

Branches – Stock location based on Ship Branch option is not working when Ship cardfile is Ship only.

ID: 45881

Purchase – Focus is not in the right cell when finishing PO with stock not received.

ID: 45880

Return To Vendor – Selected serials disappearing when you clear all stock lines below.

ID: 45870

Projects – Cannot save project if another linked asset has same code as project when not gAllowProject44Style.

ID: 45869

CardFile – Update to latest Australian postcodes 290.

ID: 45861

Jim2 crashes when initial database connection fails.

ID: 45855

Email – Email Templates – Saying no to overwriting an existing template throws a blank message.

ID: 45618

Settlements – Error when trying to Import an IntegraPay file.

ID: 45942

Security – Disable change price level security still allows you to delete price level on job.

ID: 45921

Stock – Vendor tab – Need to improve the dragging mechanism required to change vendor ranking.

ID: 45840

Quotes – Available quantity not updating when changing locations.


Build 8955 18 March 2024


ID: 46091

Quote stock grid indexes are broken which causes CommissionSource to get random values.


Build 8951 15 March 2024


ID: 46075

Added Bid Ref field on PO list and ability to rename Bid Ref filed via Options. Increased Bid Ref field character limit to 24.



ID: 46055

Electronic Payments – Error saving a bank file when OneDrive is on.

ID: 46065

Electronic Payments – CardType column size is too small (need 20 characters).


Build 8927 1 March 2024

New Features

ID: 45607

Security – multi--factor Authenticator support in Jim2.

ID: 44296

Quotes – Support Applies stock on quotes.

ID 43860

Job Importer        – Added ability to import jobs into Jim2 .

ID: 44075

OneDrive integration for file open/save.

ID: 5183

Purchase – Ability to import serial numbers on a stock into a purchase order.

ID: 45577

Quotes – Allow to quote Prospect cardfiles (also supports Prospect cardfile import/export)

ID: 45424

Jobs – Allow Job to show either invoice or job address after job is invoiced.

ID: 45109

Return From Customer – Be able to link non-strict RFC to contract/project.

ID: 45109

PO/RFC List – Ability to filter results by contract and master contract.

ID: 45474

Purchase – Debtors PO – Ability to link a purchase order via the UI to a project.

ID: 44969

Meter Billing – Separate Next Bill Date, Actions and Request by for different meter setup lines.

ID: 45310

Security – Added security for Payment Types.

ID: 45377

CardFile – Show Web Login ID in Contacts grid.

ID: 45377

CardFile List – Ability to filter cardfiles by Web Login.

ID: 45187

Stock List – Added a new Promotions filter.

ID: 45343

Settlements – Added Happen Pay to bank Settlements.

ID: 45203

Billing Engine – Bring 4.3 billing engine into 4.5.

ID: 45527

Reports – Added a new CardFile report to show cardfiles with duplicate contacts.



ID: 45730

Jobs – Added option to make Cust Ref optional when setting a job to Ready.


Stock – Kitting – New Use Desc checkbox on Kitting tab of Kit stock.

ID: 45612

Help – When copying the link from the help viewer (bottom left) copy as per Edge.

ID: 45809

Purchase – Optimisation for determining purchase order lines related to a project.

ID: 45818

Stock – Hide cost panel for kitting type stock.

ID: 45645

Meter Billing – Add support for master meter that doesn't copy itself to all children.

ID: 45812

Dashboard – Add stock support to the publish list count widget.

ID: 44296

Added a new checkbox Include Applies stock on creating job from quote and on quote from job.

ID: 5183

Purchase – Ability to import serials on purchase stock.

ID: 44467

Setups – Payment Types – Allow to select multiple security groups on a payment type.

ID: 45671

Jim2 Server – Allow Jim2Server to be configured so the last logon slot can be used by mobile.

ID: 45682

Bank Feeds – Added support for CBA Netbank.

ID: 45564

Settlements – Added Stripe merchant to Settlements .

ID: 45610

Sales Register – Ability to click on docket numbers to access jobs.

ID: 45488

Reports – DB Check report – break down stock sold in advance by stock type.

ID: 45669

Jim2 mobile – Search – Stock search – ability to search by non-report stock groups.

ID: 45539

Jes (Jim2 eBusiness Server) – Web API – Allow Jim2commerce to identify itself as a unique object source.

ID: 45556

Jes (Jim2 eBusiness Server) – Web API – Be able to add debtors payments – and allocate the payment to invoice(s).

ID: 45370

Projects – Lock Open Balance tab on MPS contracts after billing has started.

ID: 45203

Contract Editing – attempt lock and edit asset, conditional asset editing.

ID: 45416

Advanced Creditors – Add security for Advanced Creditors.

ID: 45363

Advanced Creditors – Advanced Creditors needs to be hidden unless MPS licence is active.

ID: 45394

Email – Deleting multiple emails adds summary to JimLog (Delete X emails) should add all emails with Ids.

ID: 45369

Email – Cache (reuse) OAuth credentials for 365 email accounts.

ID: 45412

Search – Added Contract Email to global search criteria.

ID: 45425

Scripts – Add ability to send emails to Web Login Users from 'Email from list' script.

ID: 45302

Groups – Increase limit of group names to 128 characters.

ID: 45290

eBusiness – Need to be able to save Vend# as part of Import Vendor Stock Prices mapping.

ID: 45251

Options – Regional improvements for NZ.

ID: 45238

Jes CM – Make Client ID Entry more intuitive.

ID: 45445

Report – Improved Manufacturing Requirements report.



ID: 46058

Meter Billing – Service only meter contract jobs on invoice causes Cannot insert null into StockNo issue.

ID: 46049

Meter Billing – Query processor could not produce a query plan. Error when billing in some cases.

ID: 46047

Projects – Has Reads filter in project list not working.

ID: 46006

Meter Billing – System invoices don't show overs If MinVolume = 0.

ID: 45948

Meter Billing – Billing incorrectly requires meter if it is linked to a base charge, etc.

ID: 45946

Billing Engine – Access violation when change read to use Default read (include manual).

ID: 45905

Scripts – Project List – Bulk Updater –        Doesn't work when you try to update overs rate.

ID: 45893

EKM – Add further Request Threshold Override options.

ID: 45870

Projects – Cannot save project if another linked asset has same code as project when not gAllowProject44Style.

ID: 45841

Meter Billing – Ability to enter balancing total not appearing.

ID: 44766

Electronic Payments – Issue with bank file NZ csv format when lodgement ref has a comma (,).

ID: 46045

Cannot roll end or year if option to use first date in fin period is set.

ID: 46040

Reports – Profit & Loss – Multi-column report Select All and Deselect All doesn't work.

ID: 46038

Meter Billing – Add Service Meters Not Working for 4.3 style contracts.

ID: 46033

Documents – Child Contracts no longer showing documents attached to master contract.

ID: 46011

Scripts – Preview Project Payments – Not showing data from Advanced Creditors.

ID: 45985

Meter Billing – Unable to manually bill a 4.3 style contract.

ID: 45960

Items – 4.5-4.3-Style MPS Meters set as Service Meter Required issues with adding service meters – Jim2 Mobile.

ID: 45778

Assets – Asset ribbon/status/security should be visible if MS is licensed.

ID: 46032

Reports – Project List – Project profit gross margin calculating Incorrectly.

ID: 46021

Manufacturing – Issue when finishing PO/stock adjustment up for stock in manufacturing.

ID: 46015

Quotes – Quote stock grid width of stock code is too wide when toggling between Cost        and Quote tab.

ID: 46009

Debtors – Statement from list gives error on debtors that are in credit and set to email.

ID: 46007

Reports – Proforma Invoices not using correct Cust# and Ship# cardcodes.

ID: 46000

Reports – Aged Payables/Receivables not properly calculating date of reversed payments.

ID: 45993

Meter Billing – 4.3 style contracts don't consolidate invoice correctly in some circumstances.

ID: 45957

Meter Billing – Unexpected error submitting count: The INSERT statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint CHK_Ji.

ID: 45786

Reports – Aged Receivable Summary report has no data in data export.

ID: 45754

Assets – Asset created via EKM API in 4.3 style Database cannot be located to link to a contract.

ID: 45993

Meter Billing – 4.3 style contracts don't consolidate invoice correctly in some circumstances.

ID: 46002

Reports – Management reports – Error – Incorrect syntax near ')' when running a saved report filtered by group.

ID: 46001

Dashboard – Job Widget – Error when Period is set to Fin Year.

ID: 45980

Assets – Create machine from asset text overlaps in pop up window.

ID: 45972

Scripts – BankFileFormat.NZ_BNZ script truncating account hash wrong.

ID: 45934

Reports – RFC v2 reports show double tax and amount in totals section when returning a kit.

ID: 45920

Reports – Aged Receivable reports need improvements to sizing of their columns.

ID: 45916

Reports – Purchase Order Summary reports are throwing error when there is no ship# on PO.

ID: 45866

Reports – Need to improve Aged Payables Detailed when there is foreign currency involved.

ID: 45835

Reports – Need to add grand total for Current and All Months columns on Aged Payables Summary report.

ID: 45977

Projects – Access Violation when using shortcut Ctrl+B.

ID: 45973

User Interface – Jim2 crashes when launching a 2nd instance from windows search.

ID: 45821

OneDrive – Bank feeds/Settlements – Ability to import files from OneDrive

ID: 45969

Stock Adjustment – SQL error when finishing stock adjustment with Qty- and Qty+ and when backfill is on .

ID: 45963

Reports – Stock Profit by Customer incorrectly calculates home currency amount.

ID: 45949

Bulk Payments – Creditors – Unable to select payments imported by spreadsheet.

ID: 45964

User Interface – Unknown logon type (8) when viewing logged users.

ID: 45954

Projects – Billing History tab not displaying linked PO's correctly.

ID: 45955

Stock Adjustment – Unable to finish a stock adjustment Qty+ with $0 cost when backfill is turned on.

ID: 45922

Project Templates – Unable to enter negative amount for journal stock created by template in edit mode.

ID: 45953

Meter Billing – Divide by zero error entering service read for manual billed machine.

ID: 45947

Options – User with no security for payment type clears default Bank feed payment options.

ID: 45846

Reports – Job labour reports show blank report and says calculating at the bottom when there is no labour.

ID: 45839

Reports – x – Invoice from list (multi) window spelling error (Destination).

ID: 45933

Meter Billing – 4.5 billing engine start date should not take into account variation start date for arrears mins.

ID: 45939

Meter Billing – Default page source reads not being selected even though they're not older than allowed.

ID: 45925

Reports – Tax Invoice Proforma Invoice v2 shouldn't exist.

ID: 45923

Projects – Able to change or clear project type even after contract has been billed.

ID: 45912

User Interface – Font issues for some users after upgrading to 4.5a.

ID: 45908

Billing Engine – Meter Billing with no Meters not working.

ID: 45906

Reports – Issue with Multi-Company Invoice Memo when using branch and report uses GetCompanyLogoFor method.

ID: 45900

Meter Billing – Maximum Meter continue billing incorrectly stops billing at maximum meter.

ID: 45549

Scripts – Meter Price Update Wizard 4.4.

ID: 45919

Meter Billing – 4.5 with 4.3 MPS. When MPS Connectors feed reads, billing jobs are created on finished contracts.

ID: 45917

Reports – Payment information is overlapping on Invoice memo on all Invoice reports.

ID: 45909

Reports – Project profit v1 + v2 reports are throwing error on preview.

ID: 45903

Scripts – System menu scripts' (Load PO, Open Till, Budget Import ) icons are missing.

ID: 45878

Meter Billing – Service read creating meter billing job and advancing next bill date.

ID: 45904

Purchase – Error on finishing Debtors PO 'grPOStock: Column index 0 out of range.

ID: 45899

Jobs – Wrong message comes up when you try to invoice a job with customer on credit hold.

ID: 45896

Projects – Meter End Date changes to = Next Bill Date on Edit/Save.

ID: 45872

Projects – Fix Menu Script Change Contract bill day.jscx to work in Jim2 v4.5.

ID: 45891

Projects – Project should not create asset based on Ship # Card.

ID: 45888

Stock Adjustment – When doing COGS adjustment we save incorrect adjustment value in some cases.

ID: 45876

Reports – Expense Order report is displaying From# address instead of Vend#.

ID: 45871

Meter Billing – Master that (incorrectly) has Item with meters causes meter to be required.

ID: 45865

Meter Billing – Invoice is showing 3 master contract lines, 2 of which are child machines.

ID: 45834

Reports – Add BPAY info to Proforma Invoices.

