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Build Update Information

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Build 7612

Friday 25 June 2021



ID: 43941

Close Financial Year – Cannot close financial year if Historical Balance account open balance is greater than half a cent.

ID: 43772

Purchase – Negative quantity stock transfer not created when receiving or finishing a purchase order.

ID: 43561

Managed Services – Consumable Preview – Coverage is calculated incorrectly when last consumable job has a quantity greater than 1.

ID: 43890

Importing – Import project with no date in field and synchronising then adds today's date in the field.


Build 7498

Wednesday 31 March 2021



ID: 42611

Purchase – Support Bid Reference on POs.

ID: 43514

Email – Added additional Note type macros



ID: 43630

eBusiness – CSV writer does not quote text that contains a new line,

ID: 43131

Jobs – Stock Price rounding issue on reports for billing jobs.

ID: 43136

Jobs – Error when deleting kit header and arrow down, then save job.

ID: 43260

Mobile – Error trying to configure access ID.

ID: 43245

eBusiness Page Count – Toshiba Connector not finding date format setting if serial numbers does not match file.

ID: 39209

eBusiness StockFeeds – Generated stockfeed XML does not validate against schema for processing by Jim2.

ID: 43552

JesM Photocopier – Fix issue 'There is a balancing meter but no balance total was supplied'.


Build 7172

Thursday 29 October 2020



ID: 42909

Email – inbox not found for O365.

ID: 42937

Email – Email address not displaying problem when encoded.

ID: 42820

Email – Process as feed action does not clean up old stock as per deprecated Jes email processing.


Build 7058

Thursday 25 June 2020



Fix upgrade issues with EPO parameters.


Build 7044

Tuesday 23 June 2020



ID: 42672

Project Templates – Unknown error creating job from template where PriceSource = Calculate from kit contents.

ID: 42690

Labour/Timers – Timer starting again after saving a job.

ID: 42683

Kitting – Issue with price with 4 decimal points after applying kit header discounts.

ID: 42670

Kitting – If a kit header uses the new kit pricing source (vsDefault3), the upgrade can fail.

ID: 42680

Email – Email sometimes not correctly flagged as having an attachment.

ID: 42706

Global Variable – Fix for warning message after setting 'PostIntoFuturePeriods' global variable.

Build 7058

Fix for upgrade issue with EPO parameters.


Build 7004

Tuesday 2 June 2020



ID: 42611

Purchases – New Bid Ref# field in PO header.



ID: 42531

Creditors List – Groups filter not filtering results if it is excluded and there is an as of date.

ID: 42583

Email – Move to folder name can be mangled, and Jes fails if folder exists with different casing.

ID: 42580

Email  – Jes crashes when retrieving emails via MS Graph.

ID: 42526

Jobs – Invoice total is sometimes incorrect as compared to job total. Jiminv table was storing wrong values.

ID: 42576

Auto Create Manufacturing Job – Cannot auto create manufacturing job if manufacturing stock has attributes.

ID: 42604

Manufacturing – Auto create manufacturing job fails when branch is required.

ID: 42599

Auto Create Manufacturing Job – Manufacturing job picks up the logged user location rather than the stock location from the sales job.

ID: 42598

JesM Publish – Error when publishing for the first time. Conversion to datetime resulted in out-of-range value.

ID: 42590

JesM Photocopier – FMAudit file import fails for machines containing no meters.

ID: 42596

eBusiness StockFeeds – Support for downloading compresses file via URL.


Build 6922

Monday 16 March 2020



ID: 41381

Auto Create Manf Job – Ability to link manufacturing job to manufacturing job.




ID: 41439

Email – Stock feed email processing rule does not work when feed file contained in .zip.

ID: 41452

Email – Email processing ignoring attachments.

ID: 39191

Reports – Project List – Project Profit report is showing wrong gross margin figure.

ID: 41432

Quotes – Quote total is wrong on reports if creating a quote from a job with back-ordered stock on it.

