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CardFile Contact Types

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There are system card file contact types that are used to email or fax reports to the correct person. The main purpose of these contact types is to cater for large companies who have separate accounts payable and receivable departments, or handle cases where the invoices and statements go to different people.


Typical Report Usage

Contact Type Order of Use, First




Remittances, etc.

Email Creditors

Email Accounts

Email (primary contact)

Email (first found)

Statements, etc.

Email Debtors

Email Accounts

Email (primary contact)

Email (first found)


Email Invoices

Email Accounts

Email (primary contact)

Email (first found)

Purchase orders

Email Purchases

Email Accounts

Email (primary contact)

Email (first found)

Page counts

Email Photocopier

(Machine Attention contact)


(Machine Attention contact)

Email Photocopier (first found)

Email Accounts (first found)

Unspecified reports

Email (primary contact)

Email (first found)


Nominate Multiple Email Contacts for Invoicing, Statements, Purchases, etc.

When emailing out of Jim2, a hint is passed through indicating who should receive that email. For example, Email Invoices or Email Statements.


You can add these Email contact types to multiple card file contacts, and the email will be sent to all those contacts.


For example: CardFile SAMPLE


Contact 1

John Smith

Email Invoice

Contact 2

Mary Brown

Email Invoice


In the above example, invoices will be emailed to both John and Mary.


The following email types support this functionality:

Email Accounts

Email Creditors

Email Debtors

Email Invoices

Email Photocopier

Email Purchases.



An additional card file level setting allows you to specify Email & Print on both invoices and statements. The available settings when generating an invoice or statement are:



Don’t Send

Email & Print


You’ll find this setting on the Customer tab of the card file in the Send Statement via and Send Invoice via tick boxes.



Fax requires faxing software to be installed on your computer.


You can create other card file contact types via Tools > Setups > CardFiles > Contact Types. You can also restrict the use of contact types to only those listed – this is done via Tools > Options > CardFile.


only allow


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