ID: 45804

Reports – Stock On Hand V2 PO# and Date overlapping.

ID: 45785

Preview – Maximum stored procedure, function, trigger, or view nesting level exceeded (limit 32).

ID: 45685

Reports – Project List – Page Request Form error.

ID: 45851

Reports – Debtors list Statement report is displaying payments from the other company.

ID: 45867

Preview – Contract Finance details preview should not appear for Managed Service type contracts.

ID: 45863

Assets – Unable to change Item# description on Asset. Keeps switching back to Item Description.

ID: 45862

Assets – Error on creating similar Asset when EKM RTO% is blank on Asset and you select EKM.

ID: 45860

Preview – Yield preview panel not working. Throwing various errors depending on situation.

ID: 45859

Preview – SQL Error in Preview Contract Finance script.

ID: 45858

Preview – Asset/Project Reads HTML title was not using I call.

ID: 45854

Meter Billing – Prepaid labour batch size not defaulted when manually adding labour block.

ID: 45848

eBusiness – Issue with kit header tax code when job created through B2BIn and PaysTax is False.

ID: 45847

Branches – Workstation branch is not setting the right Company. Is always using default Company 1.

ID: 45831

Invoicing – Add event hook CanInvoiceWithCreditHold.

ID: 45828

Project Templates – Templates setting Due Time based on users local PC time on J2 Cloud.

ID: 45827

Jobs – Users cannot add service meter reads to jobs without security rights to edit contracts

ID: 45814

Reports – Profit and Loss header incorrect.

ID: 45762

CardFile – qJimCardFileAll: Field UsrActive not found.

ID: 45833

Reports – Stock List Monthly Sales report runs slow.

ID: 45826

Options – Cannot re-enable Multi-Company after enabling then disabling.

ID: 45824

Groups – Import non report group deletes all groups (not just non report groups).

ID: 45823

Projects – Unable to add an Asset on a Managed Service type contract.

ID: 45817

Time Sheet – Time sheet is rounding to 5 minutes, while we allow 1 min increments in labour.

ID: 45143

Assets – Issue with billing a contract that has no branch but has branch on Asset        in Multicompany database.

ID: 45788

Billing Engine – Timeouts in billing engine.

ID: 45780

Search – Intelligent search and View/Edit Cardfile search should find active prospects.

ID: 15603

Stock Transfer – Cannot stock select when transferring stock if stock is committed.

ID: 45812

Dashboard – Add stock support to the publish list count widget.

ID: 45805

Stock Transfer – Stock Transfer allows blank company in Multi-Company database.

ID: 45771

Meter Billing – Meter read is missing actual meter read.

ID: 45768

CardFile Merge – Can't view or edit quote after card file merge.

ID: 45767

Quotes – Cost field is not clearing promo colour when promo not relevant any more.

ID: 45764

CardFile – Add Address is Residential to CardFile object.

ID: 45763

Importing – Export CardFile data from List does not export AddressResidential flags as required by Import.

ID: 45755

Exporting – When you right click from a cardfile list, export contacts, the contact type and value aren't exporting.

ID: 45744

Jobs – Add message to Job History (JimLog) when set Job to Ready.

ID: 45735

Projects – Need to fix few labels around Jim2 which are not updating based on I call Project from options.

ID: 45714

Projects – Need to remove Preview Billing and Warnings as Errors fields when billing MS contracts from list.

ID: 45705

Email – Error when linking email to customer with emails that have malformed email address.

ID: 45703

Till Reconciliation – Jim2 allows to delete till reconciliation which is already banked.

ID: 45692

Reports – Stock Profit Report – Filtering by supplier shows duplicate qty if supplier is listed twice on stock.

ID: 45680

Account Enquiry – Opening Account Enquiry from GL does not set company.

ID: 45679

Stocktake – Highlight or show a prompt about inactive stock when doing stocktake and stock adjustment up.

ID: 45678

Billing Engine – Would be nice to disable Skip, Preview and Bill Meter buttons when a preview is getting generated.

ID: 45677

Debtors – Debtors/Creditors OB – Changing the time in Date field causes errors.

ID: 45673

Jobs – Dispatch information being lost when navigating between jobs and in edit mode.

ID: 45672

Importing – Project Import – Do not allow to link a master contract to a master contract

ID: 45670

Reports – Change Deductable to Deductible in our system Invoice Reports.

ID: 45623

Meter Billing – Prior meter value on billing window is coming up as zero.

ID: 45401

Scripts – BankFileFormat.NZ_BNZ and NZDirect exporting unusable data.

ID: 44703

Reports – Stock Profit by Acct Mgr and Job Summary report is calculating wrong margin when you view data only.

ID: 44265

Cheque – If Cheque# contains dot, tab or space character, Jim2 will show error when Deposit is selected.


Jim2 v4.4

Build 8826 v4.4c

28 November 2023



ID: 45865

Meter Billing – Invoice is showing 3 master contract lines, two of which are child machine.

ID: 45817

Time Sheet – Time sheet is rounding to 5 minutes, while we allow 1 min increments in labour.

ID: 45789

Return From Customer – Returning serial stock which was linked from PO to job breaks links.

ID: 45788

Billing Engine – Timeouts in billing engine.

ID: 45787

Project Templates – Inconsistent kit and contents Price TF for tax paid down template.

ID: 45766

Meter Billing – Timeout entering contract start reads for large contracts.

ID: 45407

EKM – Jes messages to EKM Comments.

ID: 45641

Return To Vendor – RTV adds journal and credit if PO was unprinted and type changed to Consign In.

ID: 45616

Sales Register – Grouping by Cust# is not showing count on grouping when Multi-Currency is enabled.

ID: 45615

Quotes – Creating a Job from Quote is setting Ship Attn from CardFile Contact instead of Attn from Quote.

ID: 45832

Jes (Jim2 eBusiness Server) – Email templates by branch not working on mobile.

ID: 45789

Return From Customer – Returning serial stock which was linked from PO to Job breaks links.


Build 8482 v4.4c

26 June 2023



ID: 45635

Debtors – Debtors can produce FX realisation for home currency when applying payment after error.

ID: 45589

Jobs – Job Total Ex column on stock line is always displaying $100 for FX Jobs.

ID: 45588

Reports – Stock prices internal report error when all report level depths unticked.

ID: 45542

Reports – Restore non depleting stock to Picking Slip reports (with a checkbox).

ID: 45443

Meter Billing – Old variation used when Last Billed is variation start date and created on fly replacing existing.


Build 8372 v4.4c

8 May 2023



ID: 45541

Reports – Job List – Meter Reads (XLSX) Metertype column is sometimes blank.

ID: 45410

Reports – Meter Read Request form no longer shows last meter read.

ID: 45243

EKM – EKM consumable job always has price = 0.

ID: 45548

Divide by zero error from Jes in windows event log.

ID: 45533

Importing – Import stock vendor pricing when unit measure less than 0 gives error arithmetic overflow.

ID: 45515

Setups – Currency Setup – Open job on it will move current record on Currency setups and can't save.

ID: 45506

Stock Transfer – Transferring package back and forth clears quantity on purchase transactions.

ID: 45531

Jobs – Jobs created from source Scheduler has Rate Locked set as False for home currency jobs.

ID: 45554

Jobs – Stock transfer gets locked when trying to ready/invoice a reserved job which has Applies stock.


Build 8356 v4.4c

20 April 2023



ID: 45521

Dispatch – Jobs do not appear when they have no entry in Job Address details.

ID: 45335

Project Variations – Modify Create Initial Variation Menu Script to enable Create Variations from List.


Build 8334 v4.4c

6 April 2023



ID: 45504

Email – Emails coming from some Office apps with Darkmode have black background.

ID: 45260

EPO – Fixed issue in Expense POs with Price Inc not including tax when tax is 100% and Tax Type is GST Lump Sum.

ID: 45493

Reports – Proforma Invoices not properly displaying discounted prices.


Build 8324 v4.4c

21 March 2023


New Feature

ID: 3879

Jobs/Quotes – Added Qty count and weight to Jobs and Quotes.



ID: 45395

Reports – Improve and make Job List report Job List – Meter Reads (XLSX) a system report.

ID: 45445

Reports – Improved Manufacturing Requirements report.



ID: 45419

MSSQL ODBC driver 18 causes The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted.

ID: 45415

Jobs – JimF_GetJobAddrs is not returning the customer and shipping name from the invoice.

ID: 45411

Stock – Pricing – Issue with price rounding when measure unit qty > 1 and there is price rounding.

ID: 45391

Stock – Updating vendor last cost is not updating estimated cost field.

D:        45325

Currency Rates – Currency rate only updates when you close and reopen currency rate window.

ID: 45291

Stock Transfer – Incorrectly showing error when changing transfer qty to the picking qty.

ID: 45286

eBusiness – Vendor stock import (manual) – Vend# field allows to type in a Cust CardCode.

ID: 45261

Stock – Fix WYSIWYG description issues if using IFrame.

ID: 45260

Expense Orders – Issue with Price Inc not including tax when tax is 100% and Tax Type is GST Lump Sum.

ID: 45379

Projects – In addition to Email (Web), allow Email (Text) (PDF) to any project.

ID: 45448

Reports – Stock Profit by Stock Summary reports layout updates.

ID: 45404

Reports – Quote reports displaying kit description twice.

ID: 45399

Reports – Stock value by GL Group As of is showing a $ in front of the Qty on hand.

ID: 45409

Reports – Machine list – Machine v2 being run before service history by month causes error.

ID: 45426

Reports – Purchase Order v2 reports are not displaying attributes.


Build 8306 v4.4c

7 February 2023



ID: 45359

eBusiness StockFeeds – Add stock feed for RTS.IMAGE.



ID: 45397

eBusiness Vendor Feeds is updating vendor unit to measure unit 1 on update.

ID: 45400

Reports – Sales register report inconsistent with stock lines across pages.

ID: 45371

Reports – Project List – Cost per Copy report not dropping #ProjNosTemp table.

ID: 45185

Reports – Picking slip reports kit/package handling updates.

ID: 45184

Reports – Picking slip reports are not always displaying their serials/attributes.

ID: 44759

Reports – Job v2 report displaying wrong total.

ID: 45328

Reports – Stock Profit report gives error in multi-instance cloud.

ID: 45351

Reports – Add option on Stock Profit Report to include job freight in Sold Value field.

ID: 45354

Reports – Invoice reports generating pages out of order (and stock codes also missing/duplicated between pages).

ID: 45332

EKM – Do not push device updates to EKM if no changes since last push.

ID: 45381

Project Variations – Variation comparison not detecting changes in meter setup period or next bill calc.

ID: 45366

Projects – Timeout when saving master contract with many children.

ID: 45313

Projects – When a meter is billing only on item and base charge on contract, it shouldn't be required.

ID: 45248

Projects – Message about Asset already used on another Project keeps popping up when you click in Asset field.

ID: 45168

Projects – Last Billed for MS contracts – only update if billing action executed.

ID: 45252

Project Templates – Stock description needs to pick up unit description too, like Jobs.

ID: 45364

Jobs – Issue with changing kit header qty when there is linked special stock inside it.

ID: 45308

Jobs – Job/Quote invoice details name field is limited to 25 characters.

ID: 45347

Quotes – Invoice details ship phone is defaulting even when manually edited.

ID: 45345

Purchase – When Backorder PO, journal stock with negative qty ordered are removed.

ID: 45337

Purchase – Freight gets copied across to a Backorder PO.

ID: 45200

Purchase – Allow to purchase into all locations security pop is clearing sub branch and currency.

ID: 45196

Purchase – Allow to purchase into all locations security causing error when manual change branch and finish PO.

ID: 45195

Purchase – Allow to purchase into all locations security popup is not doing anything.

ID: 45360

Purchase – eSend PO button is hidden behind Create Asset Button on a PO with long Asset Name.

ID: 45311

Comments – When comment has more than 7950 characters and press save Jim crashes, plus data loss.

ID: 45309

Email – Body of email disappears when lots of attachments.

ID: 45266

Email – Email address gets duplicated in To/BCC/CC section when clicking on dropdown and not select an email.

ID: 45300

Preview – Insights on Debtors, Creditors and Advanced Creditors do not load.

ID: 45277

Documents – Links tab – Av when you press ESC key from documents link tab.

ID: 45276

Importing – Stock import is rounding PL fixed price to nearest cent set up in Options but not set up on stock level.

ID: 45274

Importing – Stock Vendor Pricing import is not grabbing foreign currency exchange rate on Sync.

ID: 45255

Importing – Stock Vendor import fails when no Vend Discount values.

