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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

There are feature options in Jim2 Business Engine which might not be enabled in your version. These options provide additional functionality, and can be activated if you feel that they would enhance your business.


Contact the Happen Sales Team ( for more information.


These options include:

Bundling (Kitting and Packaging) – These features are used to bundle products and services together into one package. Kitting/Packaging suits customers requiring salary sacrifice invoicing (for instance, where an employee pays for a computer from pre-tax salary), catalogue promotions, quality assurance tests and checks, to name only a few.


Kitting and Packaging are not compatible with Advanced Warehouse Management.

Stock Attributes – Suitable for businesses conducting Managed Print Services (MPS) or requiring automated billing (ISPs), size and colour matrix (eg. apparel), batch numbers or expiry dates (food related).

Retail Point of Sale – Enhanced point of sale management, including till reconciliation across branches.

Multicurrency – Provides accurate, live transaction reporting with full support for foreign currency bank accounts, sales, purchasing, debtor and creditor management.

Scheduling – Outlook-style calendar used to manage business resources, including staff, vehicles and workshops.

Advanced Warehouse Management – Provides a tool for you to gain control of your warehouse, deliver better customer service, and keep labour costs under control.

Jim2 Mobile – Take Jim2 out on the road with you via your iOS device. Everything you do is immediately updated in Jim2 back at the office. See (copy and paste into your browser) for more information on Jim2. Mobile.


You can find fact sheets relating to the above features at (copy and paste into your browser).