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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Menu scripts are a powerful tool to enhance Jim2. Menu scripts hook actions to the mouse click on menu icons.


A good example of this is the Till icon we have created for the Retail option.


By importing the Till menu script, a new icon will appear in your toolbar:


script in toolbar


When you select this icon, it activates a menu script that opens a user authentication screen, then sends a signal to open the Till drawer after authentication.


Another example of menu scripts would be to create an icon that, when selected, prints a specific list of management reports.


This type of technology enhances the functionality of Jim2 significantly, and helps you to better tailor the system to your individual requirements.


Select the icon highlighted below, which will bring up a list of menu scripts available. This is where you can add/remove scripts from the ribbon.


select menu script

Untick to remove from the ribbon.

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