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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Accounts header


This is the heart of the accounting functionality in Jim2. From here you can query and trace financial transactions, examine your accounts and make adjustments, if needed.



Jim2 is an accrual based accounting system. The only cash based reporting is for GST reporting.



Jim2 does not include a payroll calculation engine, and therefore does not offer Single Touch Payroll reporting. If your entire general ledger is being maintained in Jim2, you will need to move totals from your payroll software into Jim2 by way of general journals, and record the accumulations and liabilities of each payroll in the associated general ledger accounts for each payroll period.



Jim2 does not have an automated depreciation function. It holds the value of fixed assets and any accumulated depreciation via the general ledger. In a typical Jim2 site, the depreciation entries are done via a general journal. The detail of that journal is either from an external accountant or via a system or spreadsheet outside of Jim2.


The values held in the general ledger should conform to those from the external accountant, plus any movements in the year.


Accounts Type Functions


Running a list of debtors

Viewing a debtor record and associated transactions

Moving between jobs/returns from customer/card files and the debtor screen

Payment types and changing them

Receiving payments and prepayments

Sending payment receipts

Applying credits

Sending statements – from individual debtor and list

Debtors notes and setting up follow ups

Debtors adjustments – use with caution

Creating email templates and setting editor rules

Creditor contras



Running a list of creditors

Viewing a creditor record and associated transactions

Moving between purchases/returns to vendor/card files and creditors

Payment types

Making payments and prepayments

Sending remittances

Electronic payments

Creditors adjustments – use with caution


Creditor transactions

Status of Finish

Purchase orders

Consign buy orders

Expense orders

Debtor contras

General Ledger

Structure of the general ledger

Add a new account

Edit an account

Account types




Till reconciliation

Bank deposits/unbanked funds

Bank reconciliation


Spend Money transactions

Spend Money transactions

Cheque versus deposit

Status of Finish

Using the cheque book


General Journals

Adding a payroll GJ


GST Sessions

Cash/accrual, quarterly/monthly, IAS/BAS

Instalment income tax (provisional tax)

ATO clearing account if not paying in full


Right Click Options in the Nav Tree

right click accounts


After the top 3 (which are self explanatory), these options mirror what is in the ribbon in the Accounts tab, except for the last tab, which will reset all tabs back to default.


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