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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

On the ribbon, go to Tools > Options > CardFile.


Options Cardfile


There are important and specific card file defaults set here. Each impacts globally on the function of card files, ie. every user accessing card files is affected by the options set here. The significance of each is described below. These options are designed to reduce repetitious user input, improve accuracy and set customer and management expectations whenever card file information is accessed or debtor statements are produced. They should represent the general conditions, or most frequently used work practices you would like Jim2 to manage within card files.




Price Level

Select the price level you would like to use as the default when adding customer card files. This should be the most commonly used price level.


Select the default terms for your customers.

Statement Via

Sets the default method of sending statements to your clients. Choose from: Email & Print, Print, Fax, Email or Don't Send.

Send Invoice Via

Sets the default method of sending invoices to your clients. Choose from: Email & Print, Print, Fax, Email or Don't Send.

Account Manager Security on Objects

This allows you to restrict account managers from viewing jobs based on the account manager value in the job/quote/project object, or based on the account manager named on the customer card file on the given object.


When you have Account Manager Security set to By Account Manager of CardFile (Customer, From or Ship) on Object and the current user has View Other Account Manager xxx off, the current user will be able to see objects that have the current user as account manager for the customer, from or ship.


By acc mgr profile


This same logic applies to lists.

Quick Add Defaults

Choose from Company or Individual. Determines which type of entry is first selected when using the Quick Add CardFile icon. The default option will create company card files, but if you will be entering card files for individuals more often than not, you can change the option here. This is intended to speed up the entry of multiple card files.


options quickad

Statement Memo

This field is where you can enter a standard message that will always be printed on your debtor statements. Typically, this memo would be a marketing message appropriate to the season, or add bank details, etc. It can be edited only via this Options screen, and is limited to 8,000 characters.


This is where you would enter or change your bank details to appear on statements for receiving payments via internet transfer.

Account Manager Security n Objects (Jobs, Quotes & Projects)

You can opt to view other account managers' card files either by the account manager on the job, quote etc., or by the account manager of the customer on the job, quote etc.

Allow Only Contact Types specified in Setups

Limit card file contact types to only those listed in Setups.


unknown contact type


Further information:


CardFiles Setup