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Email Editor Rules allow you to define a number of defaults to use when creating an email based on the type of email, ie. emailing debtors statements. These rules work for all users of Jim2. There are no specific rules for specific users.


A great example of when to use an email editor rule is when emailing the debtors statement report.


The requirement in this case is: when emailing the statement report, use the Statement email template, tag the email as Accounts, and send using the email address.


This can easily be accomplished using the Template by Report email editor rule type.


Editor Rule Type

Description of when to use

Default Template

Default template for all emails.

Templates by Source

Replying from a service job, sales job, quote, etc.

Template by Report

Sending a specific report via email, eg. a statement or invoice.


Editor Rule Type



Default Template


Company default

Templates By Source


Email New

Email Reply

Email Forward

Email Password

Email Page Count

Sales Job

Service Job

Manufacturing Job


Return From Customer

return to vendor


Service Response

Reply Email

Email Tags


Template By Report


Debtors\Debtors List\Statement



Reply Email

Email Tags

Accounts, Statements



You are not required to have a template, email address and tags on every source and report. For example, you might just want the default email address set for every time you respond to a sales job. In that case you would just choose source Sales Job and reply email When specifying a reply email address to use, there is no restriction as to what this email address can be.


Branch Level Editor Rules

Email Editor Rules support branches allowing for different templates, tags, reply email and archive rules to be set at a branch level. The Branch column will only be available for selection if Branches is enabled via Options. Branch can be left empty if branch selection is not required.


Email Subject Tokens

Jim2 uses email tokens in an email's subject to allow automatic identification of incoming email responses for associating emails with a Jim2 object, ie. job, quote, etc.


Tokens can be disabled via Email Editor Rules for outgoing emails where you do not want to include a token, for instance, when you are not expecting a reply.


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