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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Clicking Jim2 in the top left corner of the ribbon displays a menu of file functions as displayed below.






Log Off

Log off Jim2. Other ways to log off are by pressing Ctrl+F12 or clicking the X in the top right corner of the screen.

New Jim2 Session

This will launch another session of the same database using your logon credentials.



Note: In the session currently being worked on, if a form is closed, it will disappear in the Nav Tree of both sessions.

Logged Users

View all currently logged on users, as well as any currently locked objects in Add/Edit mode, and by whom.


locked users



Note: Jim2 will lock the GL while other users are dealing with transactions. Any GL changes should be conducted when no-one else is logged in (out of hours), and you have no objects in edit mode.

Change Location

Changes the default stock location (or branch, if branches are enabled) of the current user. This is helpful when entering a number of stock transactions for a location that is different to the user's default.

New Email

Opens the Email Editor screen to compose an email.


Opens the calculator. If the calculator is open when the cursor is in a numeric data field (eg. the purchase order price field), it allows the result of the calculation to be entered into that field by clicking Accept.




Choose Jim2 shortcuts.


j2 dropdown shortcuts

Jim2 Online Help

Opens this online Help File. This can also be done by pressing the F1 key or clicking the ? in the top right of the Jim2 screen.

Jim2 Website

Launches the Jim2 website.

Provide Feedback

We have engaged a platform to optimise our feedback process. It enables us to better track, sort, and prioritise all the great ideas we receive into our product development plans. It's called the Happen UserVoice Forum. Here you can submit your ideas and vote for improvements you too would like to see added in future to our products. To check out all the feedback we have received, use your company email to login to the portal.

About Jim2

About Jim2 will bring up the following window, showing which version and the current build number of Jim2, among other things.



User Preferences

User Preferences include spelling and autocorrect options, along with choices to show or hide the scrollbars.


A number of autocorrect options are available for customisation. Among the autocorrect options, turn on or off the autocorrect function by ticking/unticking Automatically use suggestions from the spelling checker.



Autocorrect is off by default.


autocorrect options


Quickly adjust autocorrect options whilst within the spell checker by right clicking within the Edit screen:




Spell Checker

Spell checker features within key text areas of Jim2, such as the Comment grid in objects and in the Email Editor. Incorrect words will be highlighted, and a list of suggested replacements to choose from will be available.


spellcheck options



user preferences


Auto Hide is the default setting, meaning scrollbars throughout Jim2 do not appear until hovered over.




Selecting Solid will show the scrollbars at all times.


solid scrollbars


The solid scrollbars cannot be shown on the Preview pane in Projects, Assets or Managed Print Services, however they will appear in the Yield pane.

Exit Jim2

Logs off Jim2 and closes the program.


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