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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

On the ribbon, go to Tools > Setups > Jobs > Ship Via.


Tools Setups


This is where you can set up the shipping information for those carriers that you use to transport goods to customers.


setup ship via


Enter the Ship Via name and tick Active. You can also define the carrier code and carrier service, as these are required by some courier services. You may need to confirm with your carrier the exact values required. Tick if you wish to include this courier in a dispatch session.


The Dispatch Scripts function allows the execution of custom dispatch scripts (based on ship via) to allow printing of custom dispatch stickers or uploading of shipping information to carriers, etc. Contact the Happen Sales Team ( for more information.


Totals allow for by shipment or by item, ie. if Shipment is selected, the totals will be for all jobs on the one shipment.


You can choose entry by weight, volume or both.



You cannot delete a Ship Via type that is currently in use in the Jim2 database. Jim2 will perform a check for you and a warning message will pop up on your screen.


ship via warning


Further information:

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