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Dashboard Layout

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When adding widgets to a Dashboard tab, the widgets will be created under each other by default. The Customise Layout function allows moving and resizing widgets to suit the business requirements, and to add spaces and labels.


Customise the layout

On the ribbon, go to Dashboard > Customise Layout. This function can also be brought up by right clicking with the dashboard area and clicking Customise Layout.


dashboard layout


The Dashboard tab will then enter layout mode and the Customization form will appear.


dashboard customization


Resize widgets

To resize a particular widget, either highlight it in the Customization screen or right click anywhere in the dashboard and select Customize Layout, then right click and select Size Constraints, then Free Sizing.


Free sizing


Drag and drop multiple Empty Space Items around the widget.


empty space


Hover between the widget and the empty space item and adjust the size.





Note: If the widget is the full width of the screen, the width cannot be resized.


Lock a widget's size

Within the Customization screen, to prevent a widget from being resized, right click on the widget and select Size Constraints, then Lock Size, Lock Width or Lock Height.


lock size


Move widgets

To move a widget, from within the Customization screen click and hold down the mouse button, then drag the widget to its new position. As the widget is moved around the Dashboard tab, a line or box will appear indicating where the Widget will move to upon releasing the mouse button.


move widget


Add groups, labels, spaces and splitters

As well as resizing and moving widgets, it is possible to add groups, labels, spaces and splitters to the dashboard tab. Do this by dragging these from the Customization screen onto the dashboard tab, or by right clicking on the tab and making the appropriate choice. Hide these by dragging them back into the Customization Form's Hidden Items tab.


dashboard splitters


An example of further customisation:


From the Customise Layout screen, add a Label, rename it by right clicking on the Label – the following screen will appear:


dashboard custom


Select Rename to change the Label name.


change label


Finish customisation

To finish customising the dashboard tab, click close cross on the Customization screen, or right click on the widget and select Hide Customization Form.


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