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Stock Security

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The ability to add, edit, view and amend stock is handled via Jim2 Security.


To enable other users to view specific areas, select the Security Group, click Edit and expand Stock (and sub-folder) checkbox.


stock security


Choose what the user is able to do.


Checkbox settings:




Checkbox (Selected)

Will only return results for what is ticked.

Checkbox (Unticked)

Will not return results for any unticked boxes.

Checkbox (Partially Selected)

Will return results for all of the above.


The following lists the security settings available for stock. Whilst some things have been grouped below, ie. view/edit/add, these are all individual security settings.


Stock Security

View/edit/add/delete stock

Allow flag stock as inactive

Unallocate stock

View stock cost

View floor cost

Change stock codes

Change attributes

Change serial numbers

Allow to view/edit kit contents (overall)

Allow to edit static kit contents (overall)

Allow to pick/unpick/auto pick, pack/unpack stock

Allow to apply price template from list

Allow to apply price discounts

Allow to view non-published stock


Stock Transfer

View/edit/add/finish/unprint stock transfer

Allow to transfer from different branches (if branches are enabled)

Allow to transfer from all locations

Allow finish transfer from all locations


Stock Adjustment





Unprint package session

Change package configuration




Add/edit/delete stock counts

Edit/delete other users' stock counts

Allow auto count and confirm


Stock Promotional Pricing



View/edit commission values


Stock Flow




View/edit commission values


Please see User Group – Tags/Category Groups for more in-depth information on Stock security.


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