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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

stock flow icon


Stock flow provides ETA management at an integrated stock line level view of stock on purchase orders and linked jobs. This provides a single view of the expected delivery date from a vendor, and the job due date advised to your customers.


Select the Stock Flow icon to run a list which will show everything on order, what jobs are for whom, and due dates, along with the related job.


The list can be filtered in several ways, depending on the search criteria entered.


For example, enter a Vendor# to filter by the list for a specific Vendor, Cust# to filter by a specific customer, etc.


Right clicking on any row in the list displays a pop out menu for quick access to the related PO and/or job.


stock flow


Header Fields





PO #

Enter a particular purchase order number, if desired.


Enter a vendor card code.


Enter a from card code.


You can choose a Name (user).

PO Date Due >

Date due after this date.

PO Date Due <

Date due before this date.



Enter a particular job number, if desired.


Customer card code.

Acc. Mgr

Account Manager.


User name.

Job Date Due >

Date due after this date.

Job Date Due <

Date due before this date.



Select stock location.


Select stock code.

Groups (See User Group Management)

Acc.Mgr. Groups

Select Account Manager Group.

Job Name Groups

Select Job Name Group.

PO Name Groups

PO Name Group.

Stock Groups

Select Stock Group.


Grid Fields




Purchase order number.

PO Date Due

Purchase order date due.

PO Status

Purchase order status, ie. Booked, Ordered, etc.


Vendor card code.


Purchase order From card code.

PO Branch/SubBranch

If branches/sub-branches are used these will display here.

PO GL Dept.

Purchase order GL department if used.


The location where the stock is held.

Stock Code

The stock code for each line on the purchase order.

Stock Description

The stock description for each line on the purchase order


The unit type, ie. each, box, etc.


Quantity ordered.


The related job number.

Job Date Due

The related job date due.

Job Status

The related job status.

Cust #

Customer card code on the related job.


Right-Click Options in the Stock Flow List

rc stockflow


Right Click Option



View the highlighted object.

Export Data

Exports data from the grid to a spreadsheet file.

Export Grid

Exports the grid to a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful if your grid has more than one header row, as it will export all header rows.


Print the list.

Print Preview

Preview the list to be printed.

Copy Cell

Copy the cell you have clicked on.

Copy Row

Copy the entire row you have clicked on.

Copy All

Copy all, which can then be pasted into a spreadsheet

Show Find panel

Opens the Find panel:

find box



The Find panel will remain in a pinned list.

Grid Columns...

Allows you to select more columns to add to the grid.


Right Click Options in the Nav Tree

rc stockflow navtree


After the top 3 (which are self explanatory), these options mirror what is in the ribbon in the Stock tab, except for the last tab, which will reset all tabs to the default.


Further information:

Stock Flow Security

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