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Jim2® Business Engine User Manual

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Getting Started with Jim2®

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Jim2 Business Engine is a powerful multi-user Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting solution that manages every aspect of the business workflow cycle – from stock control, sales activities, servicing and customer contact to invoicing, financials and reporting, as well as email communication and document management.


This section will help you to:



In order to log on to Jim2 Business Engine, you must enter a user ID and password. Initially, the user ID: sys and password: sys are the default. To create a new user identity, a CardFile with the user's details and password must be added to your system. See How To Add A New User for more information. You should also change the password for sys, as it's widely known.



Support for versions of Jim2 prior to v4.2 has now ceased. Please talk to your Happen consultant about upgrading if you are running any v3.x build of Jim2.


Throughout the Help File you will see the following information:



General Jim2 information.



Jim2 hints.



Essential – do not ignore.



Quality control/improvements.


Please refer to Technical Requirements for full information on requirements.


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Navigating the Help File

Technical Requirements

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