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Email Security: Overview

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Email security is of critical importance, as you may not want all users to view all email folders. For example, you may not want users who can access the Service email folder to view the Accounts email folder. As such, carefully consider who in the company is allowed to manage email (add rules, edit email security, etc), and who is allowed to see which email folders.


Create Email Rules, Templates and General Email Security

The creation of email rules, templates and general email security is generally done by owners and managers, and is handled via Jim2 Security. By default, only users with administration rights have this ability.


The following are additional security settings:


Tools > Security > Email


email security1


The image above shows all the security settings available for email.


Tick box settings:


Tick Boxes


Checkbox (Selected)

Will only return results for what is ticked.

Checkbox (Unticked)

Will not return results for any unticked boxes.

Checkbox (Partially Selected)

Will return results for all of the above.


Email Security and Reports

When emailing a report from Jim2, the report's security level is saved within the email. So if you were to email a Job Profit report, for example, and its report security level is 10, then that email will not appear to users who have a report security level of 5.


Further information:

How to Set up Email Security