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Quote Comment Grid

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The second section of the Quote form contains a grid for recording relevant user comments on the quote record, along with storing all emails relating to the quote. Because these comments form part of the record for each quote, any additions by a user are automatically time/date/initial stamped for accuracy, and provide an excellent quality record of events. As a result of this, you cannot re-order the comments within the grid.


Comments within the Comment grid are normally for internal use, and as such will not form part of the quote report that is given to the customer.


quote comments


The fields within the Comment grid are described below:




paperclip icon

Will show if there are attachments or not.

mail icon

Email comments, ie. replied, forwarded, read, not read.


Note: If the Comment field is blank, it will remain blank on sending the email. Select the Comment field and the email will show in the preview pane.


The date that the comment was added.


The initials of the user that added the comment.


The status of the quote.


When this field is ticked, show comments on website. When a customer goes to the job on the website, this comment will show.


This field is multi-line text with word wrap (limited to 8,000 characters).



A date/initial comment line will be added to the Comment grid whenever the status of the quote is changed. Conversely, if a comment with a status is added to the Comment grid, Jim2 will ask the user if they would like to change the status of the quote.


change quote status


You can order comments based on Status to bring those comments to the top of the grid.


Right clicking in the Comment grid enables several additional features, including:


quote comments popup




Add new

Will add a new line in the Comment grid.


Will delete the line that has been added to the quote.

Send all comments via email

Will automatically send all comments of this quote via email.

Reply, Reply All, Forward

Reply, reply all, or forward comments via email.

Copy Cell

Copies the contents of the cell selected.

Copy Row

Copies the contents of the row selected.

Copy All

Copies the entire contents of the Comment grid.

Show Grouping

Adds the familiar list grouping option to the Comment grid so users can group by all available grid columns.


show grouping


Show Find panel

Enables the Search panel and gives the user the ability to search within the grid.


Show find panel v4.1


Grid Columns...

This sets up the grid columns that will be displayed. By default, the columns shown are: Date, Initials, Status, Inc. and Comment grid.

Save Layout

Save the current comment column configuration. Administrators will be asked if they want to update the default layout for all users. Once saved, this will become the default layout.

Use Default Layout

Reset your grid layout to its default layout.



Filter in comments grid


Within the Comment grid, hover over a heading (excluding the Comment heading) and you will see the Filter image (filter icon) appear. Select the filter and you will see a list of available filters to help you refine your search. This is particularly useful when there are a lot of comments within the grid. These filters will only show comments within the grid specific to the filter you choose.


Column Filter

Filter Choices


All, Custom, No Attachments, Has Attachments.


All, Custom, Comment, Email Replied, Email Forwarded, Email Read, Email Not Read.


All, Custom, then shows all dates within the grid.


All, Custom, then shows the initials of all users within this field.


All, Custom, False. When this field is ticked, show comments on website. When a customer goes to the job on the website, this comment will show. Unticked = don't show.


All, Custom, then shows all statuses within this field.


The Custom Filter choice allows you to define your search further:


custom filter



Spell checker is usable within key text entry areas such as the Comment grid and Labour Entry screens. Note that all spelling options are at a user level.


You can quickly adjust Autocorrect options whilst within the spell checker by right clicking within the Edit screen:



Right click options within Comment grid


autocorrect options


Among the Autocorrect options is the ability to turn on or off the auto-complete function.



Autocorrect is off by default in a new Jim2 setup. Spellcheck settings are per user.


Further information: