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Debtors/Creditors Widget

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The Debtors/Creditors widget allows viewing the current state of either debtors or creditors as a graph (bar layout only). Debtors/creditors are grouped by Current, 30, 60 and 90+ days. The sum of debtors/creditors is displayed along with the number and total of overdue invoices, follow-ups, unallocated credits and accounts on hold or over limit.


The amounts outstanding can be drilled down on, eg. select the 90 Days bar and a grid will appear listing the overdue invoices. Right click to view that debtor or creditor within Jim2.


debtors widget


debtors widget options





Widget Settings


This is the caption that will be displayed at the top of the widget. Example: Debtors.


The widget's refresh interval in minutes. It is suggested not to set this too low, eg. set to 15 minutes or higher.

Chart Settings

Chart Type

Only the Bar chart type is available in this widget.

Show Labels

Show description and value above each point of the chart. If not ticked, the label will be displayed as a hint when hovering over a graph point.


Select the colour palette that will be used in the graph.

Point Size

The size of graph's points. Default = 2. Try 8 or 10 on smaller graphs.


2 points:

2 points


10 points:

10 points


Bar type charts do not have graph points.

Account Type


Displays debtors information.


Displays creditors information.

Aged By

Invoice Date

Aged by invoice date.

Due Date

Aged by due date.


There may be a further area below this for Company if you are using Multi-Company.


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