ID: 45245

Auto Create Manf Job – Issue with auto create manufacturing job when manufacturing stock qty is in decimals.

ID: 45219

eBusiness Page Count – Meter reads that are set up as optional are behaving like required ones.

ID: 45386

CardFile – User stock location is not getting updated in JimCardFileUsrCompany table.


Build 8298 v4.4c

16 January 2023



D: 453335

Project Variations – Modify Create Initial Variation menu script to enable Create Variations from List.



ID: 45374

Auto Create PO – Auto Create PO and Procurement is setting the wrong Vend#.

ID: 45346

Auto Create PO – Lock Rate is ticked by default for foreign currency POs created by Auto Create Purchase Order.

ID: 44963

Reports – Print report to Xlsx data file doesn't include column headers.

ID: 45353

eBusiness – Review ePO scripts – check system mode global variable so test/training systems will not send ePOs.

ID: 45197

eBusiness – Vendor Feeds – Stock gets created with unit 'UNIT' even when default unit is set as 'EACH'.

ID: 43857

Jobs – Markup is not updating on-the fly when you change price.


Build 8294 v4.4c

21 December 2022



ID: 45319

Purchase – Access violation when changing PO from an Expense to a Purchase and entering stock.

ID: 45287

eBusiness – Last updated day is a day forward when using manual vendor stock Prices import.

ID: 45279

Reports – Picking slip pick qty using incorrect values

ID: 45263

Email – Attaching email to project and hitting Enter key when code is not valid produces error.


Build 8290 v4.4c

12 December 2022

ID: 45318

Meter Billing – Missing start read error can occur with implicit zero read, and then a new end and start read.

ID: 45269

Quotes – Markup is not updating correctly in kit header when changing quantity.


Build 8282 v4.4c

2 December 2022



ID: 45312

Reports – Delivery Note signing compatibility.

ID: 45305

CardFile – NZ support for NZBN needs to support 13 characters.

ID: 45303

eBusiness – Issue with vendor feed import not bringing in price breaks when importing via UI.

ID: 45301

eBusiness – Estimated cost is blank for vendor price breaks.

ID: 45102

Reports – Stock Value by Qty on Hand Estimate report problems.


Build 8277 v4.4c

16 November 2022



ID: 16767

Email – Add email rule to autolink email to a PO.

ID: 45151

Project Variations – Improve message when variation wants to create non updatable variation.

ID: 45091

Jes Config – Change disabled connector font to be the same as when module is disabled.

ID: 45238

Jes CM – Make Client ID Entry more intuitive.

ID: 45049

Reports – Make Project List – Meter Reading Report a system report.



ID: 44928

Job and Project lock rate is unticking itself when ticked and close/reopen object.

ID: 45268

Auto Create PO – Auto create PO does not set RateLocked flag for home currency PO.

ID: 45271

Intercompany – Job created from Intercompany PO doesn't have lock rate checked for home currency.

ID: 45281

Purchase – Single quote/apostrophe in Vend Inv # causing error.

ID: 45275

Project Variations – Difference between variation and current setup not detected.

ID: 45211

Billing Engine – Balancing Meter Import via MPS Connector, if Amount is Null, assume $0:00.

ID: 45210

Reports – Picking Slip reports ordering needs to be restored.

ID: 45270

Stock Picking – List sort order changes after entering picking qty.

ID: 45267

Project Variations – Access violation opening contract variation.

ID: 45243

EKM – EKM Consumable Job always has price = 0.

ID: 45242

Expense Orders – Error – General Journal not balanced when trying to finish with small amount in 4 decimal places.

ID: 45240

Stocktake – Editing attributed stock count and setting to zero issue.

ID: 45232

Email – FROM in email editor is displaying other database information when multiple DB's.

ID: 45231

Jobs – Add No to all button to confirmation prompt during/after stock availability run.

ID: 45227

Jobs – Ctrl + c in stock grid not behaving correctly with logout and login.

ID: 45206

Projects – Cannot create billing jobs from finished contracts.

ID: 45189

Projects – Improve column headings on Prepaid Transactions tab for MS prepaid contracts.

ID: 45183

Projects – Meter Read by Stock Tran not working for purchase order meters.

ID: 45180

Jobs – Wrong discount pop up comes up on changing stock qty.

ID: 45178

Jobs – Jim2 freezing on Invoicing a job when user has no security to sell committed.

ID: 45175

Assets – Export Asset data from Asset List doesn't display contract # if linked to multiple contracts.

ID: 45174

Stock – When specifying attributes for bin locations, there can be duplicate attribute sets.

ID: 45169

CardFile – Update to latest Postcodes.

ID: 45167

Email – UI treating ampersand in email sender as accelerator character.

ID: 45164

Database Issue – Historical invoices are not reporting cost for linked non depleting stock.

ID: 45154

Preview – Exception EAccessViolation in module Jim2Preview.exe.

ID: 45110

Projects – A Contract Start Read is still required against a disabled meter.

ID: 45104

Projects – Error: Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window when you go to Billed field using Enter key.

ID: 45095

Quotes – Markup is displaying some garbage numbers when stock qty is 0 and tax method is tax paid down.

ID: 45094

Project Templates – Do not allow to have a blank tax calc method when you set it to be value on this template.

ID: 45088

Quotes – Wrong message on quote when trying to link a finished contract.

ID: 45075

Warehousing – Packed POs return to Active mode if edited.

ID: 45074

Scripts – Script error 'TUser.DefBranch is not readable' when branch pricing is on.

ID: 45068

Documents – Add document from clipboard refresh error when adding to any JimObject when Document tab selected.

ID: 45064

Assets – Invalid class Typecast error on submitting asset start read as new read.

ID: 45038

Meter Billing – Variation incorrectly created with a start date when opening balance does not have a date.

ID: 45036

Do not allow renaming of Global Variable names.

ID: 45008

Reports – Add ability to run Asset reports both from the object and list.

ID: 45002

Business Engine – B2BIn Error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when creating job with template.

ID: 44993

Projects – Fix timeout issue when crediting invoice job from master (with many children) from billing history.

ID: 44976

eBusiness StockFeeds – Vendor stock feed not using currency/exchange rate from feed.

ID: 44920

Setups – Initial Setup Wizard should display 'I call Project' checkbox as 'I use Projects' or Enable Projects.

ID: 44901

Item List – Link to stock does not work.

ID: 44894

Schedule – 'Show Work Time' filter setting doesn't get saved.

ID: 44695

Stock – Cannot Ctrl-c copy from cxTreeList grids.

ID: 44552

Business Engine – Add Avg Bills to IProject and add LastBilled helper function.

ID: 43371

Jobs – Should not allow to enter more than the maximum characters in the Invoice and Fault Descriptions.

ID: 43081

Projects – Performance issues when connector is set to RecordRead.

ID: 42831

Assets – Converted Asset Start Read (ReadType=1) and Conversion Read (ReadType=2) should have null read date.


Build 8261 v4.4c

2 November 2022



ID: 45241

Include the release (view/branch #) in help about.



ID: 45250

Jobs – Unable to ready/invoice a job with special stock on backorder.

ID: 45249

Reports -– GV hide powered by Jim2 set to True is not hiding on Expense Order v2 report.


Build 8260 v4.4b

27 October 2022



ID: 45250

Jobs – Unable to ready/invoice a job with special stock on back order.


Build 8259 v4.4c

25 October 2022



ID: 45067

Meter Billing – You should be able to simply cancel a service meter not used in billing.



ID: 45239

Web API – Simple create quote API does not populate customer address invoice details.

ID: 45234

Web API – Invoice report API is broken.

ID: 45153

Web API – Be able to extract cardfile, quote, job in PDF format.

ID: 45224

Reports – Invoice v2 script failed to compile from Web Portal due to TDocLauncher.

ID: 45213

Reports – Manufacturing requirements report should include all stock that is required.

ID: 45176

Reports – Account Enquiry – Expanded view v2 missing $ signs at bottom of report.

ID: 45147

Reports – All v2 management reports heades not in correct position when not using default report colour.

ID: 45194

Meter Billing – Calculated one positive and one negative minimum charge for tax ex and tax inc.

ID: 45137

Meter Billing – Unexpected meter type for read, entering service read from job on mobile.

ID: 45128

Meter Billing – Incorrect read selected when billing from a list.

ID: 45182

JesM Photocopier – Unknown MeterRequiredValue.

ID: 45015

Projects – Asset Select – Wrong Groups window on Asset select .

ID: 45040

Projects – Issue with Templates Total on Project and Project list when it is using Promo pricing and tax % 0.

ID: 45015

Projects – Asset Select – Wrong Groups window on Asset select.

ID: 45033

Project Templates – Error running JimF_ObjWithStockTemplateEffectiveWithPricing when not home currency.

ID: 45114

Jobs – Hyperlink to view job total by home currency doesn't work on FINISH status.

ID: 45107

Jobs – Error general journal is not balanced when trying to invoice job with tiny amount in 4 decimal places.

ID: 37837

Jobs – When selecting project via Serial# no warning re:finished project/contract/machine.

ID: 45172

Jobs – Stock FIFO error when trying to invoice a job with static kit that has serialised stock.

ID: 45149

Jobs – Stock FIFO – Issue when selling stock with unit qty <> 1 inside package.

ID: 45062

Jobs – Stock location gets changed to logged user location when you select a contract and execute template.

ID: 45155

Business Engine – Inactive job status is still selectable on job.

ID: 45132

Business Engine – Error when saving CardFile which is not customer.

ID: 45179

Stock – Pricing tab – Last PO COGS cell should be read only.

ID: 45144

Options – General – Issue with Job Profit v2 reports printing all jobs when default report colour option is off.

ID: 45087

Update vendor UNIT to database upgrade when upgrading from v4.3 to v4.4.

ID: 44858

Update Script – Prevent upgrade to v4.4 from occurring if customer has MPS licensed.

ID: 45145

Purchase – Issue with attributed stock pricing when adding multiple stock lines using attribute matrix.

ID: 45131

Lists – Error on saving email published list when email folder name is more than 25 characters.

ID: 45115

Return From Customer – Cannot finish a non-strict RFC in a Multi-Company database when Cust# is SYS.

ID: 44788

Setups – Do not allow to change company start date when there are OB but company not set up on blank database.

ID: 45160

Warehousing – Stock bin is set to Unpacked even for locations that do not have warehouse management turned on.

ID: 45000

Somehow child meter read # 0 is being referenced, which causes problems for contract start reads.


Build 8254 v4.4b

20 October 2022


ID: 44858

Update script – Prevent upgrade to v4.4 from occurring if customer has MPS licensed.

ID: 45163

Jobs – Dispatch information no longer visible on Job Invoice Details.


Build 8242 v4.4b

29 September 2022


ID: 45209

Job List – Bulk updating status on manufacturing jobs is removing qty from Stock Qty By locations.


Build 8240 v4.4b

27 September, 2022



ID: 45182

JesM Photocopier – Unknown MeterRequiredValue on creating variation from master contract.

ID: 45172

Jobs – Stock FIFO error when trying to invoice a job with static kit that has serialised stock.

ID: 45145

Purchase – Issue with attributed stock pricing when adding multiple stock lines using attribute matrix.

ID: 45137

Meter Billing – Unexpected meter type for read, entering service read from job on mobile.

ID: 45000

Somehow child meter read # 0 is being referenced, which causes problems for contract start reads.


Build 8224 v4.4b

13 September 2022



ID: 45149

Stock FIFO – Issue when selling stock with unit qty <> 1 inside package.

ID: 45130

Scripts – Ricoh ePO script using postal address instead of delivery address.

ID: 45124

eBusiness Page Count – Ricoh Direct pricing doesn't work when machines are Tax Paid Down.

ID: 35378

Jobs List – Changing Job status from list is not updating stock committed qty when status exclude from committed.


Build 8221 v4.4c (Preview Release)


ID: 45140

Preview – Yields preview is not working in latest release.

ID: 35378

Jobs List – Changing job status from list is not updating stock committed qty when status exclude from committed.

ID: 45148

eBusiness StockFeeds – Assigning cost field fails with 'Nullable object must have a value' if not vendor discount.



Build 8217 v4.4 (Preview Release)

New Features

ID: 45113

Settlements – Instant Pay settlement import support.

ID: 44943

Scripting – Allow for custom processing following processing of vendor feed.

ID: 15650

Sales Register – Added new home currency Total Ex and Balance Due columns when MC on sell is enabled.


Build 8214 v4.4b

29 August 2022



ID: 45098

Jim2 freezing on Reserve/Ready/Invoice when trying to pick stock from another location.

