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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

To make it easy for you to keep up to date with Jim2 upgrades, please regularly visit the following link: (copy and paste into a web browser). Happen Business will advise clients when there are major upgrades, however, as emails can easily become lost, it's well worth checking the Latest Update page as per above.



Before upgrading, the server operating system and Microsoft SQL, you must have the latest service packs installed. In particular, Server 2008R2 (this includes SBS2011) must have the latest Service Pack and .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed (recommended for all operating systems).


Download the latest version to your Jim2 server, then follow the steps below to upgrade your software. Windows Server 2012 or later is recommended.



Before upgrading, please make sure you know your Microsoft SQL Server SA user password, as you will need this during the installation. If you are unsure of this password, please contact your IT support to verify it before proceeding. This information is not something that Happen Business stores for you.


Only one update file is required to update Jim2, Jim2 Server and Jes instances in one process.


To execute an upgrade, navigate to the downloaded file on your Jim2 server and double click to run it.


Microsoft SQL Server

As all emails and documents are saved within your Jim2 database you may find the size of your database will increase. This is not normally an issue in terms of performance, but may be a problem if you are running the Express version of SQL, which has a 10GB limit.



If you are upgrading from a build earlier than the one prior to the latest build, you need to run the DBUpdate program as well.


See upgrade instructions:



Jim2 eBusiness Service

Jim2 Server Stop

Copy Files

Jim2 Server Start

Select Databases

Update Databases

Complete Update