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Error Messages and Logging

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Licensed user count exceeded

There can be two causes for this message to appear:

1.This message indicates all user licences are in use, in which case, you will need to wait for someone to log out.

2.The system is locked by sys. This can occur after a Jim2 crash. If this is the case, wait 10 minutes, then log back in again.


Unable to start Jim2

application error


This error is usually caused by a networking issue between a user's workstation and the server.


Here are a couple of things to try:

Log off the workstation, logon and try again

Check running processes (via Task Manager on the Details tab) and ensure there is no Jim2.exe process already running. If there is, stop the process and try again.


If neither of these work, contact for assistance.


Unhandled Exception

Whilst you can continue to work within Jim2, restarting Jes will usually clear this error.


Trying to Lock StockTrans xxx

This issues arises when the stock in the transaction you are working on is locked by another user, ie. they have the stock open in edit mode. Once the stock is saved, this screen will not appear.


Locked by User

This could indicate that another object is locked by a user (ie. when trying to enter a general journal and there is an open bank reconciliation). If this is the case, the other object needs to be closed first.


If this is not the case, log out of Jim2 and log back in. Should this not resolve the issue, wait 15-20 minutes for the lock to clear, otherwise Jim2 Server will need to be stopped and started to clear the lock.


Locked on JimServer, cannot delete General Ledger account

Jim2 will lock the GL while other users are dealing with transactions. Any GL changes should be conducted when no-one else is logged in (out of hours), and you have no objects in edit mode.


Failed attempts when sending emails

The Jim2 Client logs failed attempts in the Jim2 log (History in the ribbon) when sending emails.


failed emails


Timeout Messages

These errors suggest there is a network disconnect. When these occur, check that settings are set to not put the computer to sleep.


Access violations

Access violation errors usually signify a bug, ie. when the application attempts to access a part of the memory it is not allowed to access, or there is some form of legacy from a previous logoff of Jim2. Whenever an access violation is received, quit Jim2 then log back on. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact


access violation



If taking a screen shot to send to Happen support, please ensure that the area showing what the error message was is visible within the screen shot.


Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset

This error relates to the database or server possibly being offline, or due to communication loss between Jim2 and the server.


Duplicate Key Value Error

When this error occurs, the best approach is to restart the Jim2 Server Service via the Jim2 Configuration Manager.


stop server1


Otherwise,  restart SQL Server (via Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio) to see if will resolve the issue.


Internal Error: Branch Required for xxx

If this error message is received, it indicates that Branches may have been turned on at some point, then turned off. To fix this issue, go to Tools > Options > General > Branches and turn branches on. Once the task is finished, return to this option and turn Branches back off if required.


Object number doesn't click over

When creating a new object (ie. job, quote, etc.), if the number doesn't click over from the last number, the Jim2 Server Service will need to be restarted. You will require everyone to log off Jim2 (this is usually a 2 minute process), stop and start the Jim2 Server.


stop server1


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