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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Selecting the Jim2 wording in the top left corner of the ribbon displays a menu of file functions as displayed below.


J2 button dropdown


You can view recently opened activities, and launch Jim2 shortcuts and Options (Tools > Options).


j2 dropdown shortcuts


Any user can also view all currently logged on users, as well as any currently locked objects in add/edit mode – and by whom.


locked users


Jim2 Version



On the ribbon go to Jim2 and select About Jim2. The following will pop up, showing which version and build number you are running:




Spell Checker

Spell checker features within key text areas of Jim2, such as the Comment grid and Email Editor. Similar to Microsoft Office, a red underline identifies words that may have been spelt incorrectly, producing a list of suggested replacements to choose from.


Access to the spell checker options is via Jim2 in the ribbon.


spellcheck options


You will find a number of autocorrect options available for customisation. Among the autocorrect options, you can turn on/off the autocorrect function by ticking/unticking Automatically use suggestions from the spelling checker.



Autocorrect is off by default when Jim2 is first installed.


autocorrect options


You can also quickly adjust autocorrect options whilst within the spell checker by right clicking within the Edit screen:




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