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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

With Advanced Warehousing, an inventory controller can walk around the warehouse from the comfort of their chair, and have a visual snapshot of the warehouse from Jim2.


Jim2 does not make a warehouse better all by itself. That is done by careful planning, physical layout and proper practices. Once implemented, Advanced Warehousing will optimise your current storage space and enable packing staff to view floor stock, thus identifying what has not been allocated to a bin. Empty bins are identified for better utilisation.


With various ways to store your stock (branch, location, zone, row, bay, shelf, bin and stock attribute) you can:

Easily navigate within your warehouse.

Cut down on labour costs previously spent on searching for stock.

Know exactly where any piece of stock is at any time.

Locate specific stock or serial number instantly.

Automate previously labour intensive tasks, saving time and cutting costs.

Scan stock bin, then scan stock directly into the picking form.


Zones are an easy way to group similar or identical pieces of stock which have specific storage needs, such as temperature requirements, high value or fast moving.


Auto replenishment keeps your easy-access bins filled at all times, and reduces the need for picking staff to make unnecessary trips to bulk locations during the work day.


Cut down on labour costs previously spent on checking individual bins to see what needs refilling. Just run the Stock Replenishment feature and Jim2 will show you.


Further information:

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