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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Jim2 Business Engine methodology is quite simple and intuitive. It consists of the following features, which we refer to as Jim2 objects.


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Be sure to familiarise yourself with the Jim2 User Interface, the Jim2 features, and browse through this Help File prior to commencing real data entry. The demonstration database supplied can be used for experimentation and training.


Each feature in Jim2 shares a common user interface with straightforward and logical business rules, many of which you can configure to suit your own business needs. Jim2 is status driven, meaning that you can easily monitor what is being done, what needs to be done, for whom, by whom, when, and how long it is taking. Each object can be searched via live lists and reported on at many levels at any time.


Jim2 presents an excellent methodology for running a business. Special and truly innovative features make Jim2 Business Engine a total solution. They include:




Jim2 Business Engine utilises core technology in B2B and B2C applications, ensuring that Jim2 can grow with your needs:

Scripting Engine


Your workflow will typically use combinations of all of these objects for selling to and/or servicing products for your customers. Each object is status driven to give you an overall view. Information in objects interacts in real time to ensure accuracy.


This section covers the method of tailoring Jim2 to suit your current business needs. As your needs change you are easily able to make further changes to the configuration of Jim2 by using:






Identifying the way Jim2 objects work in relation to your own workflow is crucial. Upon understanding and being able to mesh Jim2 and your workflow processes together (with your own consultants or the assistance of the friendly Jim2 staff) you can tailor Jim2 using Options, Setups and Security defaults. Once in place, the rules that you have set up will ensure consistency and accuracy in your business.