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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

This is where you add printers for use within Jim2.


On the ribbon, go to Tools > Options > Other > Printers.


options printers


Jim2 is a multi-user (or network) application. Allowance is made for setting available standalone or networked printers for Jim2 to use. The defaults set via these printer options are set at a workstation level, ie. each workstation should be set up individually with these options to maximise use of printer resources in the workplace.



Because these options are set at a workstation level, the print options normally available to users may change if they move around the network – they cannot be picked up in the follow-me desktop feature. Selections in the ribbon print area will reflect the available resources set for that workstation.



You will not be able to preview, print, fax or email any reports within Jim2 until your printer options are entered. This is required even if you don't use printers.


If you are running Windows 10, and have configured your printers within Windows, you can simply select Default Printer within Jim2.


Set up the printers you want to use for your invoicing and reports.





Set up invoices to print using either two trays on one printer (eg. for plain and letterhead copies) or two separate printers. The invoice printers also have an extra option which allows you to specify the number of copies to be printed by default. You can also choose which bin (or tray) to print to on the printer, based on the printer's capabilities.



If the number of copies for printers 1 and 2 are set to 1 for each, this means that two copies of each invoice will be printed – one each to printers 1 and 2, ie. duplicate invoices. If you only require one copy, ensure your second printer is set to 0 copies.


Select the number of copies you wish to print. If you select 0, obviously nothing will print.

Back of page text

Tick this box if you wish to print back page text (ie. duplex, or print front and back on a printer that is capable of double-sided printing).


You can select a specific printer and bin for your statements.


Select your standard reports printer and bin.


Select your fax printer. For most fax software, the bin selection is not relevant, so it's advisable to simply use the default.

Extra Printers

There are three extra printers available for selection. These can be specified within a script, eg. to print a particular report to one of these extra printers, however the default use for the extra printers is:

Printer#1 – Label printer (for job and stock stickers).

Printer#2 – Ship labels (for shipping labels 40x28mm).

Printer#3 – Docket printer (for 76mm and 80mm retail receipts).


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