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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

A Commission Session provides a way to generate a list of invoiced jobs and returns based on selection criteria. For example, all jobs of type Commission with account manager Joe for last month that are not already in a reconciled Commission Session.



RFCs can only be strict returns. Non strict returns will not be included.


It is important to ensure you have a method of flagging jobs that are subject to commission prior to invoicing, so that jobs where commission is not payable can easily be filtered out of the Commission Session.


The following Job/RFC selection criteria is available:


commission header'




Select By

Choose Current for the latest information, Current (Reconciled) or Session # for a reconciled commission session.

Date Out > Date In <

Invoice (after and before) dates of jobs or RFCs.

Acc. Mgr

The account manager on the jobs or RFCs.

Acc. Mgr. Groups

All jobs and related RFCs where the account manager is in the selected user groups.


The Name on the jobs or RFCs.

Name Groups

All jobs and related RFCs where the Name is in the selected user groups.

Job Type

Select job type from the drop-down list (as set up in Tools > Setups > Jobs > Job Type).


The Item# on the jobs or related RFCs.

Item Groups

All jobs where the Item# is in the selected Item groups.


Branch on the jobs or RFCs.


Sub-branch on jobs or RFCs.

GL Dept

GL department on jobs or RFCs.

Fully Paid

Tick to include fully paid invoiced jobs.

Total <> 0

Unticked will include $0 jobs.


Deleting a Commission Session

If you find that a Commission Session is incorrect, view that session and click Delete Session.


delete comm sess


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