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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

As this is an area that requires advanced skills, this Help File is not the appropriate place to explain this function in detail. Following is some basic information only. Contact if further information is required.


Jim2 makes extensive use of scripting technology, providing unparalleled power to tailor to specific company and/or industry requirements.


As a default, the scripting engine is not available. This is to protect from potential issues with the database. This is also governed by Jim2 Security.


All information in this area is only relevant if on premises customers have permission to access the scripting engine. Scripts are written in DelphiScript (Pascal).


Scripts can easily be imported, and instantly become seamlessly integrated into Jim2.



Note: The Scripting Engine is not accessible for Jim2.Cloud customers at any time.


Event scripts provide customised functionality and/or workflow behaviour for specialised business requirements.


This is a very significant function within Jim2. Event scripts do not interfere with Jim2 core functionality but greatly increase the flexibility of the whole product.


No extra event scripts should be needed in order to run Jim2. However, if the company has very specific requirements or needs refinements, Happen Business can create event scripts to handle these changes.


To obtain additional or refined event scripts, please contact


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