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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

email editor


The email editor (ie. New/Reply/Forward function) has many familiar functions when composing emails.




Attach from file

Allows you to choose a file from your computer to attach to an email.

Select Document

Allows you to choose a document from within Jim2 and either email the document or a URL link to it.

Clipboard functions

Cut, copy, paste.

Basic Text functions

Standard text functions as per most email editors.


Load Template replaces the body of the email with a predefined template.

Insert Template inserts the template in the body, keeping whatever information is already there.


Choose from HTML or Plain Text.


Preview will show you how the email will look.

Print will produce a hard copy.


Check spelling.


Choose from:


archive choices


When opening received emails, most of the icons in the ribbon are self explanatory:


received email


The Properties tab provides the following tabs to assist in troubleshooting emails:


email properties1





Basic properties of the email including Subject, Email Id, Message Id, Received date, Error, etc.


Note: This is useful for establishing errors when sending, etc.

Outgoing Recipients

Lists email addresses and contacts from the To, Cc, and Bcc fields.

SMTP Headers

The email’s SMTP Headers.

Email Body – Raw

The raw text of the email including HTML, etc.

Email Body – Text

The decoded text of the email body. Useful for working out email rules, etc.


Further information: