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Jim2® Business Engine Help File


Within Report Explorer there is a report called Company_Logo and this is where you need to set up your company logo. Within the scripts, Jim2 calls this company logo report to be printed at a certain position. This position is determined from global variables.


Each report that requires a logo to be printed will have an entry in global variables – be aware that some of these global variables are used in more than one report. For example: the JobLogoLeft and JobLogoTop are used in reports from jobs which display a logo, including the Proforma Invoice Portrait, but the Proforma Invoice Landscape has its own JobHideOnInvLandscapeLeft and JobHideOnInvLandscapeTop. Even though the proforma invoice reports (portrait and landscape) both use the same script, they have different logo variable settings.


The comments of each global variable contain the reports they relate to, and also the default settings. If a user changes the value and it is incorrect, you can get the default value from the comments.


edit globvar


To edit a global variable entry:

1.On the ribbon, go to Tools > Global Variables.

Tools globalvar

2.Locate the global variable you need to edit, and select it.

3.Click Edit at the bottom of this screen – the following fields will appear, and are available for editing.


This is the variable name within the script.


This is the value in report units (millimetres), ie. the physical positioning.


This is a text field where you can enter comments related to this variable. There will already be a description of which reports this variable is used in, and also the default settings.



Add a global variable.


Edit a global variable.


Delete a global variable – if you delete a global variable, the setting will be selected from the default which is set up within each script.


Allows you to view the entry in View mode, not Edit mode – useful to see the full Comment field.

Display Text

This button displays the Comment field in blue in a line that appears below the related entry.


Closes this screen.


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