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Billable v Actual Labour

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Billable Labour

Billable Labour is typically stock type labour, and is recorded in the stock grid of a job, then sold to clients at specific rates. Examples of labour as stock can include workshop rate labour, onsite rate labour, express rate labour, etc. You can be very specific with labour in respect to Items also – setting up flat rates of labour for specific tasks/Items. We would set up some billable labour stock codes like:






Actual Labour

Actual labour is logged against jobs (typically by the person normally performing the labour), or manually entered in bulk via CardFile > TimeSheets


billable v actual


Each user's card file can have a nominal rate which is typically used for profit reporting. For instance, employee X has a cost rate of $50 per hour (hourly rate + related overheads). We bill 1 hour of labour @ $90 to the customer and employee X spent 1 hour @ a cost rate of $50, so profit is $40 on the labour.


This is just for management reporting – from an accounting point of view, you made $90 labour income, and labour cost is picked up via your payroll journal.


For tracking labour not related to a customer, set up an internal job (either for each employee, for each type of labour, or just one for job overall).


You would assign things like:

PH – Public Holiday

HP – Holiday Pay

SL – Sick Leave


to these running Jobs.


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