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Editing Core Fields in Stock

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This requires that no jobs or purchase orders, etc. are in add/edit mode (or adding that stock code) whilst changing some of that stock's core fields.



Locking will occur even if the particular stock code is not involved in a job, purchase, etc. at the time.


This type of amendment must be performed when there are no other users logged on.


Example 1

Stock is Serial On sell. Someone is adding a job using that particular stock and adding serial numbers – whilst this is happening there is an attempt to change the stock to Serial not required.


Example 2

The stock is being edited and someone adds a job with that stock and invoices it. Change the GL Group and finish editing the stock. This will have consequences on Accounts.


The only way to be 100% sure is that, on saving the stock, nobody is adding/editing at the time (eg. no locks) and there are no stock transactions for the stock.


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