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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

The options, selectable on this screen are only valid if your licence key includes eBusiness. If you don't have eBusiness enabled in your Jim2 key, anything entered here won't be used.


On the ribbon, go to Tools > Options > eBusiness.


options ebusiness




Default Price Template

When creating stock in Jim2 from vendor stock feeds, use the price template selected here.

Indicate price changes in days

This is the number of days the price change indicators in vendor stock will be displayed. Upon receiving an update where the buy or list price has changed, the price change indicators will display for the number of days set here.

Show Buy Price

Show buy price as either ex or inc GST.

Show List Price

Show list price as either ex or inc GST.

Show GP% as

Show gross profit percent as either margin or markup.

Show all Stock in Group

Sets the default setting for the Show all Stock in Group box in vendor stockfeed (ie. the box will be ticked).


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