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Jim2® Business Engine User Manual

To add a new user (employee) identity:


1.Go to CardFile > Add CardFile.

Add Cardfile v4.1 tab

2.Enter the user's card code, as well as their name and address details (see Info (small) Card Code below, for more info about the card code).

3.Un-tick Customer, and tick User from the selection in the top right-hand corner of the window.

Add User


4.In the footer, select User tab. Here, you will need to enter the following:

The user's initials (two or three characters, including dot if required).

A password (as per the strength requirements set in Tools > Options > Security).

The default stock location (which is used to set the user's location – choose from the drop-down options).

Their security level(s) (choose from the drop-down options).

If Auto send BCC is ticked, a copy of all emails sent from Jim2 by this user will be sent to the email address entered in the Email field.


6.Fill out any additional fields and options, to complete the card.

The Rate $ field should be populated with the hourly rate it costs to employ the person, so there is a cost associated with their actual time logged against jobs. The cost will then appear in the job profit reports.

rate field


The cost should include at least: wages (hourly rate), superannuation, workers compensation insurance. Plus, perhaps a share of overheads, eg. training, uniforms, vehicle running costs if provided, etc. If you are unsure how to calculate this rate we suggest you seek advice from your accountant.

You should also set security so that only authorised people can see the User tab of CardFiles.


User tab entry


Security allows you to choose from one or more Security groups. Customers: You can restrict the customers that a user is allowed to deal with, by selecting specific customers from the drop-down selection. User Groups allows you to select Tags and Categories.


7.Click Save, or Save & Close. You will be asked to confirm the password that you're setting, before the user is created. The user must change password at next logon box will already be ticked. You can un-tick it, if you want to.

confirm user details



Once a user CardFile is saved, you can still change most details, even the card code, but you cannot change the user's initials. If you really need to do this, you should copy all of the details to a new CardFile, and make the original one inactive.



The Card Code is a unique identifier for each card, and must be entered before the card can be saved. The card code format that your business will use should be established with the intention of maintaining consistency, eg. alphanumeric codes as shown in Figure 2 (above), or surname.initial, etc. If necessary, you can change the card code format at any time. To maintain consistency, you will probably want to edit your old CardFiles, to match the new card code format.



If Allow Web Access is ticked, the Web Logon ID will be automatically copied from the Email field, if already populated. If desired, you can change the Web Logon ID to something else, eg. your first name, or a nickname, etc.


If you un-tick Allow Web Access, the user will not be able to log on to Jim2 using Jim2 mobile, ie. on an iOS device. It also won't allow the user to log on to the eBusiness server (if appropriate)


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