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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

On the Report Explorer ribbon select Import.


import report1


Locate the file and click Open.


Import Report


You will now see the report available for import.


Select Report


Select the report(s) you want to import, then click Import.


If the report already exists, you will receive the following confirmation screen.


confirm import



You do not need to use any of the >, >>, <, or << buttons when importing a single report. You can simply click Import once you see the report displayed on the right side of the import screen.


Select Report        


Once you have imported the report you will see the following confirmation.


report import successful


Log off and back on to Jim2 to refresh the report list.


Once installed, the report will be visible from the appropriate screen:


New report shown


Further information:


For more detailed information regarding Report Designer please refer to (copy and paste into a web browser).