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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Initiating Jim2 Warehouse Management is a fairly big job. The system must be told how your warehouse is laid out, the order of picking stock, the order of replenishing stock, and so on – all before you can realistically use the functionality.


There are no shortcuts – everything must be set up in the order and detail as explained here.

1.Prepare your warehouse.

Jim2 Warehouse Management is a system that manages picking and packing within your warehouse. It allocates stock to predetermined bins based on the criteria entered into the system.

2.Install your licence file to enable Warehousing (obtain your licence file from

This is a small file with the extension .j2k, that will be emailed to you. Save the licence file on your server in C:\Program Files\Happen Business\Jim2.

3.There are three major tasks associated with the initial setup of warehousing:

Warehouse Management – setting the basic parameters.

Stock Bins – defining the warehouse layout and bin numbering.

Allocate Stock to Bins – initial stock transfer.


Further information:

Bin Terminology