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Diagnosing Outbound Email Issues

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Sometimes email will fail to send for various reasons. Jim2 has a couple of ways of alerting users when it is unable to send an email.


Click Send and Receive

You can click Send and Receive in the ribbon to force Jim2 to send Emails immediately:


send receive


If the Jes service is not running, Jim2 will notify you when you select this icon. You should review any warnings and take the required action (such as starting the Jes service on the Jim2 Server).


Email List – System Outbox

You can bring up a list of Email Jim2 has not been able to send yet by looking in the System Outbox folder. Generally, when you run this list it will be empty. If you have many emails in this list you may need to investigate the reason (see Email Properties below for finding the reason).


System Outbox


Failed Emails Within a Jim2 Object

When looking at the Comment grid of a Jim2 object (job, quote, etc.) and you see a red vertical bar on the left side of email comments, there has been an issue sending the email. If you move your mouse over the red area the Hint will tell you the error as reported by your email server.


email error


Email Properties 

When viewing an email, select Properties in the ribbon of the email to see extended information about the email. Any issues, such as the error as reported by your email server, are displayed. This is supplemented with the time and date Jim2 last attempted to send the email. From here you can also check the SMTP headers of the email, which can be very helpful when diagnosing complex email issues.


You can also see how many times Jim2 has tried to send the email. This is useful for times when your email server is not accessible, or is too busy to receive emails.


email properties


If you do encounter an error like the one above, it is best to talk to the person who supports your email server to find a resolution.


Failed Emails within an Email List 

You can create an email folder to show emails with errors. To do this, on the ribbon go to Tools > Setups Email > Email Folders and create an email folder where the Delivery Status is Failed and the Processed Status is None selected.


You will then need to set up email security in regard to who can view the email folder.


Now, you can create a new email list using the folder name. You can pin and put a timer on this list to update regularly, and also autorun when you log on to Jim2.


Advanced Troubleshooting 

Any issues that Jes had in sending an email will be recorded in the Windows Application Event log on the Jim2 Server. Please review this log for errors. Also, whilst troubleshooting it is advisable to disable any virus scanners and/or firewalls to eliminate them as possible causes.


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