ID: 41424

Stock – Divide by zero error viewing buying history on some stock codes.

ID: 41422

Jobs – Cannot invoice a job with no stock when advanced warehousing is on.

ID: 41442

Reports – Chart of accounts timeout.

ID: 41433

JesM Photocopier – Meter billing finds serial number that contains serial number instead of exact match.


Build 6862

Tuesday 3 March 2020



ID: 41312

Invoicing – Rounding issue on invoicing when applying prepayment by cash.

ID: 38088

Project Templates – When importing kit from job/quote, it is not clear that the kit is using a hardcoded price.

ID: 0

eBusiness – Fix for handling multiple stockfeed modules.


Build 6824

Friday 31 January 2020



ID: 40278

eBusiness StockFeeds – Create Email Action to process stock feeds.

ID: 37909

Email – Office 365 support when MFA enabled (alternative to POP3).

ID: 35505

Business Engine – Automate cleanup of failed transactions on B2B queue

ID: 36610

Copy Move Merge – Message on moving stock from manufacturing jobs to be improved.

ID: 39183

JesM Photocopier – Add support for Konica email scan/fax meter.



ID: 40303

Backup – Uploads to Azure may be corrupted.

ID: 40302

Schedule – Scheduling time out for customers with many tasks.

ID: 36650

Project Templates – Error 'stock code is missing' when taking out all kit contents and delting kit header.

ID: 40284

Manufacturing – Should not be able to change quantity in header when job is in Reserved mode.

ID: 40277

Project Templates – Kit footer hide issue on templates.

ID: 35598

Copy Move Merge – Error 'Argument out of range' on copying/moving stock.

ID: 39212

Project Templates – Template total not updated when kit header total changed.

ID: 39209

eBusiness Stockfeeds – Generaged stockfeed XML does not validate against schema for processing by Jim2.

ID: 39197

JesM Photocopier – MPS connector failing with old style machines that have never had a meter read against them.

ID: 35329

Schedule – Create job from task option isn't changing 'Job' to I call Job from Options.

ID: 37845

Projects – Some fields editable on projects without being in Edit mode.

ID: 35526

Jobs – Stock availability – Editing job from list is updating backorder quantity on jobs.

ID: 35520

eBusiness – Vendor feeds with no Buy Unit adding stock vendor details without Unit.


Build 6766

Tuesday 14 January 2020


ID: 38153

Job List – Job List source filter not working when excluding (green background).

ID: 30187

CardFile – Automatic credit hold takes > 5 seconds.

ID: 39175

Reports – Job List – Stock Sold By reports display different amounts (price, total).


Build 6726

Wednesday 11 December 2020



ID: 38148

Schedule – Allow to select multiple resources for Holiday task.



ID: 38131

Reports – Filter in export custom reports crashed time.

ID: 38125

eBusiness Link – Insufficient length in stock code to include attribute template.

ID: 38126

Expense Orders – Fixed issue when expense applied to multilevel manufacturing PO.

ID: 38109

Warehousing – Fixed issue in warehouse management. Was not ordering by zone when loading, causing some missing bins.

ID: 38102

Email – Email content is corrupted if 8bit transfer encoding is used.


Build 6672

Friday 25 October 2019



ID: 38086

Improved Top X Vendors report.



ID: 38098

Purchase – Journal stock doubles quantity balance in stock transaction if linked to a job.

ID: 38078

Backup – Upload to Azure fails with invalid block list.


Build 6646

Wednesday 16 October 2019


ID: 38057

Invoice – Batch invoicing – Message popup dialog is sometimes in the background when doing batch invoicing.


Build 6638


ID: 38010

Quotes List – Added Attribute filter to quote list.



ID: 38043

CardFile – Fix blanking out CustBPayRefNo when saving card files in Jes.

ID: 37900

Reports – Project List-Project Profit report shows no results if the first invoiced job has no stock.

ID: 38013

Reports – Error when running statement from card file in Jim2 Mobile.