ID: 45093

Jobs – Issue with special stock not getting unallocated from jobs.

ID: 45071

Remove check from Jim2 Upgrade for database that contains MS Prepaid Labour type contracts.

ID: 45085

Meter Billing – Future dated meters can't be billed by engine.

ID: 44884

Reports – Stock Aging v2 report showing label instead of month and cannot email.

ID: 44859

Reports – Job List – required stock for jobs report not displaying attributes.

ID: 45103

Reports – PO v2 report layout changes.

ID: 45086

Reports – Job v2 reports not calculating totals correctly


Build 8213 v4.4c (Preview Release)

29 August 2022


New Feature

ID: 45080

Cardfiles – Create job and create quote shortcuts from cardfile.



ID: 40299

CardFile – Make Parent Card# field a hyperlink.

ID: 45067

Meter Billing – You should be able to simply cancel a service meter not used in billing.


Build 8208 v4.4b

10 August 2022



ID: 45079

Meter Billing – Balancing meter input control not visible when balancing meter is set up.

ID: 45078

JesM Photocopier – Fix issue when billing where non primary read page source number is also a meter type number.

ID: 45077

Importing – Project Finance Import – Should allow to do finance import for standalone machines.

ID: 45076

Importing – Project import sync is complaining about Report Level not being an integer value.


Build 8204 v4.4b

5 August 2022



ID: 44942

Reports – Hide residential checkboxes on Dispatch ( and picking) reports.



ID: 45066

Jobs – Jim2 sometimes freezing when invoicing a job with stock in advance.

ID: 45017

Purchase – Error Stock Line Id not found when adding stock to purchase order.

ID: 45051

Meter Billing – Meter type is valid for the Item but it was not included in the start read.

ID: 44875

Meter Billing – Calculated meters should not be persisted with MeterReadCapture =        Submission or OpenClose.

ID: 45042

Stock FIFO – Issue when picking serial on sell stock from multiple bins.

ID: 45039

CardFile – Residential checkboxes should be filled by default when adding a new cardfile.

ID: 45004

Reports – Bank Deposit Slip for Banking Sessions displays default company details in Multi-Company database.

ID: 45018

Reports – Emailing Statement from Debtor, Subject is using Company details from Tools – Options.

ID: 45013

Reports – Stock Value by Qty on Hand report is displaying wrong total value.

ID: 45044

Reports – Cheque Remittance reports not showing total area.

ID: 44933

Assets – Add purchase price (Excl) to Asset.

ID: 45019

Projects – Email Password Script not working.

ID: 44989

Importing – Asset Import – Request By field is not populating data until you view an Asset.

ID: 44959

Meter Billing – Access Violation billing contract if only reads after next bill date exist.

ID: 44878

Invoicing – Don't show system attributes on invoices.

ID: 45012

Packaging – Out of sync with header error when reserving packages.

ID: 44965

Stock List – Stock List Sold Qty doubles when adding vendor/vendor stock to the filter.

ID: 44982

Stock – Purchase price from vendor does not match on selected currency.

ID: 44981

Jobs – Issue saving job with 'Incorrect syntax near the keyword AND'.

ID: 44939

Bulk Payments – Import – Unable to import spreadsheet with date.


Build 8207 v4.4c (Preview Release)

3 August 2022


New Features

ID: 44757

Stock – Support WYSIWIG Stock Description.

ID: 44779

Allow importing of vendor pricing via Jim2 UI.

ID: 41340

Email – Support for Google Workspace for Gmail email access.

ID: 4658

Invoicing – Method to not print for invoicing on $0 jobs.

ID: 44899

Stock – Added Parent Stock Code.

ID: 44978

Web API – Be able to queue requests via the B2B queue.

ID: 44898

Purchase – Added Priority and estimated date of departure on PO.



ID: 44797

Stock – Cost & margin Estimates based on Vendor Buy Breaks

ID: 44936

Stock Procurement – Procurement should sort by StockCode and Rank

ID: 35323

Email – See who marked an email as read & unread and when

ID: 44827

Jes – Improvements around report server memory usage

ID: 43909

Auto Create PO – New option to exclude stock from stock on hand that are sitting on ready/reserved jobs.

ID: 5061

User Interface – Warehousing icon is enabled on the ribbon when it is not licensed.


Build 8158 v4.4b

4 August 2022



ID: 44990

eBusiness stock feeds – Fix Ingram stock feed mapping.

ID: 44979

Reports – Proforma Invoice v1 report has line intersecting totals when company memo is exactly 5 lines.

ID: 44966

Stock – Stock transaction shows sale as committed when the job is invoiced with stock on back order.


Build 8156 v4.4b

4 July 2022



ID: 44961

Meter Billing – Contract Start Read Error 'ReadType' cannot appear more than once if content model type is all.

ID: 44960

Billing Engine – Billing from List Variation Action 'Update Existing...' uses last variation before generating new one.

ID: 44955

Projects – Managed service contracts are not creating Assets when converting to 4.4, and all serials missing.

ID: 44935

Job List – Issue when running job list from Mobile containing grouped fields.

ID: 44929

Projects – Billing from List – if Cust# card is not active, no error appears and Project skips billing.

ID: 44909

Billing Engine–DB Upgrade converts calculated meters to 'meter' based instead of correct 'stock #' based.

ID: 44869

Meter Billing – Error rebilling when contract contains calculated meter.

ID: 44864

Projects – Project Security prevents recording service meter reads in Mobile.

ID: 44836

Meter Billing – Changes to meter type names are not saved to the database. Should be able to Ctrl Delete Calc.

ID: 44813

Opening balance estimate unders in v4.3 not converted to standard attribute estimate in v4.4 upgrade.

ID: 43699

Project Templates – Template not grabbing stock description on template when stock has 2 units and second unit is in use.

ID: 44952

Reports – Print to Excel data file columns order do not match PDF's


Build 8152 v4.4b

24 June 2022



ID: 44952

Jim2 – Reports – Print to Excel Data file columns on order do not match PDFs.

ID: 44935

Jes (Jim2 eBusiness Server – Issue when running job list from mobile containing grouped fields.

ID: 44947

Jim2 – Electronic Payments – NZDirect lodgement reference is deleted on file generation.


Build 8150 v4.4b

20 June 2022



ID: 44526

Electronic Payments – Set new indicator in ABA files.



ID: 44938

JSONAPI – Qty from JSON request is not passed through to quote.

ID: 44918

Back Orders – Can't back order manufacturing stock that does not have 'Buy in' ticked.


Build 8144 v4.4b

10 June 2022



ID: 44852

eBusiness – Stock feed email rule fails with Object Ref not set to an instance of object.

ID: 44927

Business Engine – Error in Stock FIFO: Unexpected error: Invalid field type 'System.DBNull' for conversion to boolean.

ID: 44739

Reports – PO with Pricing v1 and v2 not including freight.

ID: 44683

Reports – Stock Profit reports (both version 1 an 2) show Dockets only in report header when filter by Return.

ID: 43331

Meter Billing – A mid month estimate is ignored if the billing is submitted as a no read.

ID: 43290

Meter Billing – Replace meter read should only be able to cancel reads that are able to be cancelled.

ID: 42942

JesM Photocopier – Standalone child prepaid meters ignored.


Build 8138 v4.4b

8 June 2022



ID: 44844

Jobs List – Item Desc in job list not grabbing from job Item Desc.

ID: 44907

Jobs List – Fix issue where list generation fails with ambiguous column InvNo.

ID: 44897

Web API – quotecreate does not handle attributes like job, and ignores pricing.

ID: 44820

Purchase – Error Stock line ID not found when you clear stock lines and try to select attributes again on line 1.

ID: 44756

Purchase – Issue with attributed stock pricing when adding multiple stock lines using attribute matrix.

ID: 36738

Watchouts – Watchouts on auto create PO or Stock Procurement don't add to comments grid on PO.


Build 8134 v4.4b

3 June 2022



ID: 44887

Reports – Purchase Order v2 report has total summary when it shouldn't.

ID: 44886

Reports – Purchase order v2 show only relevant PO number.

ID: 44885

Reports – Purchase Order v2 hide labels for empty contact fields.

ID: 44862

Reports – Sales Register reports Stock Cost not adding up.

ID: 43715

Reports – Sales Register v2 report – Error in summary when trying to email.


Build 8132 v4.4b

1 June 2022



ID: 44840

Web API – Add support for attribute templates to simple create job.



ID: 44888

Debtors – UI for SubBranch and GL Dept needs to be fixed.

ID: 44880

Account Enquiry – GL Dept is not displayed when default option is set to Use in Cheque and General Journal only.

ID: 44876

Jobs – Editing B2BIn Jobs is clearing address details when customer cardfile has no address.

ID: 44861

Web API – Updating a contract to change weblogon without updating password causes object reference error.

ID: 44881

Web API – PriceTP in create simple job is put to PriceTF.

ID: 44828

Projects – Menu script to create initial variation from a Project List.

ID: 44842

Purchase – Creating Assets using PO Create Assets Button is not moving the next number forward.

ID: 44407

Reports – Print to file the Stock Valuation By COGS report in XLS saves blank files.



Build 8091 v4.4b

24 May 2022


New Features

ID: 44749

Reports – Include Meter Reading Spreadsheet Report with Standard Meter Invoices.

ID: 44731

Jobs – Split Company Name from Address field on Invoice Details with Address Type flag.



ID: 44823

Meter Billing – Add implicit zero start read for meters so that reads for other meters can be recorded immediately.

ID: 44708

Importing – Improved stock import .

ID: 44707

Stock – Change label for list price on vendor tab grid to Vendor List Price.

ID: 44702

eBusiness – Make the B2B queue unlicensed.

ID: 44678

Projects – Speed up code that determines if next bill date can be edited for a project.

ID: 44312

Advanced Creditors – Add Contract Group filter to Advanced Creditors.

ID: 1260

Jobs – Picking Slip Report – separate kits when more than one kit.



ID: 44852

eBusiness – Stock feed email rule fails with Object Ref not set to an instance of object.

ID: 44851

Invoicing – Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'ProjectNo', table '@RecentJobProjects'.

ID: 44849

ReportServer error when logos by Sub Branch.

ID: 44845

Reports – Ensure Address Formatting includes all info (suburb, postcode, etc.) for all Pick and Delivery rep.

ID: 44839

Meter Billing – Meter Required incorrect when entering contract read in database with total calculated meters.

ID: 44838

Meter Billing – Add service read incorrectly requiring meter type, even though it is set to optional.

ID: 44837

Database conversion incorrect for Total Black and Total Colour (Calculated) meters.

ID: 44848

Projects – Fix issue where projects not linked to asset but has meters cannot bill.

ID: 44846

Quotes – Cannot add virtual stock to a quote.

ID: 44818

Meter Billing – Invoice layout appears Incorrect when estimates are clawed back.

ID: 44831

Quotes – Error when mouse move in the cost column.

ID: 44826

Quotes – Creating a quote from job is not releasing the locks on quote.

ID: 44829

Jobs List – Jobs with unread emails are not in bold when Unread Email column is hidden.

ID: 44824

Scripts – Scheduled scripts do not run at scheduled time.

ID: 44804

Stock – Vendor stock code unit does not change when buy in unit changed.

ID: 44803

Stock – Vendor last cost doesn't multiply by measure unit quantity when changing unit buy in.

ID: 44809

Jobs List – Job List – If field is based on a conditional and the conditional is not met use NULL as Value.

ID: 44808

Jobs List – Job List Filter not correctly filtering when using inverted filter on fields with null values.

ID: 44807

Jobs List – Job List Filter not correctly filtering using Status Overdue and Due Date Overdue.

ID: 44802

Importing – Stock Import Sync is wrongly updating Estimated Cost on Vendor pricing.

ID: 44805

JesM Photocopier – Object reference not set to an instance when opening job with service stock on mobile.

ID: 44801

Meter Billing – Able to submit a meter read with the same date as Assets start read.

ID: 44796

Bulk Payments – Debtors Invoice window is throwing error on selecting invoices.

ID: 44794

Manufacturing – When finishing manufacturing job, if you type '00' for linked job it will link to Job #0.

ID: 44787

Reports – Add data file export functionality to all reports.

ID: 44782

Stock – Contracts tab missing when adding new stock with MS only licence.

ID: 44781

Reports – PO v2 reports missing footer information.

ID: 44776

Reports – Bank Reconciliation reports not counting open balances.

ID: 44774

Meter Billing – Record read has problems about requiring a variation in some situations.

ID: 44772

Reports – Include Estimate in stock value reports.

