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This area is where you add price levels. On the ribbon, go to Tools > Setups > CardFile > Price Levels.


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Your customers can be identified as belonging to specific financial demographics, eg. wholesale, retail, etc. This default affects the stock pricing that a customer attracts in a job. In this setup, you define a table of customer price levels, with an appropriate description for each.



Price levels for customers should reflect concepts such as differing customer contracts, demographic or economic considerations. Further identification of customers via Groups will help refine and define customers within and throughout your Jim2 database.


setup price levels


Each price level is represented by a number (for example, Price Level 1 is Retail) and can have a 15 character description attached for reference.


The card file for each customer has a Price Level field to ensure an appropriate stock price is calculated for their jobs. The selling price of stock is set for each price level in the stock file. Users can override the default pricing on an individual active job if required. Special stock pricing (or price breaks) can be set in each stock record to apply to a specific customer, overriding the default stock price calculation from their price level.


Price Rank Selector

Price ranking is a secondary setting on price level setup that enables automatic stepping to a higher price when a product does not have a price level to match that of the card code.



You cannot change the order of the Price Levels.


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