ID: 38011

Serial Numbers – Should not check for duplicate serials when finishing a purchase order that was on Received.

ID: 37826

Reports – Fix for card file report showing incorrect information.

ID: 37979

Debtors – Fixed to reload payment allocations on edit in Debtors and Creditors.

ID: 37967

Reports – Stock Adjustment report not showing cost and total cost when looking into COGS type adjustment.

ID: 37957

Bank Reconciliation – Reconcile button is not enabled when you Select All transactions.

ID: 38059

Projects – Wrong estimate read value if you edit billing jobs with negative journal stock.


Build 6512

Monday 26 August 2019



ID: 30451

Jobs List – Pick checkbox column to remain in pinned lists in non Advanced Warehouse Management database.



ID: 37899

Warehousing – Advanced Warehouse Management window sometimes does not show stock in bins.

ID: 37878

Reports – Job List – Job Profit by Job report is showing wrong figures when there's an RFC with Kits.

ID: 37895

Jobs – Displayed stock cost incorrect under certain circumstances.

ID: 37861

Reports – Creditors Aged Payables summary report doesn't pick up prepayments or credit when run by due date.

ID: 37850

Debtors – Cash refunds should only allow rounded amounts.

ID: 37838

Promotional Pricing – Manually selecting a promo price on job/quote removes the Promo# from the promo price hint.

ID: 37823

Reports – Changed text in Debtors Statement from PRE.PAY to PRE.PMT.

ID: 37811

Promotional Pricing – Attribute selection ignores selected values on stock.

ID: 37826

Reports – CardFile report is showing incorrect vendor ABN and vendor Payment Terms description.

ID: 36761

Promotional Pricing – Can't enter promotional pricing with more than 2 decimal places.


Build 6340

Tuesday 4 June 2020



ID: 36763

Debtors – Filtering payments by invoice date/due date doesn't affect list totals.

ID: 36762

Transaction Journal – Rounding account option is not adding rounding record on RFC transaction.

ID: 36754

Jobs – When adding linked stock to PO, pricing for stock added to job not correct.

ID: 36749

Schedule – In Jim2.Cloud the scheduler shows the current time incorrectly.


Build 6330


ID: 36652

Kitting – Kit category – Expand All tree option doesn't do anything.  

ID: 36751

Email – Email archiving corrupts emails when removing attachments, causing Jim2 errors.

ID: 36721

Projects – Related stock – Stock not picking up project-related pricing as first priority.

ID: 36753

Reports – Stock Profit by Stock and Summary reports are picking up the value of Cust# as Ship#.


Build 6310

New Features

ID: 36704

eBusiness – Vendor feeds – Added Vendor Disc field support for stock feeds.

ID: 36702

Manufacturing – Added new option to auto-create manufacturing jobs.

ID: 36694

Invoicing – New option 'Use rounding account for Invoice Journals'.



ID: 36705

eBusiness – New job source of 'B2Bin' for jobs created by eBusiness.

ID: 36701

Security – New security option to stop people editing stock description on Applies stock on jobs.

ID: 35531

Quotes – Added Phone and Email fields to quote shipping details, and support these fields in B2Bin.

ID: 36685

Stock – Automatic barcode does not cater for barcode already in use.



ID: 36709

Stocktake – Stock in stocktake can be duplicated if you re-generate a stock list.

ID: 36692

Back Orders –  Back-order job is not copying comments and emails when there is a watchout pop-up.

ID: 36684

Purchase – Stock due date doesn't copy across on back-order purchase order.

ID: 36703

Jes CM – Configuration Manager can fail configuring Jes instance on older upgraded systems

ID: 36699

Importing – Vendor stock pricing synchronisation can be slow.

ID: 36678

Lists – Quote List< – When published list is read only and Branch is populated, Branch is ignored.  

ID: 36688

JesM Photocopier – Cannot bill average for project with base rate meter that is set server side.

ID: 34216

Email< – Emails with badly encoded parts blow up email processing.

