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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

There are several important defaults set within the General tab. Most of these impact globally on Jim2, ie. every object and every user is affected by the options set here (except for Continuously adding in and Auto Logout when inactive for – these are workstation settings, and are coloured blue.).


On the ribbon, go to Tools > Options > General.






Home Currency

This allows you to select your national currency. This is only relevant for sites using the optional Multicurrency feature.

Continuously Adding In

When setting up Jim2 for the first time, data will be added in much greater amounts than in any normal session. Specifying Continuously Adding in for card file, Item or stock records, means each time an object is saved the current form will be saved, then a new blank form of the same type will open to speed up data entry.


When continuously adding in for jobs, once a job has been invoiced, a new form will open.


This option can be turned on or off at any time by ticking or unticking the appropriate tick boxes alongside each field. This is a workstation level setting, as indicated by the blue text.

Database Colour

Here you can select the colour scheme that your organisation will use for the main database. If you have set up a second database purely for training purposes, you can select a different colour scheme for that in order to avoid any confusion about which database, live or training, users are currently working in.


Remind if in Edit Mode more than x min

This lets you select the number of minutes that users will be allowed to leave object forms in Edit mode before an automatic reminder pops up in the notification area of the user's screen. Because Jim2 is a true multi-user application, editing an object locks it to the specific user. No other users can edit that object until it is saved or closed.


Jim2 message


When the chosen time has elapsed, the above message will pop up.

Auto Logout when inactive for x min

This is a workstation level setting, as indicated by the blue text. It will log the user off automatically if idle for the selected period. Jim2 will automatically log someone out after a certain time (as entered here).


This will not work if users have any objects in Edit mode.

Jes Warning

Tick to show a warning if the Jim2 eBusiness Service (Jes) is not already running when Jim2 starts.


jes not running

Further information:

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