ID: 44771

Budgets – Error running budget list if branch/subbranch/GL Dept is not used and not Multi-Company database.

ID: 44767

Stock Picking – Error message when testing stock picking with pre–picked serials from multiple bins.

ID: 44766

Electronic Payments – Issue with Bank File NZ_ASBFastnet in csv format when Lodgement ref has        ','.

ID: 44765

Projects – Prepaid Labour – Issue with Variation getting created with a start date.

ID: 44761

Purchase – Issue with dragging the vendor around on Vendor tab.

ID: 44759

Reports – job v2 report displaying wrong total.

ID: 44750

Cheque – Branch not found error on saving PO in a different company when you open a cheque in another company.

ID: 44743

Preview – EKM Preview – The link from the preview pane is not going to the correct site from the monitor name.

ID: 44740

Projects – Billing History Stock Tran incorrectly includes estimated opening balance.

ID: 44717

Reports – Need to add a Price Template field to Stock List – Export report.

ID: 44715

Purchase – Stock Price changes from manually entered price to last PO price on changing qty.

ID: 44706

Scripts – If qty received does not match the UOM qty then change UOM qty to Base Unit for the stock line.

ID: 44701

Stock Procurement – Error right click on Procurement – Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr).

ID: 44700

Scripts – Hints to show object name and property editor no longer show.

ID: 44687

Auto Create PO – Auto create PO allows you to order stock that is only for selling.

ID: 44685

User Interface – Update include screenshot label to mention All screens and hint on OK button.

ID: 44677

Auto Create PO – Auto create PO fails on Add to existing PO when Vend# and Ship# are same.

ID: 44672

Stock Adjustment – Divide by zero error when default option is Use FIFO.

ID: 44665

Importing – Updating measure unit using stock import is not updating/refreshing unit on vendor pricing .

ID: 44642

Stock that has meter type requiring attributes should convert even if not on meter setup.

ID: 44580

Groups – Memory leak when creating groups.

ID: 44572

Meter Billing – Script to correct problems with JimStockTran for non depleting and journal stock.

ID: 44547

Reports – Cheque Remittance from List Include Related Allocations is completely lacking its function.

ID: 44491

Projects – On a Master, when Create Similar, the options to Create Contract End and Start Reads are not working.

ID: 44457

Projects – Contract Start Reads should not care what the current bill date is for the contract.

ID: 44393

Project Variations – Fin.Ref should be editable for the most recent/current variation.

ID: 44362

Meter Billing – Memory Leaks when previewing billing.

ID: 44351

Project Templates – Timeouts searching by Item # (and possibly also Card# etc) from Project Template Search.

ID: 44350

Upgrade should back fill meter billing jobs / purchases stock attribute for overs and normal.

ID: 44323

Stock Procurement – Error 'Couldn't find Key for Object' when you untick Transfer option on stock grid.

ID: 44277

Email – Cheque Remittance from List v2 not picking up email template when using auto send on email.

ID: 44170

Reports – Machine Detailed v2 report is displaying multiple machines data.

ID: 43760

Quotes – Do not allow to exit out of stock code field when you type '.'        or space in the stock code field.

ID: 43165

Reports – Invoice reports to pick Cust Attn Phone/Mobile from Job invoice details section.

ID: 43132

Reports – Timeout errors when running Sales Register report.

ID: 44785

Business Engine – Add security to view/edit projects and other users' security.

ID: 44784

Stock – Create Similar Stock still copies across Procurement details even if you don't select Procurement.

ID: 44735

Reports – PO with pricing v1 is displaying some odd values near notes.


Build 8043 v4.4b

5 April 2022



ID: 44599

Debtors – Restore age by period option, make statement report options consistent with UI.

ID: 44731

Meter Billing – Give users the ability to change what day of the month a particular contract is billed.

ID: 44563

Projects – MPS – Prevent use of advances.

ID: 44752

Settlements – Paypal for Business support in Settlements.



ID: 44783

Quotes List – Need to display source for B2BIn on Quotes List.

ID: 44742

Email – Mouse scroll wheel adds email to To/CC/BCC without having cursor in the field.

ID: 44738

Purchase – Vendor unit price pop up still changes price when you click No to update.

ID: 44714

Email – Mac RDP. When copying text from Notepad and placing it into the email body, nothing pastes in.

ID: 44763

Business Engine – Issue with order created from B2B In, in kitting from different warehouses.

ID: 44754

Stock – Divide by zero error when opening stock.

ID: 44748

Invoicing – Error printing invoice that contains machine contract that does not have an asset.

ID: 44732

Meter Billing – Rebilling MPS with kits doesn't reconfirm a rebilling of a job correctly if it contains kits.

ID: 44709

Jobs –        Inactive users should not appear in the Name dropdown list.

ID: 44686

Stock – Vendor Tab – Jim2 should let you clear value and leave it blank from Vendor RRP.


Build 8027

18 March 2022



ID: 44627

Schedule – Dragging a recurring task (any kind) to another resource does not remove previous task.

ID: 44736

Debtors – Debtors current column missing value in debtors as of.

ID: 44724

Jobs – Job shows 0.02 prepaid balance after unprinting.

ID: 44372

Reports – Proforma Invoice v2 from job list is showing price ex when the price is price inc.


Build 8019

9 March 2022



ID: 44720

Invoicing – Forex realisation transaction is created if applying FC credit during invoicing.

ID: 44718

Creditors – Debtors/Creditors – Backdating a payment is applying discount amount with a rounding error.

ID: 44498

Invoicing – Do not allow to reverse payment when unprinting an Invoice and Bank Deposit is in Edit mode.

ID: 43575

Reports – Stock List – Export report is dropping the leading 0s in barcode.


Build 8009

25 February 2022


ID: 44713

Jobs – Auto create manufacturing Job is multiplying qty by qty.

ID: 44699

Stock – Ensure that Leave Unders Open, Estimate & No Read stock can't have a meter type set.

ID: 44711

Business Engine – Purchase – Save updatable fields. PartShip/RecDate/VendInvNo/PODesc/TaxPaid/CurrencyNo/ExchRate)

ID: 44710

Jes CM – When trying to set up a new access ID, the configuration manager locks up.

ID: 44705

Fix cache memory leak in Billing engine.


Build 7997 v4.4b

11 February 2022



ID: 43905

Meter Billing – Credits where meter billing previously performed on different variation.

ID: 44639

Add preview ability for Stock Adjustment and Transfer.



ID: 44673

Meter Billing – Estimate incorrectly reversed in some circumstances.

ID: 44656

Meter Billing – Inconsistency with purchase order stock counts for meter billing.

ID: 44684

Meter Billing – Cannot insert value null into AssetNo when reprinting invoice.

ID: 43776

Meter Billing – Minimum volume when billing periodically in advance for period incorrectly calculates volume.

ID: 42936

Projects – Project meter setups can have counter # updated incorrectly if master added afterwards.

ID: 44578

Projects – Error Invalid class typecast when SQL Driver SQLSRV32.DLL and you open a contract with Finance tab.

ID: 44679

Lists – List counters are showing as 0 on mobile.

ID: 44663

Email – Page Request macros are duplicating data.

ID: 44651

Importing – Import Project to link to an existing Asset. Export Project Data to Include Asset Code.

ID: 44650

Quotes – Issue with GP% on quote stock line not matching profit on quote total when tax paid down.

ID: 44634

GST – By Tax – Total seems to be different when the grid is grouped and filtered by using find panel.

ID: 44611

Reports – Stock Valuation by COGS report should display stock under correct Branch when it's been transferred.

ID: 44595

Quotes – Quote Cust Attention is wrong in email macro when Attn field is set on quote.

ID: 44591

Jobs – Job and quote invoice ship email address cannot be removed.

ID: 44583

Auto Create PO – Error on order when Summarise Stock option is ticked and there is special stock.

ID: 44550

Purchase List – Pinned/published purchase list filtered by Vend Group is not displaying any data.

ID: 44518

eBusiness Page Count – Handle billing child with only PO Base Charge Meter.

ID: 44504

Documents – add image on mobile (old or new app) you can't view that image on desktop

ID: 44502

Jobs – Documents and Notes not visible from Mobile on manufacturing Jobs.

ID: 44463

Invoicing – Cash option is sometimes disabled on invoice window when doing FC payments on FC jobs.

ID: 43856

Creditors – Creditors and Debtors – Cardcode field should be read only in edit mode.


Build 7979 v4.4b

31 January 2022



ID: 44485

Warning re dropping support for SQL Version 2012 and 2014.

ID: 44664

Reports – Add Weight to Job Picking Slip and Quote system scripts.



ID: 44666

Cheque – Increase cheque amount limit to 12 digits.

ID: 44472

Reports – Contract List – Service History by Month report latest version needs to check in to 4.4b.

ID: 44660

Stock – Adding a 4 digit value in Qty >= field on Stock > Vendor tab adds a comma and Jim2 does not accept it.

ID: 44643

Meter Billing – Incorrect opening read when contract has previously had read recorded, but not billed.

ID: 44641

4.4 Upgrade – Negative opening balance or 3rd party meters > first read cause problems.

ID: 44635

Stock – Meter stock codes that require attributes should have data backfilled and Attributes turned on.

ID: 44631

Meter Billing – Provide better error message when meter setup has duplicate stock codes.

ID: 44621

Stock – Yield type drum (colour selectable) trying to make attribute not required on save.

ID: 44573

Project Variations – Variations should not check Meter 'CounterNo'. Users have no control over that field.

ID: 44530

Auto Create PO – Do not show a recalculate price pop up if there are no price breaks.

ID: 44456

Projects – Allow in Jes Project option 'Ignore Missing Meters' to be written to. Currently Read Only.

ID: 44275

Project Variations – Need to add deal type to the variation updatable list.


Build 7961 v4.4b

19 January 2021



ID: 44506

CardFiles – Support NZ states and postcodes.

ID: 44136

CardFiles – Update Australian postcodes in Jim2.



ID: 44659

General Ledger – Increase open balance to 12 digits.

ID: 44654

Bank Feeds – AV when saving debtor that was opened from bank feeds and user closes bank feeds.

ID: 44216

Reports – Invoicecommercial v2 error when printing.

ID: 44653

Reports – EFT Remittance v2 and Cheque Remittance v1and& v2 totals counting some payments twice.

ID: 44645

Reports – Invoiceservicesale V2 stock columns misaligned.

ID: 44495

Reports – Management reports > System – Recently Updated Objects report is throwing error for modified stock.

ID: 44399

Reports – Debtors/Creditors – Transaction History report is not Multi-Company aware.

ID: 44649

Projects – Issue with Acc.Mgr field auto populating from CardFile even when you remove it from Project.

ID: 44648

Preview – Contract Payment Insights Preview Pane showing invoices multiple times.

ID: 44647

Options – Show 'Set stock bin to Packing' in blue colour indicating station level setting.

ID: 44646

Projects – Create Similar on Master contract doesn't work when you select Notes on copy fields window.


Jim2 v4.4b Build 7955

18 January 2021


ID: 44590

Meter Billing – Add ability to optionally advance next bill date when only billing jobs or only billing POs.

ID: 43685

Meter Billing – Ability to enter an amount for minimum volume to accommodate Rebates.

ID: 43749

Meter Billing – Surface option to allow missing opening balance.

ID: 44036

Project Variations – Allow deletion of unused variations.

ID: 34092

Projects – MPS enhancement client request – Finance Information Tab.

ID: 43861

Meter Billing – Allow only purchase orders, or only jobs (or both) to be calculated.

ID: 43846

Project Variations – Give more details about what variations might be required.

ID: 43764

Projects – Create Similar from Master needs to bring Deal type across too.

ID: 33931

Projects – Comment section doesn't show that there is need to scroll down for multi–line comment

ID: 43918

Project Templates – Don't prompt to add missing opening balances if 'allow missing opening balance' is on in Options.

ID: 43012

Stock – Add Finance Service charge types for Base, Min and Balancing Meters.

ID: 17899

Projects – Add the project object as an available object filter in Email Folder Lists.

ID: 43541

Assets – Asset List Improvements.

ID: 43677

Purchase – Create Asset from Received PO.

ID: 44592

WebAPI: Add support for CardFile contact in simple card file create.

ID: 44431

WebAPI: Simple CardFile create support for creating web logon Ids.

ID: 44490

WebAPI: support for web logons in JSON API support for creating/updating contacts.

ID: 42570

Jobs List – Strip invalid characters when copying and pasting.

ID: 44517

Bank Feeds – Amex for Business statement import.

ID: 44270

Options – Allow any company name to be entered into Options.

ID: 44426

Email – Allow Email Macro to select Item Note by type and hyperlink it.