ID: 36640

Email – Macros – {{Job.Project.WarDateOut}} picks Cont. out instead of Warr. out.  


Build 6282


ID: 36674

Bulk Payments – Option to not group payments



ID: 36680

Commission Sessions – User with no security to view stock cost can view total profit on Commission Session.

ID: 36675

Copy/Move/Merge – Recommended tick-box should either be ticked or unticked for kit footer on Copy Stock window.

ID: 36673

Reports – Job List. Proforma invoice is showing double the job value when there is kit stock on the job.

ID: 36672

Stock – Picking stock doesn't save Job# in stock transactions if job is linked to PO.

ID: 36669

Watchouts – Watchouts on invoice are not adding notes to Comment grid.

ID: 36668

eBusiness – Vendor stock feeds. Unlink menu is enabled for Jim2 stock in search.

ID: 36661

Manufacturing – Issue when doing a COGS adjustment to manufactured stock, then applying an expense to it.

ID: 36657

CardFile – Changes to contact header may not be saved when editing a CardFile.

ID: 36655

CardFile List – Can delete CardFiles used on cheques or branches.

ID: 36636

Email – Email addresses do not show in the 'To' dropdown when you do a related email from CardFile.


Build 6266

Friday 22 February 2019



ID: 36632

Stock – Stock pricing not reverting back up the ranking when Price Level Min Price is on a stock record.

ID: 33361

JesM Photocopier – Base rate meters are included in the min charge calculation, even if they are constant.

ID: 36605

Copy/Move/Merge – Error 'Argument out of range' when moving labour and there are three or more labour lines.

ID: 36611

Search – Search results are still showing when you log out.


Build 6262

Friday 14 February 2020



ID: 35492

Prepayments – Prepayments on jobs ignore any amount in the Freight field on the Invoice Details tab on jobs.

ID: 36612

eBusiness Page Count – Submit page count simply says 'No count entered'.

ID: 36607

eBusiness Page Count – Improve eBusiness inbound processing when large numbers of items in queue (especially meter reads).

ID: 36602

eBusiness Page Count – Server performance improvement when a large number of page requests have been submitted.

ID: 35474

Email – Macros – {{CardFile.FirstName}} picks up the first name of primary contact only.


Build 6260

New Features

ID: 34287

Jobs/Quotes – New feature to copy stock from jobs/quotes/templates to jobs/quotes, or move/merge stock/comments/labour from jobs/quotes to jobs/quotes.

ID: 35486

JesM Photocopier – Supports service reads via connector.

ID: 35428

Email – Allow execution of custom PowerShell script when running Create Job email action.

ID: 35377

Electronic Payments – New option to force printing of customer receipts on receipt printer for EFTPOS.

ID: 35463

Management – Commission Sessions. New feature that allows for the tracking and reconciliation of commissions payable to staff.

ID: 34223

Search – New Ribbon Search feature added on Quick Access Toolbar.

ID: 34218

Dispatch – Added Suburb to Dispatch List.

ID: 34151

Reports – New Print/Preview/Email count feature on reports.

ID: 34136

Stock – New Stock Flow option in Jim2, displaying stock inflow.

ID: 34855

Stock – Promotional Pricing overwriting all other pricing.



ID: 35593

Business Engine – Provide way to remove failed B2B transactions after a certain period of time.

ID: 35586

JesM Photocopier – Provide feedback if submission of MPS meter read file to eBusiness queue fails.

ID: 35551

Jobs – New checkbox on backorder dialog to set Backorder to 0 when not creating back orders.  

ID: 35521

JesM Photocopier – Service read feed to support number of days that a service read will be accepted after previous.

ID: 34458

Projects – Managed service contracts to show invoice and fault descriptions on Default tab.

ID: 35477

Options – Tools > Options > General > Regional Settings. New option that allows to set default paper size for reports.

ID: 35476

Options – Tools > Options > Jobs. New option that allows to edit tax code on jobs and quotes.

