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On the ribbon, go to Tools > Setups > Accounting.


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Areas within a company database may actually relate to different areas of the company, and there may be times when you need to report on the different areas' profit/loss situations. Branches, sub-branches and GL departments are all used for this purpose. You can choose whether you use all, none or some of these functions, and whether they are optional or required fields.


Within Tools > Options > Branches, you also select which company logo report you would like printed in specific documents: sales, purchases and debtors statements. You can elect to use any of: Default, Branch, or SubBranch.


If you have elected to use branches, you will need to set them up in the Branches Setup screen.



The Branches option, as shown below, will only be visible if Branches has first been enabled in Options > General > Branches.


setup branches


The example here shows the Branches section with the Brisbane store information that has been set up.


There are three fields and one tick box available to you when adding or editing a branch location.


Entry Option



You can enter up to four alphanumeric characters for the branch code.


A name/description of the branch. This can be up to 25 alphanumeric characters in length.

Card Code

If you have set up a card file for this branch, you can link to it here. This is optional.

Active box

Tick this box to make the branch active. If disabled, you will receive a warning when entering transactions that the branch is not currently in use. You can still use that branch if you wish.


The following steps must be taken to apply a different address and logo.


Branch Address

Create a new card file that will be used for the address information, and link to the branch in settings as per above. This will ensure that the address used in the new card file is used for the branch you have created.


Branch Logo

Open Report Designer.

Select the Logo folder.

Highlight Company Logo.

From the ribbon select Copy from Existing.

branch logo report

In Name, update to Company_branch (name of the branch card code you have created).

Click OK.


You can now edit the new logo report, and update it with your new branch logo.



You cannot delete a branch that is currently in use in the Jim2 database, but you can deactivate it.


If you enable Branches at a later time, it will not be retrospective, ie. it will not affect any transactions prior to the date you enabled Branches.


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