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Autotask Connector

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The Jim2 Autotask connector provides seamless two-way data integration between Autotask and Jim2. This includes:  

Tickets created as Jim2 jobs with billing stock, labour and actual labour

Cardfile and contact sync

Contract sync

Stock availability sync.

Bidirectional job ticket synchronisation between Autotask PSA and Jim2.

Centralised invoicing from Jim2 that includes all labour and hardware billing items from Autotask PSA.

Bidirectional B2B customer and contact syncing with smart filtering.

Automatic creation of products in Autotask PSA from Jim2 stock.

Stock availability syncing from Jim2 to Autotask PSA.

Autotask PSA ticketed actual labour data synchronised to Jim2.

Jim2 ticket and invoice numbers synchronised to Autotask PSA for better visibility and easy reference.

Autotask PSA subscription billing sync into Jim2 – Coming soon.

Bidirectional contract syncing with smart filtering – Coming soon.


Connector Setup  

Configure the Jim2 integration in Autotask. This will result in the generation of the required API Usr and API password.



Create your users (account managers) in Autotask and ensure they have the same primary email as configured in Jim2 email address. This is used when mapping Resources. Email is the preferred way to map them.


In Jim2, add a non report group named Autotask that will see the cardfile included in the published list used for pushing to Autotask.


AT groups


Management > Reports > Integrations

On the ribbon, go to Management > Reports and double click on the Autotask Setup report script.


Autotask setup in Jim2


Enter the API user and API password into the location provided, then select the Connect button.


Graphical user interfaceDescription automatically generated


The first time you successfully connect, the initial seeding of Autotask data into the required Jim2 tables is performed.


Once the process has completed, you will be presented with these additional configuration tabs.



Note: Using the Connect option is required as part of the initial setup, and when you wish to make changes to the mapping and filtering configurations.


resource mapping


Follow the links below for completing the Jim2 setup:


Lookup Mappings

Resource Mapping

Filters Tab

Autotask Polling & Data Flow


Known Errors