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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

The Quick Access Toolbar provides quick access to the most frequently used functions in Jim2. You can opt to have it appear above or below the ribbon.


Quick access below ribbon

Quick Access Toolbar shown below the ribbon


quick access above ribbon

Quick Access Toolbar shown above the ribbon


show quick access


The solid grey arrow at the far right of the Quick Access Toolbar allows you to choose to show above or below the ribbon, or to minimise the ribbon.


The Quick Access Toolbar Icons Explained

(showing icons below the ribbon.)

logour icon

Logout icon allows you to quickly log off if switching between users, changing databases, or when leaving your workstation.



You cannot log off if you have any object in Edit mode.

add customer icon

Quick Add CardFile icon opens up the Quick Add CardFile form, as shown below.


quickadd cardfile
transfer icon

Transfer From List icon allows you to transfer the currently active object out of a list to the root of the Nav Tree. This keeps the object in your Nav Tree after closing the list.

refresh icon

Refresh icon activates a system refresh. Especially useful after making changes to Options and Setups (although sometimes you will need to log off and back on again with some of the Options settings).

history icon

History icon, once selected, will be displayed in the Nav Tree under Tools, allowing clicking between the History view and other objects within the Nav Tree. This allows searching by user, date ranges, last 1000, etc. Additionally, History logs events like trackable reports, and allows easy access to Jim2 objects (jobs, quotes etc). The activity must be on screen for the history feature to source from. You can also see history about the last modifications to an object (if information has been entered into the Comment grid of the object.


object history1


You can restrict what history users can see via Security.


allow view history


See History for more information.

calculator icon

Calculator icon activates the calculator. If the calculator is opened when the cursor is in a numeric data field (eg. the purchase order price field), it allows the result of the calculation to be entered into that field simply by clicking Accept.


schedule icon

Add Schedule Task icon launches a specific type of task from the New Schedule Task screen. There are four types of tasks that can be selected, shown here.


Add Task Selection


See Add a New Task for more information.

task icon

Add To-Do Task icon launches a To-Do task from the New Schedule Task screen.




See To-Do Tasks for more information.

add doc icon

Add Document from Clipboard icon will bring up the Add Document screen to allow you to add from the clipboard.


add doc clipboard


See Documents for more information.

switch windows icon

Switch Windows icon allows you to switch to a currently open form, or to display all open forms, including schedule reminders and emails.


Switch Windows
updown arrows

Next/Previous Object

Within an object that you have opened from a list, ie. job, purchase, document, stock, project or quote list, these two arrows become active, allowing you to scroll through to the next/previous object within the list.


downarrow expl


Shortcut Keys:


Ctrl+. moves to the next object in the list

Ctrl+, Moves to the previous object in the list

search ribbon

Search Ribbon: start typing and Jim2 will bring up anything within the ribbon that relates – another way to find things on the ribbon quickly. Keyboard shortcut is CTRL+L.


search ribbon


Further information:


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Jim2 icon

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