ID: 35455

Jobs – Invoice Details. Added phone and email fields to job shipping details.

ID: 35424

Reports – Delivery Note Report. Added new option to show supplied stock only.

ID: 35425

Bulk Payments – Now allows to import data from spreadsheets.

ID: 35410

General Journal – Now allows to import data from spreadsheets.

ID: 35362

Email – New Message Preview option to get message preview in Email List..

ID: 35346

Email – Improve feedback for email handling of 'Process with MPS connector' action.

ID: 34295

Jobs – Select project from job screen does not include serial number in window.

ID: 34301

History – Now displays record count for history and server logs.

ID: 34286

Time Sheet – Enable report drop-down list box under CardFiles > Time Sheets.

ID: 34278

Project Templates – Add Quote No. to project templates.

ID: 34246

Email – Support HTML custom macros for email templates.

ID: 34225

Schedule – Improve schedule view..

ID: 34220

Setups – Add Active and MaxQty columns to Bin Setups grid.

ID: 34203

Project Templates – Add a warning if there is only one billing action template, and its next bill is set to value.

ID: 34165

Projects – New option to Create Project List from CardFile.

ID: 15548

CardFile List – Include a 'NOT' selection for CardFile Groups.

ID: 34112

Quotes – New 'Transfer Cost' option on creating job from quote.

ID: 34111

Options > Item. New option to not prompt when stock added from Item to quote or job when 0 stock in grid.

ID: 34027

Project Templates – Missing ability to copy email subject to invoice or fault description from email rules.

ID: 34013

Task List – Display Project Template and Card Name information for tasks in list, as appropriate.

ID: 30400

Project Templates – Allow user to search for project templates using additional criteria, such as stock code.

ID: 34295

Jobs – Select project from job screen does not include serial number in window.



ID: 35599

Reports – Base rate meters with 'constant' quantity fail when billing 'Attempted to supply quantity for base rate'.

ID: 35583

Schedule – Created scheduled tasks not using default stock location of branch.

ID: 35578

Kitting – Static kit contents quantity differs from header quantity.

ID: 35579

Jobs – Invoiced jobs have blank status when user with no security for FINISH status invoices a job.

ID: 35568

Jobs – Static kit content's quantity multiplies on setting job to Ready and when Fast Invoicing is turned on.

ID: 35565

Reports – Quote. Checkboxes on quote reports get replaced with symbols when generating a PDF.

ID: 34173

Setups – Branches/SubBranches/GL Departments code should be upper case only.

ID: 35558

Task List – Does not display Card # for 'Review' tasks.

ID: 35553

Projects – Photocopier meter read processing cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.JimB2Bin'.

ID: 35545

Stock – Error on calculating special stock price which is never sold before.

ID: 35540

eBusiness – When eBusiness order matches multiple CardFiles due to email on multiple cards, error message is incorrect.

ID: 35539

Schedule – Subject field in Scheduled Task window does not check for length, resulting in a save error.

ID: 35510

General Journal List – No label next to Document and Transaction date filters.

ID: 35506

Invoicing – Batch invoicing with same customer but different Ship# is adding Various to job shipping details.

ID: 34172

Transaction Journal – COGI and COGR transaction not picking up the correct branch when batch invoiced.

ID: 32870

Project Templates – Merge Templates. When you un-tick 'Only Group Templates' and run Default Groups, shows error.

ID: 35515

eBusiness – Source view does not show all text from multi-line text elements.

ID: 35507

Business Engine – Implement Country Component Tax into Jim2.

ID: 35498

General Journal – Jim2 lets you reverse finished GJ entries multiple times because of refresh issue.

ID: 35408

Quotes – Manual cost of $0.00 is changing to average COGS on recalculating stock prices.

ID: 35406

Quotes – 'Recalculate all stock prices' doesn't update stock cost. Only updates stock prices.

ID: 35353

Budgets – Edit Budget. Cannot get out of Month field when using Branches.

