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Quote Footer Tabs

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The bottom section of the Quote form (the footer) contains buttons, tabs and information about the dollar value of the quote.


quote footer


The fields within the footer are described below.




Sub Total

Stock total minus the tax component.


Tax component of the quote.


Total of the quote including the tax component.


The buttons within the footer are described below.




Create Job

Once a quote has been accepted by a customer, automatically create a job from the quote information. The information from the quote will be added to the job, including customer, date (the job is being entered), Item, quote number and stock. See Info below for more information.

Create Similar

When adding multiple quotes that are very similar, use this option rather than recreating each individual quote. This feature allows creation of quotes with duplicate information on certain fields from similar quotes


Puts the Quote form into Edit mode. If already in Edit mode, the buttons shown will be Save, Save & Close, and Cancel.


Closes the Quote form.



When a job is created from a quote, the quote number is brought forward to the job to indicate that the job was initiated from a quote. The original quote can be accessed from the job by clicking the ellipsis [...] in the Quote# field, in the Job header.


The buttons within the footer are described below.


Footer Tab



This tab will bring up the Comment grid and the stock grid – where users record their relevant comments to the quote record, and record stock to be quoted to the customer. When opening any quote, this is the active tab.


This tab shows the expected costs of the stock being quoted on. Stock cost and vendor information will be added to this quote automatically. See detailed topic on Cost tab.


Jim2 allows to pre-define specific text, such as company terms and conditions, to appear on every quote. This can be performed through Tools > Options > Quote, accessed via the Jim2 menu. If default header and footer text have been set up in the Quote Options, that will be displayed here.


This will allow consistent quoting procedures in the business. From this information, relevant quote reports can be provided to customers. Quotes add vital statistical data to the Jim2 database to help manage the sales pipeline, forecasting and productivity.


Users can also add personalised messages to a quote in the Text tab.

Linked Jobs

This tab shows any job number created from this quote.

Invoice Details

This tab allows entry of delivery details to be copied across to a job.


The tabs that are common to many objects are explained below.




Documents Button

This tab displays any documents attached to this job, eg. a signed delivery note.

Watchouts Button

This tab will display all watchouts related to this quote, and allows addition of new watchouts.

Notes Button

This tab will display all notes related to the quote, including the contact that the note is related to. New notes can be added here.

Tasks Button

This tab will display all tasks (appointments, phone calls, to do's, etc.), related to this quote, as well as allowing adding new tasks.


Tasks can only be utilised if Scheduling is licensed. If not, the following warning will appear:


schedule licence error
promo icon

If this quote is part of promotional pricing, this tab will show which promotions are related. Unticking Active Only, will show all promotions, including those that are finished.


cardfile promo


Narrow the information down by choosing either to Display Promotion or Promotion with all Stock.


promo types

Not all fields are showing in these images


The number on the right side of the icon denotes the number of active promotions applicable to this quote.


promo number





The promotion code number.


The description as it appears on the promotion.


Displays the notes entered on the promotion.


The Jim2 object type, ie. specific pricing.


Lists cardfiles, price levels, etc. that relate to the promotion. If there are many cardfiles, it will show (multiple).


multiple recipients

Our Ref

Our reference as appears on the promotion, if used.

Promo Break

Shows whether Promo Break is used or not.


Shows the home currency.


Ticked means that the promotion is currently active, unticked means the promotion has finished.

Date Start

Start date of the promotion.

Date End

End date of the promotion.


Vendor supplying the stock.

The fields below show only when Display Promotion with all Stock is selected.


Branch (if branches are enabled).

Stock Code

Stock code related to the promotional pricing.

Qty +

The promotion quantity plus.

Price Ex.

Ex GST price for that stock code.


Further information

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