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CardFile Preview Pane

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The preview pane is a quick way to see recent activity for a customer.


See here for setting security on which users can see preview panes.


When in a cardfile, the preview pane will display on the right hand side of the screen with two tabs at the bottom: CardFile Transactions and CardFile Spend.

CardFile Transaction Insights will display the last 10 jobs, most purchased stock, and all open quotes.

CardFile Spend will display yearly/monthly spend, spend summary by period, job type and Item type


Select the Preview Pane icon on the bottom right of the status bar to show/hide the Preview pane:


show preview pane


cardfile preveiw


CardFile Transactions tab




This area will show all groups the cardfile belongs to.

Last 10 Jobs

This area displays the last 10 jobs and their total ex GST

Most Purchased

Lists the stock most purchased, along with quantities.

Open Quotes

Displays all open quotes for this customer, along with status, date in, Item description and total amount.


CardFile Spend tab



Yearly/Monthly Spend

Choose either Yearly Spend or Monthly Spend to see an overall picture of how much the cardfile has spent.

Spend Summary

Period: Shows spend based on Month, quarter, year to date and last year.

Job Type: Shows spend for the month, year to date and last year based on  job types.

Item Tpe: Shows month, year to date and last year spend based on Item types.


Further information

Security on Preview Pane