ID: 44470

Reports – Add as a system report – Stock List – Stock Yield.

ID: 44213

Security – Added interface with the view on mocking when testing object that uses security.

ID: 44172

Help – Add link to Happen's UserVoice into Jim2.

ID: 43822

Advanced Creditors – Add ability to group payments by vendor.

ID: 43811

Electronic Payments – ABA file improvements – better default lodgement reference, allow remitter to be set by scripting.

ID: 43768

eBusiness StockFeeds – Stock feed processing fails if server returns invalid content disposition in URLdownload.

ID: 43256

eBusiness – Improve the ability to filter/search eBusiness transactions (in and out).

ID: 44118

Business Engine – Support the update and editing of more fields for Project via the business engine.

ID: 43660

Scripts – Give script ability to lock all objects in a list.

ID: 43556

Scripts – Add Spreadsheet support for server–side scripts.

ID: 41402

Scripts – The summary section in invoices, jobs, purchase orders will be auto–generated.

ID: 43937

Scripts – Add ability in StarTrack to use cubic meters.

ID: 44412

Restore – Speed up check to see whether database can be dropped from the Jim2 Server Console.


Build 7728

21st October 2021



ID: 44137

Settlements – Braintree support.

ID: 44136

Settlements – Paypal support.

ID: 44103

Settlements – Afterpay support.



ID: 44178

Invoicing – Advanced warehousing auto pick and picking status option set invoiced jobs' status to other than Finish.

ID: 44076

Bank Feeds – Company is not set from bank account when creating payment.

ID: 44023

Bank Feeds – Cardcode does not specify warning when creating debtor payment for active job.

ID: 44022

Expense Orders – Applying expenses by weight when weight is not set for stock on PO does not move to expense on PO account.


Build 7706

Monday 23 August 2021



ID: 44103

Bank Feeds – Afterpay support.

ID: 44136

Bank Feeds – Paypal support.

ID: 44137

Bank Feeds – Braintree support.



ID: 44023

Bank Feeds – Cardcode not specified warning when creating debtor payment for active job.

ID: 44076

Bank Feeds – Company is not set from bank account when creating payments.

ID: 44163

Settlements – Settlements is auto matching transactions for all merchants, even when filtering by merchant.

ID: 44025

Expense Orders – Error, Branch required when applying expense to multi-level manufacturing and P&L account used for manufacturing offset.

ID: 44047

Intercompany – COGS are reversed when unprinting intercompany invoice.

ID: 44055

Intercompany – All intercompany sales transactions updated when creating intercompany PO.


Build 7604

Wednesday 23 June 2021


New Features

ID: 43833

Bank Feeds – Match bank statement record to Electronic Payment session.



ID: 43837

Bank Feeds – New button 'Unmatch All'.

ID: 43910

Bank Feeds – New improvement – show Epay# and allow to clear processed flag.

ID: 43903

Bank Feeds – Ability to create debtor/creditor refunds.

ID: 43835

Electronic Payments – Show reversed payments in exported electronic payments session.

ID: 43834

Bank Feeds – New option 'Auto match records after importing bank feed'.

ID: 43843

Bank Feeds – Credit card statement import in Bank Feeds.

ID: 43840

Bank Feeds – ASB Fastnet bank feed.

ID: 43838

Debtors – Warning message if reverting payment which is in an Electronic Payments session.

ID: 43836

Debtors – Don't allow to delete payment if in an Electronic Payments session.



ID: 43957

Business Engine – Invoiced jobs can be edited from Jes.

ID: 43946

Settlements – eWay and Tyro matching debit to credit and during import.

ID: 43886

Bank Feeds – Auto match is matching credit to debit and vice versa if amounts are the same.

ID: 43775

Assets – Asset Req To field is adding multiple email addresses.

ID: 43941

Close Financial Year – Can't close financial year if Historical Balancing account balance is greater than half a cent.

ID: 43661

Reports – InvoiceSale (Landscape) v2 error when emailing.



Build 7594

Thursday 10 June 2021



ID: 43873

Preview – Image preview spikes CPU.

ID: 43897

Business Engine – Reinstate Before Save event for custom modules to hook.

ID: 43423

Schedule – Users who are not on a series task, their occurrence is disappearing.

ID: 43844

Projects – Template links disappear when editing and saving a contract with display hierarchy Action group.

ID: 43577

Preview – Issue with right click dialog on cardfile transaction and Insight preview.


Build 7588

Monday 17 May 2021


Scripting Engine Improvements

ID: 43831

Scripts – Cannot attach events to csDataController.

ID: 43763

Scripts – AV in Script Designer when deleting csGrid.

ID: 43825

Purchase – Include the ePO params to script when in CheckOKToSendPO.



ID: 43848

Manufacturing – Manufacturing stock is grouping when there is a linked stock and you change quantity in the header.

ID: 43817

Differentiate between Cloud and On Premises Licence Agreement.

ID: 43748

Projects – Fixed error on Yields tab.


Build 7570

Monday 17 May 2021



ID: 43619

Bank Feeds – Now support St George and ASB Bank.



ID: 43807

Bank Feeds – Tax code not set when creating general journal from bank feeds.

ID: 43806

Bank Feeds – Creating cheque/deposit without cardfile sets random card address.

ID: 43803

Bank Feeds – Create Payments screen allows inactive card selection.

ID: 43745

Bank Feeds – Matching issue if statement has multiple rows with same amount.

ID: 43790

Options – Enable Bank Feeds and options without global variable.

ID: 43797

Stock Picking – Error when scanning Job# prior to scanning stock code.

ID: 43077

EKM – Jes defaults for EKM Insights module.

ID: 43601

Projects – Project List – Show more items in the Contract control dropdown.

ID: 43600

Projects – Billing history to show period and be grouped by period desc. as default.

ID: 43522

Projects – Fix issue where Asset tab no longer being hidden for projects with no assets.

ID: 43700

Project Templates – Child overridden meter ignored if child has not been billed.

ID: 43739

Projects – Constraint violation when viewing project billing history when same return used for multiple POs.

ID: 43723

Project Variations – Meter setup missing from active variation.

ID: 37885

Scripts – Fix for Job List – Required Stock for Jobs.

ID: 43740

Serial Numbers – Duplicated stock transactions error when selling serial with attributes.

ID: 43539

eBusiness Connect – Quotes created from B2BIn are not storing customer address in JimQuoteAddr table.

ID: 43499

Jobs        – Linked Jobs tab showing Quote# when Show Quote# instead of ExJob#.


Build 7520

Friday 23 April 2021



ID: 43513

Add command line parameter to enable unit crash monitor.



ID: 43648

Invoicing – Fix issue where Jim2 closes when batch invoicing large contracts.

ID: 43659

Project Variations – Changes to start and end date of meter not detected as requiring new variation.

ID: 43671

Managed Services – Consumable Preview – Coverage is calculated incorrectly when last consumable job has Qty > 1.


Build 7494

Monday 22 March 2021



ID: 43514

Email – Added additional Note type macros.

ID: 43569

Jobs – Added ability for script to calculate stock availability..

ID: 43567

Jobs – Added ability from script to suppress superseded stock dialog.



ID: 43572

Business Engine – Stock cost not being added to jobs and quotes when created from B2BIn mobile.

ID: 43553

Reports – Cheque Remittance from list report is not using 'Email Creditors' type contact when you auto send.

ID: 43464

Assets – Added Show All Meters checkbox in Asset read preview.

ID: 43459

Assets – Link received reads to Meter Ref No when adding an asset start read.

ID: 43131

Jobs – Stock price rounding issue on reports for billing jobs.

ID: 43552

JesM Photocopier – Fix issue 'There is a balancing meter but no balance total was supplied'.


Build 7481

Thursday 12 March 2021



ID: 43561

Bank Feeds – Auto matching only matches bank statement, not Jim2 transaction.

ID: 43544

Project Variations – Allow variation to be updated if Meter Required field changes.


Build 7479

Monday 8 March 2021



ID: 43528

Stock – Ability to locate stock by GTI Number.

ID: 43500

Meter Billing – Remove Variation Clawback Types.



ID: 43529

Scripts – Cannot schedule server side scripts by week and certain days.

ID: 43493

Manufacturing – Similar stock on manufacturing job is now grouping together.

ID: 43465

Serial Numbers – Serial# with ' (apostrophe) causing error.

ID: 43362

Bank Feeds – Same bank can have different import file formats depending on bank account type.

ID: 43507

Bank Feeds – Can't match payments if journal has multiple transactions for the same account.

ID: 43406

Reports – Re–added Stock Profit by Ship detailed and summary reports.

ID: 43402

Reports – Stock List – Unit Sales Over 12 Months report throws error.

ID: 43022

POS – Error when saving PCEftpos transaction.


Build 7465

Tuesday 23 February 2021



ID: 43495

Options – Banking – Payment Type – Error when adding a new payment type without a Merchant ID.

ID:        43129

Project Templates – Deleting kits in certain methods can cause problems.

ID: 42856

Project Templates – Error when trying to insert a new line within a kit.

ID: 43418

Jobs – Stock code is sometimes removed when entering stock select then cancelling out of the window.

ID: 43251

Email – Ctrl–n wipes out email without any confirmation prompt.

ID: 43484

JSONAPI – API – Add price to stock on jobs.

ID: 43481

Search – Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Integer).

ID: 43479

Expense Orders – Error unprinting expense order that is linked to a purchase order.

ID: 43461

Importing – Item Meter Import – Cannot import meters of type 'Service Meter Optional'.

ID: 43460

Settlements – Error when InvoiceNo is selected in Match rules for eWay.

ID: 43452

Reports – Duplicate data in debtors transaction history reports.


Build 7453

Thursday 11 February 2021



ID: 43456

Bank Feeds – Confirming matches in settlement doesn't tick refunds in banking.

ID: 43455

Bank Feeds – Manual feed match doesn't work, even if amounts are the same.

ID: 43453

Invoicing – Fix issue where reprinting invoice for jobs created before initial variation.

ID: 43445

Assets – Error on Asset list when you group by any field.

ID: 43444

EKM – Fix issue where consumable jobs request fails with 'sequence contains no elements' if no stock.

ID: 43441

Projects – Billing fails when billing advances only, after adding new asset.

ID: 43431

Scripts – Scripting UI not showing Weekly and Repeat options when viewing.

ID: 43429

Project Variations – Ability to update variation issue.

ID: 43428

Project Variations – Unstamped variations not previewing new details. Not billing new details.

ID: 43427

Options – Display home country on address still displays home country on invoice reports if option is unticked.

ID: 43424

Preview – CardFile Spend – Job list created from Item total adds a job type filter.

ID: 43414

Projects – Tools > Options > Machines > Warn and Error if reads older than XX Days needs Check Contract Meters.

ID: 43385

Projects – Rename Meter Trans to Billing History and make it clearer what the history shows.

ID: 43383

Projects – Fix issue where arrears unders caused error if advanced unders were billed on different variation.

ID: 43382

Project Variations – Allow change of Hide On Inv check boxes in meter setup to update variation.

ID: 43381

Projects – Allow re–sequence of contract–related stock items.

ID: 43373

Assets – Fix issue where invoice/active job tabs Add Jobs caption does not change if I call Job changes.

ID: 43369

Project Variations – Rename Cont. Ref field to Fin Ref.

ID: 43440

Meter Billing – Constraint violation billing quantity–based meter CHK_JimMeterRead_MeterTypeSpecifiesEitherMeterRead.

ID: 43384

Projects – Meter Setup Wizard – Problem found with duplicate billing setup when searching by ID or Stock #.

ID: 43377

Projects – Fix logic around charge type periods and ability to validate meter setup correctly.

ID: 43316

Project Variations – Script to add dynamic pricing to meters has flaw with variation order.

ID: 43259

Projects – Meter Setup – Jim2 becomes stuck in loop of errors when you skip Cal Type field and enter the Meter Type.


Build 7441

Friday 29 January 2021



ID: 43404

Bank Feeds – Ability to filter Jim2 transactions by merchant in settlements.

ID: 43403

Bank Feeds – Show total for matched transactions.

ID: 43389

Bank Feeds – Ability to unmatch cardfile from bank feed record.



ID: 43408

Auto Create PO – Auto Create PO is not ordering stock based on date in if due dates are the same for jobs.

ID: 43411

Schedule – Schedule To–Do Tasks – Non–debtors/creditors follow up are included on the list if both are selected.

ID: 43394

Bank Feeds – Can't match payment in bank feeds.

ID: 43391

Options – Stock – Auto stock select on invalid stock code option is not working.

