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The Watchouts function is designed to allow prompts and messages to appear, based on a particular event occurring.


Watchouts are available on jobs, quotes, purchase orders, card files, returns to vendors, returns from customers and projects, and are specific to that object, eg. if added to a card file, then only that card file is impacted.


You will see a number beside the Watchout icon, which shows the number of watchouts applicable to that object.

Watchouts can appear when adding or changing customer, vendor, ship or from, or when adding stock, finishing or invoicing.


You can choose to display the watchouts for a particular project, card file, Item or stock.


Using Watchouts, you can display any sort of message. For example:

When adding stock to a job, display check if batteries are required as well, or

When finishing a purchase order, Double check the totals, as this supplier regularly has errors on their invoice.


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