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Jim2® Business Engine User Manual

create cf list


This basic CardFile List can be used to confirm there are no duplicates, and that there is a CardFile to use for jobs, quotes and purchases.

1.Go to CardFiles > Create CardFile List in the ribbon.

basic cardfile list

2.Enter search information into any relevant fields. A simple example is to enter Daycom into the Name field.

3.Press Enter.

4.A list of CardFiles will display on your screen.

5.Scroll through the resulting list to locate your preferred CardFile.

6.Double click on the required CardFile and it will open.


Create a Criteria CardFile List

1.Go to CardFiles > Create CardFile List in the ribbon.

2.Click Advanced List at the bottom of the screen. This opens additional fields for criteria.

3.Restrict the amount of CardFiles to be searched by removing the ticks from Customer/Vendor, etc.

4.Enter criteria required into applicable fields. Choose from drop-down options for fields.

5.Click Run or press Enter once all criteria are entered.

criteria cardfile list

6.Name the list by entering a short description in the field which displays ListXX at the bottom of the screen. You will see the list name change in the as well.

7.Pin the list by selecting the Pin icon at the top right of the list window.

You need to Run the list again to save the data in the pinned list.


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