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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Jim2 can help track stock transactions (buying, selling, and transferring) to branches, sub-branches and/or specific GL departments within your company. Consequently, you have the choice to limit whether users can buy, sell, return (for credit) or transfer stock between branches by enabling specific choices in Security.


If you choose to use branches you can link your stock locations to specific branches. These branches are identified/stored in the card file. It’s all about total stock control.


The security settings to consider in line with your overall management plans are:

In Jobs – allow to sell from different branches and locations.

In Purchases – allow to purchase from different branches and locations.

In Stock Transfers – allow to transfer from different branches and locations.



If you enable the use of Branches at a later time, you may receive warning messages about selecting a branch in some objects where it wasn't required before turning on Branches. To get past this, go to Tools > Options > Branches and untick Required, hit Refresh and try the transaction again. Once finished, re-enable Branches in Options.




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