ID: 43390

Jobs – Stock line is blank when entering a wrong stock code, then try to enter correct stock code.

ID: 43380

Quotes – Quote Order # on Invoice tab does not save.

ID: 43376

Jobs – invoice Details – Extra blank lines in address when there is a Ship Ref and edit/save job.

ID: 43344

Reports – Stocktake Session v1 and v2 error on reports.

ID: 43297

Reports – Stock Profit Detail v2 reports are showing extra columns, ie. Sales TY, etc.

ID: 43074

Email – Replying to an email from a job sometimes picks up the last job email that was looked at.

ID: 43313

Quotes – Manually entered cost doesn't clear when changing stock code.


Build 7359

Thursday 21 January 2021


New Feature

ID: 43275

Lists – Add ability to add custom columns to lists using scripting.



ID: 43350

Electronic Payments – Add new event on Electronic Payments so BSB and account number retrieval can be customised.



ID: 43361

Auto Create PO – Issues when stock on job is edited/deleted during auto create PO.

ID: 43357

Auto Create PO – Jobs are locking when trying to auto create PO from job list and some jobs are in Edit mode.

ID: 43352

Search – Global job search is slow in latest release.

ID: 43351

Bank Feeds – Issue if import file has more than one row with same amount.

ID: 43346

POS – Need to improve message 'Last EFTPOS transaction amount doesn't match that recorded in Jim2'.

ID: 43337

Jim2 Features – Asset features should not be enabled for clients who are not MPS or MS licensed.

ID: 43335

Balance Sheet – When using date range, first column shows starting day instead of last.

ID: 43041

Email – Exception comes up sometimes when trying to link an email to a project.

ID: 43332

eBusiness – Customer address details blank when job created from B2Bin.

ID: 43327

Jobs – Ship address on job should be ship cardfile delivery address.

ID: 43321

Email – AV error on deleting an email when focused row not found after refresh.

ID: 43320

Security – Cannot open user cardfiles if there are more than 64 security groups.

ID: 43311

Serial Numbers – Unique serial setting on but user can change serial ribbon to duplicate serial.

ID: 43306

Auto Create PO – Shouldn't allow other users to edit jobs when one user has the job on Auto Create PO screen.

ID: 43301

Management – Make report 'Bulk Document to Stock Link' more customisable.

ID: 43068

Projects – Allow filtering and grouping of Contract Ref column in active/invoiced jobs.

ID: 36718

Reports – Missing country on reports when country is not Australia.


Build 7343

Thursday 10 December 2020


New Feature

ID: 43271

Warehousing – New option to set job status automatically when picking stock.



ID: 43272

Warehousing – Allow picking when some jobs are locked (from job list).

ID: 43268

Jobs – Invoice Details – Pre–fill Cust and Ship Attn with selected Cust# and Ship# cardfile contact.

ID: 43177

Jobs – Ability to sell and return non depleting/journal stock with 0 quantity.

ID: 43242

Email – Make it more obvious when we have an authentication issue versus an access issue.

ID: 43226

Scripts – Enable access to contact Quick Add from scripting.

ID: 43296

Scripts – Add event when reports get populated in the ribbon.



ID: 43202

Jobs – Issue with adding an empty kit using F5 for stock select screen.

ID: 43216

Jobs List – Job list filter by header not populating/filtering (eg. ship state).

ID: 43295

Jobs List – AV errors when preview is not hidden and bulk process is running.

ID: 43039

Jobs List – New Search Field in Job List 'Contract Ref' should be list searchable with all ticks.

ID: 43222

Purchase – Error 'Sub Branch required for P&L account 6–XXXX' on finishing a PO.

ID: 43221

Purchase – Incorrect syntax near the keyword FROM on finishing an opening balance PO when Multi-Currency is off.

ID: 43214

Purchase – ePO sending will fail for scripted transports (Alloys, Konica).

ID: 42589

Purchase List – Alt+T doesn't work on PO List.

ID: 43207

Reports – Invoice reports to pick ship phone/mobile from job invoice details section.

ID: 43165

Reports – Invoice reports to pick Cust Attn phone/mobile from job invoice details section.

ID: 43141

Reports – Project list        –        Meter listing report sometimes displays duplicate data.

ID: 43235

Reports – Aged Payables Detailed/v2 reports are not showing PO# in v4.4.

ID: 43233

Reports – Stock Valuation By COGS and by Cost reports are broken for attributed stock in v4.4.

ID: 43192

Reports – OB Creditors and Debtors Report is not displaying GL balance.

ID: 43083

Reports – PO List – By Vendor report needs to be modified to display home currency PO total.

ID: 42986

Projects – Replacement for CPC service price adjustments using promo pricing since Variations.

ID: 43058

Projects – Provide way of cancelling meter reads from preview panel.

ID: 43186

Projects – Create script to create conversion reads for opening balances if customers goes directly to 4.4.

ID: 43180

Projects – 4.3 to 4.4 Upgrade – Align next bill dates for child machines to masters.

ID: 43179

Projects – When Upgrade 4.3 to 4.4 Base type meters need to have Advance Type set.

ID: 43264

Projects – Yield should not be looking at required meters for calculating current read.

ID: 43210

Projects – Speed up loading of meter billing UI.

ID: 43195

Projects – Fix issue where AV sometimes occurs when closing billing window while async submission in progress.

ID: 43236

Projects – Fix issue where clicking on the error icon in meter billing preview did not set focus to the project.

ID: 43265

Projects – Fix issue where project open close read was not ordered, resulting in missing opening read error.

ID: 43229

Projects – Fix issue where system was not forcing variation if previous variation's billing setup was empty.

ID: 43264

Projects – Yield should not be looking at required meters for calculating current read.

ID: 43262

Project Variations – Set RequiresNewVariation when setting 'FINISH on Variation' on linked contract grid.

ID: 43281

Project Variations – Variation enhancements.

ID: 43269

Meter Billing – Reads not marked as inconsistent if inconsistent with other non–primary read source.

ID: 43257

Meter Billing – Meter billing fails if previous billing used a read that was subsequently marked as inconsistent.

ID: 43253

Meter Billing – Min charge on master not working as expected.

ID: 43241

Meter Billing – Estimates not being reversed correctly.

ID: 43223

Meter Billing – Incorrect variation number used for jobs when getting job history.

ID: 43276

Meter Billing – Unable to replace an asset read with a lower value because the UI rejects it.

ID: 43274

Meter Billing – Bill correctly when project/asset has multiple projects open and close reads.

ID: 43245

eBusiness Page Count – Toshiba connector not finding date format setting if serial number does not match file.

ID: 43225

eBusiness – Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.JimB2BInMsg'.

ID: 43243

JSONAPI – Support refresh token in web API logon.

ID: 43248

JSONAPI – Stock prices not calculated when adding or updating jobs.

ID: 43212

Preview – Preview causes errors and access violations when grid is grouped by a field and group row selected.

ID: 43208

Stock Picking – AV when you scan bin, bypass stock scanning and try to scan Job#.

ID: 43205

Bank Feeds – AV error when selecting payments in Create Payment window.

ID: 42577

Schedule – In month view on Scheduler not showing confirmed/completed/unconfirmed.

ID: 43261

Scripts – Allow cardfile address details to be accessible from powershell.

ID: 42586

Cheque – Add a Cheque – Error on finishing when you enter address more than 254 characters.

ID: 38160

Email – Creating job from email list sometimes links the wrong email when deleting emails from list.

ID: 43258

Lists – Users cannot log in when pinned list fails. Need better error.

ID: 43278

EKM – Fix EKM consumable preview.

ID: 43277

Quotes – Cannot cancel quote with inactive stock on it.

ID: 43285

Bulk Payments – Importing via custom script – matching payments to contracts/PO's select PO status FINISH first.


Build 7295

Thursday 12 November 2020



ID: 43127

Debtors – Ability to apply prepayment to particular job from Debtors screen.



ID: 43156

Preview – Cardfile transactions preview date format needs to be dd/mm/yyyy.

ID: 43149

CardFile – Cannot do refunds from cardfile. Error – invalid company.

ID: 43124

Quick Add CardFile – Quick Add CardFile asks for branch/sub–branch/GL department when they are marked as required.

ID: 42923

CardFile – User tab – Duplicate web logins cannot be removed.

ID: 35474

Email – Macros – {{CardFile.FirstName}} picks up the first name of primary contact only.

ID: 43169

Reports – Picking Slip – Stock Transfer/v2 reports not working for attributed stock.

ID: 43148

Reports – Meter billing attributes are showing on invoices.

ID: 43090

Reports – Stocktake Portrait(old) and Stocktake(old) reports are not working when Attributes option is selected.

ID: 43110

Reports – v2 reports layout issue when printing to PDF.

ID: 43112

Reports – Job List – Labour Analysis/2 reports are not working in v4.4

ID: 43033

Reports – Reports still display BPAY information when enabled then disabled.

ID: 43117

Jobs – Static Qty Backorder quantity changes from zero when reserving a job.

ID: 43136

Jobs – Error when deleting kit header and arrow down, then save job.

ID: 43172

Meter Billing – Incorrect rate on generated job when system uses tax paid down.

ID: 43171

Meter Billing – Replace read does not change read date.

ID: 43139

Projects – Do not allow duplicate meter reads for a given date.

ID: 43138

Projects – Error when trying to submit child machine start read from master billing.

ID: 43123

Projects – Relax validation for record read from MPS Connectors.

ID: 42986

Projects – Replacement for CPC service price adjustments using promotional pricing since Variations.

ID: 43164

eBusiness Page Count –        Meter reads incorrectly marked as inconsistent if non–primary estimate is greater than future actual.

ID: 43130

Business Engine – Status is not case insensitive for incoming jobs in Jes.

ID: 43106

Business Engine – Email rules/templates are not working because of multi–company changes.

ID: 43135

Till Reconciliation – Sub–branch is required for P&L account 6XXXX when there is a variance and sub–branch is required.

ID: 43170

Stock List – Publish price is sometimes blank on list.

ID: 43126

JSONAPI – Add GLDeptCode to Job API.

ID: 43115

Promotional pricing – VendorNo sometimes stores 0 value instead of NULL.

ID: 43006

Dispatch – Add business name to Australia Post integration.

ID: 43093

Scripts – Add business name to Australia Post and Startrack.

ID: 43097

Jim2 Features – Fix licensing issue that allowed configuration of MPS Connectors without a valid licence.

ID: 42574

Profit & Loss – Error_Col0 not when switching between different types and running P&L.


Build 7261

Tuesday October 21 2020



ID: 43080

Quotes – Ability to check stock availability on quotes.

ID: 43092

Options – New option – 'Always show Qty Avail.' column in quote stock grid.

ID: 43069

Bulk Payments – Show PO status for creditors.

ID: 43069

Bulk Payments – Allow to select active purchase orders (eg. not FINISH).

ID: 43069

Bulk Payments – Auto match purchase orders to current amount in purchase order selection screen (from oldest to newest only).

ID: 43087

Warehousing – Ability to print number plates report from stock picking screen.

ID: 43052

Projects – Meter Trans/Active/Invoiced Jobs – Rearrange columns to move frequently used to the start of the grid.



ID: 42879

Job Comments – Mark email as 'Read' option is sometimes disabled in the right click dialog box.

ID: 43086

Meter Billing – Meter billing preview not showing price source colours        – everything is manual.

ID: 43029

Creditors – Error on deleting creditor payments.

ID: 42830

Stock Picking – Wrong message when trying to scan stock that is already fully picked.

ID: 43076

Manufacturing – Issue with manufacturing job stock lines when stock quantity is set as '0' on Manufacturing Item.

ID: 43071

Jobs – Issue with static kit backorder quantity not changing when changing order quantity.

ID: 43070

Creditors –        Creditors List – when opening two different creditors, shows wrong viewing creditor text.

ID: 43066

Projects – Project List – Project and Asset Item Desc should be the one specified on the project/asset.

ID: 43067

Scripts – Report CardFile List Contact Details is too slow.

ID: 43059

Projects – Validation if charge type period is allowed.

ID: 43038

Projects – Billing engine creating single purchase orders when cardfile setting is for consolidated.

ID: 43055

Schedule – Error 'Invalid column name Item Desc' on task preview hint when it is linked to a project.

ID: 43051

Projects – Line items under invoiced and active jobs are wrapping the Job#, Serial#, From# and Ship#.

ID: 43050

Importing – Speed issue with new 'Alternate Stock in Stock' import.

ID: 43049

Lists – Price displayed incorrectly in a stock list when changing Tax Calc Method from tax free up to tax paid down.

