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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Notes can be used to record comments/information against Jim2 jobs, projects, quotes, purchases, card files, Items, stock, debtors, creditors and documents.


For example:

Non job/quote/purchase related conversations with customers or vendors.

Additional sales information on stock.

Service tips on Items.


Accessing Notes

Notes can be accessed by selecting the Notes tab at the bottom of most forms within Jim2.


Notes tab1



The number beside the icon represents the number of Notes on this object.


Notes can be added, edited, deleted or viewed from this tab. They will appear in the current record as in the example shown here.




Note: You can add as many notes as you wish, and the character limit of the Notes field is 2,147,483,645.


Adding a Note

When adding a note, the date is set by the system and cannot be overridden. The remaining fields can be completed as desired, and the text of the note entered in the main screen.


adding note


When adding a note, the fields displayed on the form will vary, as detailed in this table.






Today's date – cannot be changed.

Used on all forms.


Choose from the drop-down list. Assists in identifying a particular type of note within a long list of various note types. Selections are only possible if previously configured in Tools > Setups > Other > Note Types.

Used on all forms.


The subject of the note.

Used on all forms.

Created By

Defaults to the current user – can be changed if so desired.

Used on all forms.

Contact (when in a card file)

Choose from a drop-down list of contacts as recorded on the card file (optional).


contact field on add note

Used on card file, debtor and creditor forms only.

Follow Up

If applicable, enter a date that the subject of this note should be actioned by. Not used on the CardFile form shown above.

Used on all forms except CardFile.


If applicable, tick box if the subject of this note has been completed.

Used on all forms except CardFile.


The Adding Note Layouts

Jobs, Projects, Quotes, Purchases, Items, Stock, Documents

adding note layouts


Creditors, Debtors

cr dr note layout



cf note layout


Further information:

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