ID: 32860

Stock – Vendor Tab. Cannot see time in the Last Updated column, and there is no way to extend the column.

ID: 35483

Create Similar – When you create similar on a quote, invoice details are blank until you save.

ID: 35494

JesM Photocopier – 'Incorrect syntax near ,' when billing legacy photocopier master.

ID: 35481

Kitting – Use kit header discount for kit contents option. Discount can be incorrect.

ID: 35412

Quotes – Create Similar on PO doesn't bring over the Name, and no option on Create Similar window to copy Name.

ID: 34251

Purchase – Create Similar on PO doesn't bring over the Name, and no option on Create Similar to copy Name.

ID: 35479

Reports – Stock List. Stock Export Report doesn't display sell stock unit.

ID: 35478

Purchase – Unable to unprint purchase order with journal stock at $0 on linked job.

ID: 35475

Reports – Stock List. Units Sale Over 12 Months report. Monthly Average shows wrong quantity.

ID: 35464

Projects – 3rd party meters not being copied down to child machines.

ID: 35411

Creditors – Amount from Paid Now field is removed on pressing Esc, but stays in the Amount box in the header.

ID: 35448

Stock – Creating stock (or quote with stock) from vendor stock feed crashes when in vendor stock code too long.

ID: 35442

Email – Email summary not generated when email content is inside table body.

ID: 35432

Email – when replying to email with first item being a table, reply header is put into the table.

ID: 35419

Security – Jobs > Branches > Sell from Locations of different branches not working.

ID: 35405

Security – Security Group name is duplicated when in Edit mode and you assign user the same security group.

ID: 35399

JesM Photocopier – Jim2 does not use the service read to calculate/populate the daily average value in the meter setups.

ID: 35392

Reports – Reprinting invoice from list (multi) is showing different results from original invoice script.

ID: 14350

eBusiness – If an order is received with ShipAttn and/or ShipAddr, then Cust/Ship address is blank on reports.

ID: 35389

Importing –  CardFile import sets required days to 0. Should leave as null (to use system default).

ID: 35383

eBusiness Link – Order by B2B with kit having specific tax codes on content does not revert to tax free code.

ID: 35376

eBusiness StockFeeds – Jim2 stock pricing is not updated when link to stock in multi-vendor feed.

ID: 35319

Jobs – Jobs added around 12:00 am are setting the due date to 12:00 am as well.

ID: 33944

Reports – Stock Adjustment Report. Total Cost is not showing the correct figures.

ID: 35375

Project Templates – Template pricing is incorrect if kit has header price, forcing content price below its min price.

ID: 35371

Jobs – Changing the Ship# on job is updating ship address and discards customer address changes.

ID: 35353

Budgets – Edit Budget. Cannot get out of Month field when using Branches.

ID: 35351

Reports – Report Designer. Changing the report name on importing a same name report doesn't apply changes.

ID: 7910

Options – Job. Charge freight at job level option also hides Ship Ref and Ship Via fields.

ID: 35344

Reports –  The Statement report should only show a hyphen after the word 'Invoice' if there is a comment following.

ID: 35342

CardFile –  Marking CardFile as inactive warns regarding inactive projects/contracts.

ID: 35341

Email – Email Macro {{Job.InvDetails.ShipAddr}} is truncating first line on ship address when no Attn on job.

ID: 35314

Email – Remote image in email may not be loaded due to HTTS TLS1.2 incompatibility.

ID: 34302

Jobs – Changing the Cust# is also refreshing ship address details along with customer address.

ID: 33982

Stock Select – Mouse tracking wheel doesn't scroll very well on Stock Select screen.

ID: 35324

Project Templates – 'gJobPart: Field 'PrideRef' not found' error on loading stock from quote.

ID: 34311

Stock – Vendor tab. Time on the last updated field is always 12:00am and cannot be changed.

ID: 34292

Stock – Pricing Tab. List Effective date is now showing time, so the date field is now not wide enough.