ID: 43015

Electronic Payments – Allow to add lodgement reference on any contact.

ID: 43017

eBusiness – Web orders are not picking up the latest currency rate.

ID: 42957

eBusiness – Vendor feed improvements – Ingram needs to strip leading zeroes, Dicker condition populate qty avail.

ID: 42825

eBusiness – FMA transactions processing slowly.

ID: 43034

eBusiness – EPO warning when a stock feed is out of date for less than 7 days.

ID: 42752

Projects – Cannot enter more than 15 characters in Asset# field on projects but can enter on asset.

ID: 43040

Electronic Payments – Electronic payments not filtering by company.


Build 7245

Friday October 2 2020


New Feature

ID: 43007

JesM Photocopier – Add support for MPS Monitor connector.



ID: 43026

Groups – Improve UI on Non Report Group import on Group admin screen.

ID: 42980

Importing – Ability to import Item meters.



ID: 43036

Lists – Added Cont. Ref fields to job and PO list.

ID: 43037

Project List – Moved Cont. Ref field ad Req. New Variation field to top of project list.

ID: 43011

Projects – Able to delete in use legacy meter read and no way to cancel project ReadForOpeningStockLegacy.

ID: 42999

Projects – When billing, next bill date not updating on child contracts with no meter setup.

ID: 43028

Comments – Right click email comment gives AV when job is in add mode and comment is not selected.

ID: 43025

Search – Search error in : specified cast is not valid.

ID: 43024

Reports – Invoice report filename is picking up default company and not company name the invoice is from.

ID: 43023

Reports – Job List – By Customer report has changed in v4.4. Doesn't display all jobs.

ID: 43021

Purchase – Load PO script prices wrong when no price supplied.

ID: 43018

Jobs – Invalid value for field 'LocNo.

ID: 43016

Electronic Payments – After a session is saved, the lodgement reference is not reloaded.

ID: 43015

Electronic Payments – Lookup for lodgement refs inconsistent with BSB, etc.

ID: 43010

Creditors – Don't allow to delete creditors payments.

ID: 42992

Email – Fault description italic font – only the first line is italic if multiple lines in email template.

ID: 43004

Importing – Move asset to project mapping to asset import.


Build 7229

Thursday 24 September 2020



ID: 42980

Importing – Ability to import Item meters.



ID: 42956

Projects – Prepaid pages won't show on billing jobs if only child machines have prepaid meter setup.

ID: 42895

Projects – Master child billing should not require meters on child projects.

ID: 42987

JesM Photocopier – Prepaid meter incorrectly split over multiple jobs.

ID: 43001

JesM Photocopier – Missed cycles not being reset after successful billing.

ID: 42976

Quotes – Multi–selecting an empty kit and normal stock from Stock Select causes footer not found issue.


Build 7219

Friday 18 September 2020


New Features

ID: 42932

Dashboard – Added new dashboard widgets: Published List, Published List Count and Watchout.

ID: 41385

Importing – Ability to do Asset import.

ID: 42897

Dispatch – Add StarTrack Express as dispatch option.



ID: 42847

Projects – Ability to bill only jobs/purchases for all billing.

ID: 42903

Projects – Performance improvement when mapping stock quantity to physical meter read by adding asset end reads.

ID: 42927

eBusiness Page Count – Allow replacement of start and end reads.

ID: 13157

Managed Services – Tracking of prepaid labour.

ID: 42946

Reports – Include Manuf. Part# field in stock export.

ID: 7889

Reports – Quote reports v1 and v2: customer phone number and Attn field in the quote.

ID: 42968

Stock – New Alternate Stock field added to stock.



ID: 42864

Project Variations – Default empty new child reasons.

ID: 42966

Projects – Make new variations set as Not Req. Variation as part of stamping.

ID: 42954

Projects – Add Contract Ref from Variation to Meter Tans, Invoiced Jobs tabs + jobs and purchase orders.

ID: 42721

Projects – Support prepaid labour.

ID: 37988

Projects – Error on billing machine with prepaid meter setup.

ID: 37926

Projects – Managed Services prepaid setup needs to be fixed after v4.4 changes.

ID: 42962

Projects – Hide child settings not copied to variation.

ID: 42958

Projects – Error in Jes when project list filtered by Last Billed or Next Bill.

ID: 42940

Projects – Project List does not show unread email and billing read checkboxes.

ID: 42869

Projects – Tighter controls on next bill date and billing frequency.

ID: 42942

JesM Photocopier – Child prepaid meters ignored.

ID: 42983

JesM Photocopier – Prepaid meters fail in circumstances where prepaid meter ID happens to be lower than linked meter.

ID: 42975

Reports – Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss v1 and v2 reports are not Multi-Company aware.

ID: 42944

Reports – Phone# on quote reports is not populating from linked branch cardfile contacts.

ID: 42974

Manufacturing – Manufacturing job supplies stock based on base measure unit instead of actual unit on stock line.

ID: 42871

Purchase – Default Acc Fee tax code for international vendors is coming from Options when autocreating PO.

ID: 42985

Importing – Stock pricing is not updating on price levels where you use Base PL.

ID: 42965

Options – Type in contract > machines default return for credit type.

ID: 42949

Business Analysis – Current earnings not filtered by company in GL and P&L.

ID: 42870

Jobs – User can sell from different locations with no security when stock attribute is available in both locations.

ID: 42938

Options – Banking – Typo detailed comments option.

ID: 42937

Email – Email address not displaying problem when encoded.

ID: 42933

Importing – Stock Import – HideOnInvoice was not importing.

ID: 42922

Lists – Auto pick option setting does not save on a published list.

ID: 41332

Stocktake – Cannot go back to stock grid if you go to Documents/Notes tab.

ID: 39209

eBusiness StockFeeds – Generated stockfeed xml does not validate against schema for processing by Jim2.

ID: 42913

eBusiness – eBusiness Error – Unexpected error submitting count – Incorrect syntax near '('.

ID: 52620

Jobs List – Change due date time on job list to be DateTime so it can be sorted.


Build 7155

Monday 25 August 2020



ID: 42909

Email – Inbox not found for O365.

ID: 42867

Projects – Remove option to unlink master from all child machines.

ID: 42901

Project Lists – Issue with filtering on unread email if On or Off is pinned.

ID: 42898

Quotes – Ship Attn is not blank in database when selecting Attn from quote header.

ID: 42779

Projects – Errors on billing when prepaid meter is set up.

ID: 42893

Stock Picking – Stock Transfer – Error when trying to pick serialised stock.

ID: 42892

Stock Picking – Index 0 out of bounds error when picking from a job list with no pickable stock.

ID: 42891

Debtors – Error message when reversing banked payment

ID: 42888

Return to Vendor – Return to vendor rounding issue.

ID: 42882

Projects – Billing Engine auto credits RFC and RTV not selecting the correct company.

ID: 42881

Database Issue – Violation of primary key constraint PK_JimObjectMeter. Cannot insert duplicate key in object.

ID: 42859

Reports – No more Invalid per licence.


Build 7131

Monday 17 August 2020



ID: 42878

Scripts – Add hook to intercept email sending from script.

ID: 42863

Stock Pricing – New user security to not allow manual serial selection in picking.

ID: 42858

Importing – Add Contract Ref to project import.

ID: 15475

Projects – Create report that exports project list in Jim import format.



ID: 42846

Projects – Unable to push groups from maser to child contracts.

ID: 42836

Projects – Machine List Bulk Updater – Errors since more 4.4 master meter changes.

ID: 42876

Reports – Stock Price Sticker report shows a min price warning when trying to preview/print.

ID: 42873

Reports – Purchase Order reports are showing backorder PO# for original PO#.

ID: 42855

Reports – Need to make stock value management reports multi–company friendly.

ID: 42860

Stock Select – Stock Select window doesn't pop up when entering a partial code and pressing F5.

ID: 42862

Stock Picking – Picking Slip script not working when pick serial from multiple bin or partial pick.

ID: 42844

Stock Adjustment – Cannot attach documents to stock adjustment in Add/Edit mode.

ID: 42761

Items – Item number changes in lists and on objects when using Ctrl+C on the partial code.

ID: 42861

CardFile Merge – CardFile Merge crashes Jim2 when pressing Enter and From or To card code is not valid.

ID: 42818

Scripts – Have multiple event listener scripts in Jim Client.


Build 7115

Thursday 30 July 2020



ID: 42852

Global Variables – New global variables to make adjustments to picking screen.

ID: 42851

Stock Picking – New Job# scanning option for picking stock, and to clear stock for each job.

ID: 42850

Stock Picking – New option to enable Serial number scanning when picking stock.

ID: 42849

Stock Picking – New option to Hide non primary/secondary bins on Picking screen.

ID: 42814

Reports – Memo does not take global colour setting.



ID: 42839

Reports – Bank account details not showing on invoices.

ID: 42820

Email – Process as Feed action does not clean up old stock as per deprecated Jes email processing.

ID: 42812

Jobs – When copying stock in jobs or quotes, hidden Quote not found stops window from closing.

ID: 42811

Preview – Include All Companies for User in the company dropdown preview.

ID: 42808

Stock – When stock line reserved and auto create purchase order, it will leave stock transaction reserved.

ID: 42799

Project Templates – Action Groups don't appear to be working correctly since Variations added.

ID: 42817

Projects – Error when trying to record read against child machine (on a machine level).

ID: 42803

Projects – eMeter – Constraint issue when submitting reads.

ID: 42791

Purchases – Error when unprinting FX purchase order.

ID: 42786

Purchases – Default freight tax code for international vendors is coming from Options when auto creating a purchase order.

ID: 15427

User Int. (Server) – Update Statistics can time out on larger databases or slower servers.


Build 7091

Saturday 18 July 2020


New Features

ID: 427249

CardFile – User – New user logon methods.



ID: 42720

Pricing – Added two new Price Calc Methods (Last PO COGS + Markup/Margin).

ID: 42745

JesM Photocopier – Added front end support for group PO by master, then standalone single.

ID: 42778

Attributes – Ability to see stock availability per bin in attribute selection screen.

ID: 42777

Attributes – New option to ignore attributes when checking stock availability.



ID: 42789

Accounting – GL screen shows 0 for Current Earnings.

ID: 42787

Projects – Meter Trans table shows incorrect meter read for purchase lines (shows meter read no).

ID: 42783

Projects – Billing jobs don't set to Ready when start read is 0 and used No Read to bill the machine.

ID: 42764

Reports – Stock List Consignment Required report not showing correct quantities when stock has been transferred.

ID: 42775

Stock – Stock Transaction – Stock Adjustment is not showing + and will not open on right clicking Asset #.

ID: 42770

Jobs List – Error when saved job list and project type no longer exist.

ID: 42765

Copy Move Merge – On copy stock window, error pops up when you try to change price.

ID: 42728

CardFile – Cardfile takes some time to save when there are a lot of contacts.

ID: 42734

CardFile – Issue with Jim2 where it does not add user to JimCardFileUsrCompany table.

ID: 42763

Reports – Fix to Invoices_InvoiceSubscription v2 where RegionLogoHolder overlaps the company name.

ID: 42759

Reports – Fix to all Invoice Meters Master v2 reports.

ID: 42719

Reports – x–Invoice From List (Multi) report not working.

ID: 42747

Email – Invoice emails are not attached to jobs when sent from Sales Register.

ID: 42751

Email – Assign email to object unhandled exception occurs.

ID: 42762

Stock – Fix billing estimate calculator so that it correctly handles promotions and kit header pricing.

ID: 42750

Importing – Stock import is picking up Dynamic stock type for packaging stock on doing a sync.


Build 7065

Monday 6 July 2020


New Features

ID: 42720

Stock Pricing – Added two new price calculation methods (Last COGS PO + Markup/Margin

ID: 39203

Assets – Documents, Notes and Watchouts on Assets

ID: 42539

Projects – Contract Meter Setup Wizard. Changed the method of how the meter setup wizard applies new list to existing list.



ID: 42728

CardFile – CardFile taking some time to save when there are a lot of contacts.

ID: 42710

Projects – Project List – 'Bill Machines' button label always says machines even if no machine in list.

ID: 42706

Global Variables – Fix for warning message after 'PostIntoFuturePeriods' global variable has been set.

ID: 42695

Project Templates – Project Template not setting context for a specific project or asset.

ID: 42701

Quotes – Stock price sometimes adds a few extra cents when going to Cost tab.

ID: 42702

Documents – When linking a document to an Asset, Asset No. is shown instead of Asset Code.


Build 7058

Thursday 25 June 2020



Fix upgrade issues with EPO parameters.