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Using CardFile List Results

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create cf list


After you run a cardfile list, there are several options available to process the results. They can be selected from a drop-down list.


Right click anywhere in the list results area to open the drop-down options.


right click cardfile options


Right Click Option



View the highlighted card file.


Edit the highlighted card file.

Add CardFiles to Non Report Group

Adds all card files in the list to the Non Report Group you select.

Add CardFiles to Region Group

Adds all card files in the list to the Region Group you select.

Delete Current CardFile

Deletes the highlighted card file.

Delete All CardFiles in List

Deletes all card files in the list.

Export CardFile Data

Exports the list to a spreadsheet.

Export CardFile Contact Data

Exports the list card file name and contact details to a spreadsheet.

Export CardFile Non Report Groups

Exports card code, name and non report group information to a spreadsheet.

Generate BPAY Reference#

Generates BPAY Reference numbers for all card files in the list. Only works on a Customer card file list.

Export Data

Exports data from the grid to a spreadsheet file.

Export Grid

Exports the grid to a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful if your grid has more than one header row, as it will export all header rows.


Print the list.

Print Preview

Preview the list to be printed.

Copy Cell

Copy the cell you have clicked on.

Copy Row

Copy the entire row you have clicked on.

Copy All

Copy all within the list, which can then be pasted into a spreadsheet

Show Find panel

Opens the Find panel:


find box



The Find panel will remain in a pinned list.

Grid Columns...

Allows you to select more columns to add to the grid.


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